For the other fortress of the Grey Wardens located in this region, see Adamant Fortress.

Griffon Wing Keep is a fortress in the Western Approach.

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Griffon Wing Keep is an outpost, built by the Grey Wardens between their nearby observation tower and the main stronghold in the region, Adamant Fortress. The keep was subsequently abandoned when the Wardens withdrew.

Drinking water for the inhabitants was obtained from a well in a cave beneath the keep.

Involvement Edit

Griffon Wing Keep has been occupied by the Venatori to serve as their base in the Approach, and is commanded by Prelate Macrinus.

The Inquisitor may engage in the assault on Griffon Wing Keep to claim it, in which case the Inquisition will turn it into its own base of operation. Repairs of the fortifications, begun by the Venatori, will be adjusted to Inquisition standards and completed. People move in, a merchant amongst them, soldiers are stationed, and the usual crafting utilities are placed on the top floor. Knight-Captain Rylen takes command.

On a small platform, reached by climbing a ladder on the top floor, an Astrarium is located, through which Toth can be observed.

As the old well was contaminated because the Venatori dumped corpses in the cave, a new source of water has to be secured.

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Quest icon DAI Assault on Griffon Wing Keep
Quest icon DAI The Trouble with Darkspawn
Quest icon DAI This Water Tastes Funny
Quest icon DAI Fortress Squatters

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Quest icon DAI Find the Source of Darkspawn
Quest icon DAI Secure a Source of Water for Outpost
Quest icon DAI Deal with the Angry Varghests

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Astarium icon Astrariums in the Approach

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Quest icon DAI Landmarks in the Approach

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Mosaic Pieces icon The Archdemon

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Deathroot icon DeathrootDeathroot
Tier 2 Common Herb

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Lazurite icon LazuriteLazurite
Paragons Luster icon Paragon's LusterParagon's Luster
Serpentstone icon SerpentstoneSerpentstone

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  • Up the stairs to the right, coming in through the main gate. – Solas
    DAIApproval Slightly Approves
    when activated.

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DAI sack Sad SplintersSad Splinters

The sad remains of a once proud Keep door.
– Looted after destroying the keep gate during the assault on Griffon Wing Keep.
Cowl of the Overseer icon Cowl of the OverseerCowl of the Overseer
Unique Helmet
An "overseer" was a position common within the ancient Tevinter Imperium, given solely to mages of altus rank. They were sent to distant outposts, usually important mines and strategically important forts, and given authority to act on the Magisterium's behalf with impunity.
Requires: Level 8

Armor: 21
+7% Cold Resistance
+7% Fire Resistance
+4% Magic Defense
– Looted from Macrinus during the assault.
Unique amulet icon Kitty's CollarKitty's Collar
Unique Amulet
A narrow leather band embossed with a design popular in Honnleath some years ago. A tuft of orange fur is caught in the buckle. Spirits whisper across the Veil, but their voices are unclear. Briefly, they conjure the memory of a little girl.

-100% Damage Resistance (All)
Guardian Spirit: Block one melee attack every 30 Seconds
On Dying: 75% chance to heal for half health
Resist a lethal strike once every 60 seconds
– Looted from Macrinus (requires patch 10).

Wares Edit

Note: The Inquisition perk The Short List is required.
Staff of the Void icon Pyre of the ForgottenPyre of the Forgotten
Unique Staff
The Forgotten Ones belong to the ancient Elven pantheon, but their names were lost after the Great Betrayal. Their worship continued in the shadows, despite efforts to stamp it out in the old Dalish kingdom. This staff belonged to a priest of those gods, specifically Daern'thal.
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 68–70 Fire
+14% Armor Penetration
+16% Attack
+14% Guard Damage Bonus
– Randomly sold by the Griffon Wing Keep Merchant for
21433 Currency (Inquisition).
Unique amulet icon Superb Amulet of MagicSuperb Amulet of Magic
Unique Amulet

+10 Magic
– Randomly sold by the Griffon Wing Keep Merchant for
14495 Currency (Inquisition).
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Magic DefenseSuperb Belt of Magic Defense
Unique Belt

+10% Magic Defense
– Randomly sold by the Griffon Wing Keep Merchant for
14495 Currency (Inquisition).

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Constellation: Toth

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Text ico Griffon Wing Keep (from Servis)
Text ico Griffon Wing Keep (to Servis)
Text ico Note of Slight Jealousy

Notes Edit

  • After the assault, a wooden scaffolding is found on the keep's mid tier, leaning against a wall. On its upper level there's a chest, containing some random loot. However, a ladder only leads up from the second to the top level, there's no direct access from the ground. The chest can only be reached by climbing the pile of wooden crates beside the scaffolding, then jumping across the gap on the construction.
  • Griffon Wing Keep receives the most significant design overhaul between enemy and Inquisition occupation of any fort; a massive rock construct is added next to the uppermost turret along with scaffolding, the crumbling corners of the battlements are reinforced with iron retaining walls, and large green drapes are drawn from the turrets to the battlements across the lower marketplace, presumably to reduce its exposure to direct sunlight. Three of the turrets are also extended with iron spires.

Bugs Edit

  • After capturing the keep and leaving the area or reloading a savegame from after this point, the Inquisition flag on the flagpole will change back to the Venatori one.
  • If you take the keep before the Still Ruins, Rylen might still refer to you having cleared out the latter, when asked for a status report and nothing else is to mention.

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