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Grease Fire is a spell combination in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Conditions/Spells: Grease + any fire spell

  • The grease is set on fire dealing 2 fire damage to everyone in the area every 1.5s for 20s duration (30 damage total).
  • The grease effect is lost after one "tick".
  • Friendly fire possible.

Notes Edit

  • Casting Grease on burning enemies (or allies) will cause them to be knocked down and the grease to be ignited, as will any enemy caught on fire entering the area of grease.
  • The radius of the Grease Fire is slightly smaller than the initial Grease effect.
  • If you cast a second Grease spell in the same area, you will initially see damage stacked. However, once the initial Grease expires, damage from both Grease Fires will stop even though the second Grease fire continues to burn.

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