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Grand Cleric Elemena

Elemena is the Grand Cleric of Ferelden during the Fifth Blight. Her predecessor is Grand Cleric Bronach.

Background Edit

According to a conversation between Revered Mother Perpetua and Sister Theohild, the Grand Cleric has lost her hearing twenty years before the events of the Blight.

Involvement Edit

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After chaos breaks out at the Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold, the request for the Right of Annulment is sent to Denerim; ultimately the Grand Cleric will decide if the Circle of Magi should be annulled or not. Furthermore, if the Warden sides with the templars, Knight-Commander Greagoir will mention that Elemena will decide the fate of First Enchanter Irving and the rest of the Circle mages who are still alive.

Grand Cleric Elemena is present during the Landsmeet. She denounces Loghain if the quest Lost Templar is completed and the charge of poisoning Arl Eamon by an apostate is brought up in the third round of the debate. Even if she doesn't vote, her denunciation has an important effect on the outcome of the Landsmeet. Furthermore, if an all-out brawl starts in the chamber, she will be the one who will stop the fighting by calling for a duel in order to settle the dispute.

Elemena is also present during the epilogue crowning either Alistair and/or Anora as ruler of Ferelden.

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