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Grace is a mage from the Starkhaven Circle.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Grace's past. She used to be a mage at Starkhaven before the Circle there was burned down. During those times, she had a relationship with Decimus.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Grace is involved in the quest Act of Mercy. Ser Thrask will send Hawke a letter asking them to come to a remote cave along The Wounded Coast. When Hawke arrives, Thrask will tell them that a group of apostates who escaped from Starkhaven are hiding inside. Hawke must get them to surrender or else Ser Karras will slaughter them. After entering the cave and eliminating the early threats, Hawke will find the apostates at the back of the cave. The group is lead by Decimus. He has taken up blood magic and is ready to fight to the death for the mages' freedom. Hawke kills Decimus and the few mages that fight by his side.

In Act 2, if the templars were tricked or killed by Hawke, Grace appears in the Gallows and bitterly states how she was caught after three years on the run.

In Act 3 during the quest Best Served Cold, Grace is seen with the renegade templars, and will attempt to kill Hawke and the hostage for the death of Decimus, killing Ser Thrask in the process. It also appears she has become a pride abomination.

Quotes Edit

  • (After Hawke convinces the templars that the mages are dead) "I didn't think you could do it. Truly you must be able to charm a miser out of his last coin."

Dialogue Edit

  • Grace: "I did not think any of us would leave those caverns alive."
  • Hawke: "It won't be an easy path, trying to live free as a mage."
  • Grace: "But it will be my path."

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