Go Hunting is a pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Selecting a quarry will begin a hunt and exchange the Happenstance deck for the Applewoods deck.

Once the hunt begins, there are a limited number of "Hours Remaining" available to complete the hunt, after which the deck will revert to normal. Event cards during the hunt provide opportunities to gain "Closing In" at the expense of using Hours. Each quarry requires a certain amount of accumulated Closing In before it is caught.

Description Edit

The hounds whine when you enter the kennels, pressing wet noses against your fingers. Your companions mount snorting steeds in the courtyard. The bearers shoulder your equipment. What preparations will you make for the hunt?

Available Actions Edit

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Choose your quarry
(uses an action)
Choose your quarry

Unlocked after the quarry is chosen...


Bring the hounds
The hounds may help you track your quarry.
+12 Hours Remaining
Gain The Hounds (+1 Derring-Do and Woods-wise while they remain)


Get an early start
+14 Hours remaining


Take extra provisions
+1 Provisions, +12 Hours Remaining


Seek the Baron's Advice
(Requires Baron as Counselor)
He's terrorised the denizens of the Applewoods for decades.
This will grant free progress at the start of the hunt.
-1 Favor

Notes Edit

Taking provisions is cumulative, and if unused will carry over into future hunts.

It is possible to carry out multiple hunts even after the last Market Day arrives, as long as the last Market Day card remains unchosen and there are enough Clues. It's easy to make back the invested Clues with A Tumbledown Shack and The Peddler, so this can be self-sustaining.

Otherwise, outside of specific Case-related hunts, hunts are an inefficient means of generating rewards. The main benefits are boosting Woods-wise (again via A Tumbledown Shack and The Peddler), restoring Health (via A Glade), and the trophy/viand reward at the end. However, Woods-wise is more efficiently raised by The Silent Hunter (until ~75 Woods-wise), and the other resources are better obtained from Prepare for the Divine. The health recovery may still be useful.