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I would rather have been born a glassblower. Unburdened by responsibility or freedom. Prized like a peacock. My days lost in hypnotic intricacies of rainbowed glass. ―the Shame of Serault

Glass is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

Glass is the foundation of Serault's wealth. Members of its glassworkers guild are privileged prisoners: valued, well-treated, and watched like jewels on velvet.

Available actions Edit


"A commission! A sizeable commission."
A noble of Val Royeaux, her name festooned with titles, wants a precisely-detailed set of stained glass windows. And she wants them soon.
+2 Rumors of Revolution
A Trade Opportunity


"Thievery at the glassworks!"
The Guildmistress arrived in haste. Her face is unwashed, still smudged with furnace-soot. Her fingers fidget angrily at her glass sword.
-2 Prosperity


A shortage of soda ash
"Our suppliers won't brave the river for fear of pirates. There are more black flags than white ones on the river, these days."
-2 Prosperity


"Your Grace, bad news. Crossed glass swords hang over the glassworks' gates."
You sigh. The glassworkers have rebelled and are refusing to work. Again.
-2 Prosperity
The Glassblowers' Anger

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