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The Genlock emissary is a genlock that wields magic.

Background Edit

This emissary derives from a particularly cunning genlock alpha. These alphas develop magical ability, usually in entropy.[1] These sorcerers typically only appear during Blights in order to rally their darkspawn brethren and to carry out the Archdemon's more intricate plans. The ability of a genlock--said to be born from a dwarven broodmother--to wield magic, and to do so effectively while heavily armored, is a mystery. Grey Warden scholars theorize that the magic of a Genlock Emissary is akin to blood magic, allowing the sorcerer to ignore the magic-dampening effects of armor by using their cohorts' life-force to power their spells.

Variations of the Genlock Emissary are Genlock necromancer, Shapechanger and Conjurer.

Abilities Edit

Spell-MassParalysis icon Mass Paralysis
Spell-DeathCloud icon Death Cloud
Spell-DeathMagic icon Death Magic
Spell-DrainLife icon Drain Life
Spell-MisdirectionHex icon Misdirection Hex
Crushing prison icon Crushing Prison
Spell-Cure icon Regeneration
Spell-Heal icon Heal
Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age (tabletop RPG), Game Master's Guide, set 2, p. 26

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