There are several different types of gems that can be found in Dragon Age: Origins as well as its DLCs and expansion. They typically appear under the "Other" category within the inventory.

Note: For 'Remarkable' gems, see Gifts.

Gem types Edit

In the order that the game lists them in your inventory:

High-Range gems

Tre ico diamond DiamondDiamond
A brilliant cut, colorless stone.
Tre ico ruby RubyRuby
Deep red and nearly indestructible, these are prized by royalty.
Tre ico emerald EmeraldEmerald
This dark green gem has murky depths, like an overgrown pond.

Mid-Range gems

Tre ico sapphire SapphireSapphire
A star-cut sapphire, almost the color of the night sky.
Tre ico topaz TopazTopaz
A brilliant gem the color of sunshine.
Tre ico amethyst AmethystAmethyst
A deep, clear purple stone.
Tre ico malachite MalachiteMalachite

This stone is patterned with odd bands and ripples of color, like the contents of a witch's cauldron.

Low-Range gems

Tre ico fluorspar FluorsparFluorspar
This uncut stone is the color of honey.
Tre ico garnet GarnetGarnet
A gem the shade of dried blood, dark red, nearly black.
Tre ico quartz QuartzQuartz
A milky white stone of remarkable strength.
Tre ico greenstone GreenstoneGreenstone
Blue green stone with a pattern like a turtle's shell.

Flawless gems Edit

In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, four new flawless gems can be found:

Tre ico diamond Flawless DiamondFlawless Diamond
A diamond of peerless quality.
Tre ico emerald Flawless EmeraldFlawless Emerald
This pure green gem is quite valuable.
Tre ico ruby Flawless RubyFlawless Ruby
Rubies of such perfect cut and quality are exceedingly rare.
Tre ico sapphire Flawless SapphireFlawless Sapphire
A near-perfect example of a sapphire.

Other Edit

Smuggled Lyrium Smuggled LyriumSmuggled Lyrium
A carefully wrapped package of refined lyrium. It seems to emit a strange, low hum.
, can be acquired during Precious Metals.

Uses Edit

See also Edit

Pouch of Gems Pouch of GemsPouch of Gems
This small pouch contains a smattering of roughly cut gems. The gems are of decent value, as befitting a minor noble.