Gather Resources is a pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

Serault's finest glass fills the windows of your great hall: blue as the sea in summer, green as a lizard's scales, red as the roses that climb the abbey's walls. Theirs light spills across the floor like a rain of jewels. Within it, courtiers murmur, advisors debate, and Serault's folk - from splendid barons to the most ragged of beggars - assemble to hear your justice. Exercise your power. Impose taxes, stamp your authority on your realm, and summon the people you want to talk to.

Available Actions Edit

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Summon a subject
(Requires 1 Authority, uses an action)
Send For


Sit in Judgement
Deal with the small, vital matters that keep your realm functioning.
Difficulty: Rulership*1 (uses 3 action)
Success: +Authority
Failure: +Authority, -20 Dignity


Raise funds from your realm
Taxation is a delicate art.
Difficulty: Rulership*1 (uses 3 action)
Success: +(3 to 5) Bags of Royals, -20 Prosperity
Failure: +2 Bags of Royals, -20 Prosperity, +20 Rumors of Revolution


Restore Health
You send for the physicians.
(uses 1 action)
-1 Bag of Royals, +(24 to 25) Health

Notes Edit

Summon a subject doesn't actually use any Authority, though almost everything on the Send For card will.