Gangue shade is a shade which can be summoned in the Dead Trenches.

Background Edit

According to an inscription of the Legion of the Dead, the Stone is balanced but not pure. That means besides its good attributes, it also contains the gangue, the waste and unstable rock which should be cut away. Subsequently, in order for the dwarves to prosper they need to face the gangue and carve it out of themselves.

The gangue can be faced only when the Legion of the Dead Armor and the Helm of the Legion are equipped onto an active party member.

Involvement Edit

Once the Warden collects all the pieces of the Legion of the Dead armor set as part of The Dead Caste quest, any party member who is wearing the full set can activate the Legion of the Dead Relic, an object located in the center of the mausoleum, the very room where the Helm of the Legion can be found.

Activating the relic will summon the Gangue shade, a Boss-level ranked enemy. Once the shade is destroyed, its remains may contain a Chainmail. The encounter does not trigger a quest or journal entry, however, interacting with the Legion of the Dead Relic will unlock Codex entry: The Gangue Shade with or without the Legion of the Dead armor on.
Note: pcIcon pcusers who wish to acquire the (Dead Metal Bucket) per the game's script, use this mod.

Abilities Edit

Spell-AuraofWeakness icon Aura of Weakness
Spell-Disorient icon Disorient
Spell-DrainLife icon Drain Life
Spell-Horror icon Horror
Creature icon1 Leap
Spell-MisdirectionHex icon Misdirection Hex
Ico CreatureSlamSmashStomp Slam
Spell-Weakness icon Weakness