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The South is fallen, Loghain! Will you let darkspawn take the whole country for fear of Orlais?

Gallagher Wulff

Berchan (son)
Izot (daughter)
Numerous other children[1]

Gallagher Wulff is the Arl of West Hills who lost his sons and his Arling to the Fifth Blight and has been called to participate in the Landsmeet.

Background Edit

Arl Gallagher Wulff is considered a giant of a man, having been described as "massive in size" with "piercing" eyes. Arl Wulff has a sterling reputation throughout the west of Ferelden as a valiant man who cares about his people and takes his duties seriously, and he is considered one of the most powerful nobles in Ferelden.[2]

Involvement Edit

H aowestera 0

West Hills heraldry

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Before the Landsmeet, the Warden may talk to Wulff at the Gnawed Noble Tavern to learn about his plight. Like other nobles, he will recognize a Human Noble Warden as a Cousland. Regardless of what is said to him, the arl will send the Warden away.

During the Landsmeet, he will support the Warden if the latter mentions that the Blight is the true threat.

Dragon Age (tabletop RPG) Edit

Arl Wulff and his family feature in the quest "Where Eagles Lair" with Arl Wulff as a questgiver, requesting the players seek out and rescue his missing daughter Izot. With the proximity of Wulff's arling of West Hills to Avvar lands, Wulff has battled Avvar every winter in the Frostback Mountains. In spite of this his daughter fell in love with an Avvar man, Azur Ar Brosna O Redhold, and ran away with him in order to elope. However, Azur, Izot, and a group of his friends accompanying the couple to Azur's home of Redhold, were attacked by a group of Avvar hunters. The hunters slew Azur's friends, beat him soundly, and kidnapped Izot. At the same time, darkspawn began to raid Avvar and West Hills lands, leaving the players with difficult choices about which crisis to attend to first. Wulff's eleven year old son Berchan also features in the quest.

Quotes Edit

  • "All of southern Ferelden covered by black clouds, the ground rotting beneath your feet, plagues and darkspawn raids going on until even the crows get sick of the smell of carrion."
  • "The Western Hills throw their lot in with the Wardens. Maker help us."

Dialogue Edit

  • Warden: (to Loghain) How can you doubt the Blight is a threat to us?
  • Arl Wulff: I can vouch for the validity of the threat, if anyone cares to doubt it.

Trivia Edit

  • Bann Mathuin Wulff is possibly an ancestor of Arl Gallagher Wulff. He lived in the beginning of the Storm Age.[3]

References Edit

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