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Gain Orzammar's Friendship is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Made available when you reach Skyhold for the first time, fast travel to another location, and return to Skyhold.

Operation text Edit

We have received a message from Orzammar. Knowing an ancient darkspawn threatens Thedas, King Bhelen/Harrowmont officially declared his support for the Inquisition.


Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - 0:48:00 Edit

I would advise sending a delegation to Orzammar as soon as possible to cement this alliance.

Leliana - N/A Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Cullen - N/A Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Our emissaries have returned. Orzammar has pledged to our cause some of the most formidable warriors from the Legion of the Dead. According to the king, they are veteran darkspawn hunters, absolutely fearless. The king has also graciously offered to share Orzammar's wealth; he recognizes the threat Corypheus poses.

Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

  • 60 Influence
  • Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Sigil of the Great BearSigil of the Great Bear

    +100% max mana/stamina
    -50% mana stamina regeneration
    (Trespasser DLC)

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