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Gable is a Fereldan lieutenant in charge of Vigil's Keep prior to the land being given to the Grey Wardens. The Wardens investigating the mysterious bands of darkspawn that did not return to the Deep Roads after the fall of the Archdemon of the Fifth Blight are under his orders.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

He is the one who orders Kristoff to investigate the raids by Mother's minions outside of Amaranthine. It can be deduced from their conversation that Kristoff is allowed to return home only when Gable allows it. Even though the Lieutenant does not suspect darkspawn for the attacks, he tasks Kristoff with apprehending the bandits responsible, as he used to be a bounty hunter operating out of Amaranthine prior to becoming a Grey Warden; Gable says that this is the last task before Kristoff is released of his service.

It appears that Gable assigned the Wardens under his command Fereldan army titles, as he's referring to Kristoff as "Sergeant."

Trivia Edit

  • Gable owns servants and valuable wine made by monks.

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