Friendly Concern is an Act 2 companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Consummate a relationship with one of the romance options and complete any of the following quests: Night Terrors, Blackpowder Courtesy, Following the Qun, Offered and Lost.[1] In some cases Friendly Concern is only triggered after completing All That Remains.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Varric in the Hanged Man. He will say that it's his duty as a friend to state his concern over Hawke becoming closely involved with:

  • Anders: "Maybe, just maybe getting involved with the possessed mage might be dangerous. There: I've said my piece."
  • Fenris: "You do know the elf is covered in spikes, like an angsty porcupine? He might have some.. issues."
  • Isabela: "Isabela is a great girl, but I think you're likely to get hurt. By which I mean stabbed and left for dead."
  • Merrill: "Merrill is a sweet girl, but there's a whole lot of crazy in that little package."
  • Note: If you bring the companion you're romancing along with you to see Varric, they will make an in-game comment on the romance. - (Did not occur with Fenris, Isabela, Merrill, or Anders with any dialogue option on PC 1.04)

Result Edit

  • Friendship small Varric: friendship (+20) for picking two diplomatic or humorous comments
  • Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+20) for picking two aggressive/direct options

Note: Max friendship/rival wouldn't affect approval rating.

Bugs Edit

  • This quest was bugged for every love interest except Anders. However, since v1.03 it triggers for all other companions as well.
  • Sometimes Varric might reference the wrong companion, even if you haven't flirted with them. PC v1.04

References Edit

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