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The Fractured Stone is an object encountered underground in Dragon Age: Origins. Such locations would either be in the Deep Roads or in lost thaigs.

Loot Edit

These contain some rather fixed random loot, one to three of the following items:

Rgt ico deepmush Deep MushroomDeep Mushroom
Fungi found underground in close proximity to lyrium veins. In addition to their restorative properties, they can also be made into poisons.

Use: After chewing a deep mushroom, warriors and rogues regain a small amount of stamina. Mages gain no benefit from chewing deep mushrooms.
Rgt ico firecrystal Fire CrystalFire Crystal
These shards of lifestone are infused with magic, either naturally or by one of the Tranquil. They're white-hot and useful in many fire-related potions and traps.
Rgt ico frznlightning Frozen LightningFrozen Lightning
Frozen lightning is a common name for a crystal that can naturally store electricity, which has made it a sought-after ingredient in the composition of several items and salves.
Rgt ico lifestone LifestoneLifestone
These rare rocks have existed in close proximity to lyrium ore, and as such, they have absorbed some of its traits. Lifestones enhance the natural properties of other materials used in item creation.
Rgt ico lyriumdust Lyrium DustLyrium Dust
This is lyrium found in a natural powdered state, ready to be incorporated into potions.

Use: Consumption of lyrium dust restores a small amount of mana (mage only)

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