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Hey, been a looooong time since I was on here last. Wonder if some of you remember me, I was a partially regular poster a few years back. I know I remember most of the regulars here. =P

I got sucked into FFXIV when DAI came out and I'm finally playing through it 3 years later! It's been a blast.

I think I just discovered something about the "Silk Brocade" material though and I know you guys are the right people to ask about this. I also posted about this on the Reddit, I'll just copy paste what I said there here.

"So I was making myself a new armor and I realised something with using silk brocade. I tried to look up if anyone else has noticed this and I couldn't find anything on it. It looked to me like every time I used silk brocade (this is in when tinting gear, also only happens if the gear has metal) that the metal would become far brighter and shinier. I tested if this was it looked out of menu too and it does.

This is the same armor (Griffon Mail) with the metal parts silverite in both images. The first image is without silk brocade:

And the second one with:

Does this happen for anyone else? I'm playing the GOTY on PS4. I know Silverite/Dales Loden Wool/Snoufleur Skin have a special effect that lets gear be worn by any class when used as the main material. After discovering this I wonder if it's intended and what other materials have special effects on the overall appearance of the gear? The blue silk really works well with the brightened up silver. =D"

So anyone know anything about this? Is this worth adding to the wikia page for the material?

Thanks guys, and it's good to be back into Dragon Age. I've missed it! Here's hoping DA4 comes soon. Abélath (talk) 21:50, November 24, 2017 (UTC)

Certain materials do change the appearance of some armors/weapons. I've never kept track of which ones (because I don't care), but I'm sure there are others besides silk brocade. All of the changes are very subtle though - too subtle really. That's probably why it's gone mostly unnoticed/noted. Silver Warden (talk) 07:11, November 25, 2017 (UTC)