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Everyone knows that there are seven warden characters to choose from when starting DA:O. I don't know if anyone would care, but, how would you see the interaction of the seven if they were all made wardens and worked together. You can list the seven wardens you've created and choose how they would act, what their relationship with the other wardens and companions are, who their love interest is, etc. Here's an example using my characters.

Aedan Cousland (Male Human Noble)

Daylen Amell (Male Human Mage)

Alim Surana (Male Elf Mage)

Kallian Tabris (Female City Elf)

Lyna Mahariel (Female Dalish Elf)

Duran Aeducan (Male Dwarf Noble)

Faren Brosca (Male Dwarf Commoner)

Aedan: Aedan acts as the leader of the seven and their companions along with Daylen and Kallian. He is a warrior that was brought up to give his help whenever he could help. He is calm and tactical, wanting to assess a situation before acting. He has a rivalry with Daylen. They are at odds with each other at times, with Aedan's calm and patient nature against Daylen's reckless and playful nature. He also clashes with a short-tempered and sometimes scary Kallian. Though at times the three could be seen as best friends. Their arguments can range from serious ones about how to proceed with a dangerous situation to comedic ones caused by Daylen playing a prank on Aedan (think of rivalries from anime that are funny and end up in a ridiculous fist-fight)only to end with large lumps on their heads courtesy of Kallian. Aedan has a good relationship with the other wardens and their companions, particularly Duran, Alistair, and Sten. His love interest is Leliana. During DA: Awakening, Aedan, Daylen, and Kallian are promoted to the rank of Commanders.

Daylen: Daylen acts as the leader of the seven and their companions along with Aedan and Kallian. After living most of his life in the circle, Daylen believes that mages should be allowed more freedom and that good deeds should be done whenever possible. He is easygoing and a bit reckless, choosing to jump into battle the moment the enemy is identified. He has a rivalry with Aedan. They are at odds with each other at times, with Aedan's calm and patient nature against Daylen's reckless and playful nature. He also always finds himself at the opposite of Kallian's fist, usually after the mage pulls a prank on the elf. Though at times the three could be seen as best friends. Their arguments can range from serious ones about how to proceed with a dangerous situation to comedic ones caused by Daylen playing a prank on Aedan (think of rivalries from anime that are funny and end up in a ridiculous fist-fight)only to end with large lumps on their heads courtesy of Kallian. Daylen gets along well with the others, but mostly annoys them. Daylen is friends with Alim and gets along well with Wynne, Ogren, Falen, and Leliana. His love interest is Morrigan, leading him to performing the ritual with her. During DA: Awakening, Aedan, Daylen, and Kallian are promoted to the rank of Commanders.

Alim: Alim is very timid and nervous, sometimes bordering on cowardly as well as a slight clutz. He is also intelligent and likes to think things through and can show great bravery at times. Because Daylen was his only friend in the circle and his shy personality, Alim usually goes with whatever decision Daylen comes up with despite the probability of danger and his own protests. Despite his personality, Alim gets along well with the others, as well as having Wynne as a mentor and being good friends with Lyna and Morrigan.

Kallian: Kallian acts as leader of the seven and their companions along with Aedan and Daylen. Self-trained to be a rouge, Kallian can be described as a wild child. Though she does have some logic, she also has a slight temper and is easily annoyed, which is shown during most of Aedan and Daylen's arguments (think of anime when a annoyed girl puts an end between bickering rivals, usually with punches to their heads). Though she knows to do the right thing, she might focus on her self-preservation if the situation is too dangerous, though this is rare. She usually keeps to herself, though she starts to open up, particularly to Lyna, Sten, and Lelianna. Her love interest is Alistair. During DA: Awakening, Aedan, Daylen, and Kallian are promoted to the rank of Commanders.

Lyna: Lyna is a rouge-class Dalish warrior. She is very strict and by-the-rules, making her a bit socially awkward, but has a soft side, listens to others, and is understanding. She gets along well with the others, particularly with Kallian, Alistair, Duran, Sten, and Morrigan. Her love interest is Zevran.

Duran: Duran was a warrior prince bred to be fair and strong. He can sometimes come off as insensitive, but he just tries to find the most logical solution. Despite being framed by his brother, Duran saw the pros of the stronger connections between Orzammar and the surface if Bhelen was made king. He has a hard time getting along with the rest of the group, with the exception of Aedan, Alistair, Lyna, Shale, Wynne, and Faren.

Faren: Faren is a wisecracking and sarcastic rouge who, surprisingly, has a good sense of justice. Despite being a thief, liar, and troublemaker, Duran won't think twice about helping anyone in need. He gets along well with others and is an old friend of Oghren and gets along well with Duran, Daylen, Sten, Shale, and Zevran.

Important choices

Urn of Sacred Ashes Arc: preserved the Urn, decision made by Aedan, Daylen, and Lyna.

Circle of Magi Arc: saved the mages, decision made by Daylen, Alim, and Aedan.

Dalish Elves Arc: helped the werewolves and broke their curse, decision made by Lyna, Kallian, and Alim.

Anvil of the Void Arc: destroyed the Anvil of the Void, decision made by all seven. Choose Bhelen as King, decision made by Duran and Aedan.

Arl of Redcliffe Arc: saved Connor by getting help from the circle, decision made by Aedan, Daylen, and Kallian.

The Alienage Arc: stopped the slavers, decision made by all seven.

The Landsmeet Arc: killed Loghain, decision made and carried out by Aedan. Alistair made king, decision made by Aedan, Kallian, and Duran. (Alistair marries Anora because of the deal made with her and takes Kallian as his mistress).

The Battle of Denerim Arc: Ritual performed between Daylen and Morrigan. Archdemon slain by Aedan, Daylen, and Kallian.

That's it, hope its not too long. Decided to leave out DA: Awakening. -- (talk) 09:36, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

That is a really cool idea. Kinda makes me wish they would do something like that now. Gaiden96 (talk) 10:47, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

Clever idea. Yeah, I loved the narrative device of Duncan being the wildcard/chance/fate in that where he chose to recruit a new warden saved the player character in that origin, dooming the others to die. Reminds me of that Community or Malcolm in the Middle episode of alternate realities, which really fits in a meta sense in an RPG full of choices.--Commander Shepard (talk) 10:55, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

Liked the idea too. I imagine the whole seven bickering over the loot and who's to win the Dog's loyalty:) I won't create my list though - my seven would have probably start killing each other, until the last one left standing. -Algol- (talk) 12:08, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

Very well thought out! I'd do my own but I'm afraid it'd mimic your own a little too closely with minor tweeks here and there. It brings up an interesting point however, about the other warden recruits. Within the pen and paper game I DM the base story involved the assumption that all origins had happened but other then Alister and "one other" warden, the rest had died at ostagar. It was my way of sorta not outright telling each of my heroes that their "version" of canon story didn't happen. Warden Mage: Ferris (talk) 05:05, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Pretty cool idea. I've always thought that Duncan could have sent other wardens out on recruiting trips and that multiple wardens would be pretty plausible story-wise (although lame in actual game implementation). My characters were as follows:

Aedan Cousland (Male Human Noble)

Daylen Amell (Male Human Mage)

Neria Surana (Female Elf Mage)

Kallian Tabris (Female City Elf)

Theron Mahariel (Male Dalish Elf)

Duran Aeducan (Male Dwarf Noble)

Natia Brosca (Female Dwarf Commoner)

Aedan: Aedan is the leader of the Wardens, and is natural born leader. He fights with two swords and is the best warrior of the group. He starts off as a jokester and doesn't take his responsibilities seriously, but quickly sobers and becomes more mature as the decisions fall to him. He is a noble leader who is a Maker believer, but has become disillusioned with the Chantry and their treatment of mages. His love interest is Leliana, and he gets along well with most of his companions and especially Alistair and Theron. He is vehemently against Daylen and his blood magic, but tolerates him because of his usefulness. He also tends to disagree with Duran and Sten for their lack of emotion and Kallian for her blind distrust of humans. Aedan is the one to kill the Archdemon, and he becomes both Chancellor to Alistair and Teryn of Gwaren after the Blight. He is temporarily Warden-Commander during Awakening before passing it onto Natia and returning to Denerim. His dog's name is Krieger, an old word for Warrior.

Daylen: Daylen is the outcast of the group due to his blood magic and self-serving nature. He is a powerful mage with Arcane Warrior training, and fights with both sword and staff. He hates the Chantry for imprisoning him and believes those with power should rule by might. He does not trust anyone but himself and has learned to put himself before others from his time at the Circle. Everything he does is to further his own position and power. Daylen gets along well with Morrigan and eventually ends up romancing her, but is aloof and disliked by the others. Daylen performs the ritual with Morrigan unbeknownest to the others, and disappears with her after slaying the Archdemon. He is later slain by Aedan in a duel at Dragonbone Wastes in an attempt by Aedan to stop Morrigan from leaving.

Neria: Neria is a healer and it radiates out of everything she does. She is extremely close to Wynne, and shares her kind and empathetic nature. She believes in the Chantry and tends to be forgiving of the Templars and their ways. She has a vehement dislike of blood magic and argues strongly with Daylen about it. She sides with Aedan most of the time, and has an unrequited love for him until she bonds with Theron and falls in love with him. After the Blight she serves as a mage advisor to Alistair and is the ambassador to the Circle.

Kallian: Kallian is a force of nature and hate. Stripped of all empathy towards humans upon the slaughter of her fiancee, she blames humanity for all of her problems. Her training and brute rage allows her to wield massive two-handed blades, and she is often underrestimated by her foes. She is reckless and foolhardy, but surprisingly takes to Oghren and learns the ways of the Berserker from him. After learning this, she can better control her anger and becomes a considerably more approachable person. She is romanced by Zevran, and after the events of Awakening she goes with him to confront the Crows. She argues with Theron about the elves and whether they should side with Humans or rebel against them.

Theron: Theron is the calmest of the Wardens, and his Dalish background affords him a lot of control and peace. He is a master archer with a natural affinity for animals, and he is often the voice of reason between Aedan and Daylen's arguments. His calm nature makes him well-liked by all the other wardens and companions. He is dedicated to the plight of the Elves, and becomes moreso after seeing the terrible treatment of the City Elves. He falls in love with Neria, and weds her shortly after the Blight. He is eventually appointed as Arl of Denerim in a controversial decision by Alistair, and helps to improve the lot of City Elves throughout Ferelden. He is the one to bond with the Dog at camp, and names him Keeper after a joke Aedan makes.

Duran: Duran is the coldest and most calculating of the Wardens. His upbringing as a Dwarven heir taught him to doubt most people and to always see threats and dangers before they arrived. He has a sense of honor, but he will abandon it if he feels it necessary. Swears revenge on Bhelen for framing him for Trian's murder, but realizes that Bhelen is better for Orzammar and so puts him on the throne. After the Blight he returns to Orzammar as a Paragon, and uses his influence and martial prowess to push the Darkspawn back and regain several Thaigs for Orzammar.

Natia: Natia is the comedian of the Wardens, and is always ready to crack a joke at the most inconvenient of times. She hides her true feelings and long-suffering interior behind a rogue's facade, and rarely speaks of her past to the other Wardens. The most grateful for the Warden's saving her, she is also the most dedicated to defeating the Darkspawn. She has much compassion for the down-trodden, and makes a point of standing up for the weak that the Wardens encounter. After the events of Awakening she becomes Warden-Commander with Oghren as her second.

Important Choices:

Urn of Sacred Ashes Arc: Daylen argues for destroying it to gain the power of the Reavers, but he is shot down by Aedan and they preserve it. Allow Genitivi to share it with the world.

Circle of Magi Arc: All companions agree that the Mages should be saved.

Dalish Elves Arc: Kallian wanted vengeance for the werewolves against elves she saw as no better than humans, but Theron persuaded the Wardens to side with the elves and transform the werewolves.

Anvil of the Void Arc: Daylen and Duran both argued for the Anvil to be preserved, but Natia and Aedan decide it is too dangerous.

Arl of Redcliffe Arc: Daylen and Kallian both argue that Connor is a waste of time, but Aedan and Alistair agree that the Arl would not look kindly on them throwing his life away. They gain the aid of the Circle and make Jowan destroy the Demon.

The Alienage Arc: Killed the slavers, Daylen shot down before allowed to argue.

The Landsmeet Arc: Aedan duels Loghain and kills him. Alistair (hardened) is made King and marries Anora at the urging of Aedan and Duran.

The Battle of Denerim Arc: Morrigan offers the ritual to Aedan behind Daylen's back, but is refused. She then turns to Daylen who secretly accepts. Aedan slays the Archdemon, thinking he is sacrificing himself, but is infuriated when he finds he is still alive and Daylen/Morrigan have fled. Searches for them in vain but cannot find them. Alistair is crowned, Sten returns to Seheron, Wynne and Shale depart for Tevinter.

Awakening: Aedan is appointed Warden-Commander, and brings with him Theron, Kallian, Natia, and Neria to fight the Architect. Recruits all available Wardens. Saves Amaranthine, fully upgrades Vigil's Keep. Bitter debate over the Architect, but eventually Aedan decides to spare him in exchange for his cooperation against the Mother. Theron slays the Mother with a final arrow to the throat. Aedan, Theron, and Neria return to Denerim. Kallian departs to find Zevran, and Natia becomes Commander.

Golems of Amgarrak: Aedan sends Natia and Duran to resolve the situation.

Witch Hunt: Aedan, Theron, Neria, Natia, Leliana, and Oghren all travel to Dragonbone Wastes to confront Morrigan and Daylen for their previous betrayal. They discover the Dragon Cultists have been bewitched to defend the mages. Aedan and Leliana slip away from the main battle to confront the mages. Daylen paralyzes Leliana and begins a brutal duel with Aedan that ends in Daylen's death. Morrigan opens the Eluvian and attempts to kill the exhausted Aedan as revenge for not completing the ritual with her, but she is shot by Leliana and falls through the portal. The Wardens, having defeated the Dragon Cultists, leave the Wastes with more questions than answers.

I've always been partial to the multiple Wardens theory...this is a pretty cool forum idea. -- (talk) 07:07, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

I think there should be a new plot. It should follow a village of peasants who go to town and hire The Seven Wardens to defeat the bandits who have been terrorizing them. Crimpycracker (talk) 09:04, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Hang on, why are there only 7 wardens? Aren't there male and female versions of each origin? Are you only talking about the "default" models? Whocares65 (talk) 06:00, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

There are 6 origins, each of which can be male or female, but has the same storyline and is more or less the same person. The Circle Mage origin makes 7 though, since it can be a human or elf in addition to a male or female. That out of the way:

Aedan Cousland (Human Noble, Male): Aedan is the archetypal Wise Prince: intelligent, strong, kind and with good intentions, his biggest priority is helping others, especially those serving under him, the responsibility of which makes him quiet and serious. He always lends a hand for one of his companions or innocents, and is willing to show mercy if his enemies consider surrender, but fully intends to kill both Loghain and Howe, his desire for vengeance precluding any argument that either might repent. He's not totally consumed by the mission, though, and when the situation isn't serious is willing to laugh at the others' jokes or swig some of Oghren's mystery brew, but thinks there's a time and place for levity, and it isn't when lives are in the balance. A warrior, he takes the Templar and Champion specializations. He gets along best with the more altruistic or honorable characters, but is accepting of the free spirits in the group so long as they fall in line when it matters. His true friends are Alistair, Wynne, Daylen, Theron and Duran. His love interest is Leliana.

Daylen Amell (Human Mage, Male): Daylen has always loved his ability to use magic, even when others shunned him for it. He sees magic as a Maker-given gift that it would be a sin not to use. Reveling in his unique powers, he's grown up very confident and self-assured, if a little self-absorbed. He isn't totally selfish or blind to the needs of others, though, and is willing to help others out, especially if there's something in it for him, even if it's just the chance to show off and play the hero. He has little tolerance for rules and regulation due to his tenure in the Circle, chafing a bit under Aedan's authority and often poking fun at the stolid noble. He recognizes Aedan's ability to lead, however, and follows him anyway. Loving the idea of powerful magics not known by the Circle, he became both a Shapeshifter and Arcane Warrior. He became fast friends with Natia, Kallian, Oghren and Zevran, due to their shared penchant for levity. He's annoyed at Wynne and Neria's preaching about what he should do with his magic, and is annoyed by Sten's attitude toward him and his combined lack of discipline and magic abilities. He's also suspicious of Alistair's past with the Templars, which he makes no secret of. His love interest is Morigan, though they sometimes argue a bit over Daylen's willingness to occasionally stick his neck out for others.

Neria Surana (Elf Mage, Female): Neria specializes in healing and protection, and has a "big sister" air to her. Born to devout Andrastans, she took the maxim of magic being born to serve man and not rule him to heart, believing she was given her powers by the Maker to help others. Because of this, she took the Spirit Healer specialization and focuses on healing and buffing magic. As such, she clashes often with both Daylen and Morrigan, who she sees as arrogant and self-centered (and isn't totally wrong), but gets along fairly well with the rest of the group. She sees Wynne as a mentor and possibly a mother figure, and thinks of Leliana and Kallian in particular as close friends. Her love interest is Alistair, sharing his idealism and enjoying his good humor and nobility.

Kallian Tabris (City Elf, Female): A rogue in temperament as well as training, Kallian has a looser set of morals than most of the group. Her experiences in the Alienage (both old and... painfully recent) have made her badly disposed toward humans, but she's not so cynical as to believe that there aren't good ones. Still, she's always on guard around humans she doesn't know, and is often willing to believe the worst of them until their actions prove otherwise. She tends to throw herself completely into whatever activity she's focused on, which often isn't entirely legal or wholesome, which gets her into trouble more than once. She uses twin daggers and learned both the Assassin and Duelist specializations (screwing her mentors to learn them wasn't necessary, but enjoyable all round). Surprisingly, she has a lot of respect for Aedan, mostly due to his even-handedness in dealing with his multi-racial party and abilities as a leader, as well as his tolerance for her eccentricities, and so often sides with him in an argument. The rest either look at her with good humor or disapproval, which she returns with jokes either way. She tries to convince Leliana to embrace her former self (which eventually succeeds) and acts like Neria's delinquent younger sister. Her love interest is Zevran, which started casual, but she became rather frightened when both of their feelings started to deepen, until Neria convinced her to stick it out with him.

Theron Mahariel (Dalish Elf, Male): A classic ranger-type, Theron is a rogue who's more at home in the wild than with other people, though he's by no means a hermit or an outcast. He is a man of few words however, and carefully considers the words he does speak. He prefers to take people as he finds them and as such holds few of the prejudices elves and humans typically have towards each other. A hunter at heart, he also isn't overly concerned with the elves' distant past, preferring to live in the present moment, but never voiced this to his clan, as he felt it wasn't his place. An archer, he took the Assassin and Ranger specializations. He has a healthy respect for all of his companions due to their skills, but doesn't completely trust them all (especially Morrigan and Zevran). He gets along best with Aedan and Sten, as neither see a need to fill the silence with small talk and each respects the others' respective skills.

Duran Aeducan (Dwarf Noble, Male): Likely the most ruthless of the Seven Wardens and their secondary leader, Duran is a pragmatic, sometimes harsh warrior. He pays much attention to honor, but only as long as following it wouldn't negatively affect his other prerogatives. Though he intends to gain as much power and fame for himself as possible, he is not completely selfish, and in fact usually tries to help others; it's just that he always tries to plan things so that he comes out on top. He cares for tradition and history like other dwarves, but only insofar as it will help him, and he isn't one to ignore the realities in front of him. As such, he isn't quite as hidebound as other dwarven nobles; among other things he was quite willing to accept Natia as a companion as long as she was able to pull her weight like the others. He took the Champion specialization to become a more effective leader on the battlefield. His tendencies to be blunt with his companions puts a few of them off, including Wynne and Leliana, and his ruthlessness puts him at odds with the more idealistic Alistair, but he has his own sense of dark humor that allows him to get along with Oghren, Kallian, and Zevran, and his abilities and fundamentally good (if dark and practical) nature has endeared him to Aedan, who he often plays devil's advocate to, believing their leader needs a counterpoint to keep him from "wallowing" in idealism or unrealistic plans.

Natia Brosca (Dwarf Commoner, Female): A born warrior, Natia mostly served as muscle for the crime lord Beraht, breaking the bones or property of people who refused to pay protection or owed money to her boss, but took the first opportunity out of that life (and the first opportunity to split Beraht's skull with an ax). She is by no means stupid or a thug, but is quite willing to resort to intimidation or outright beating people senseless once diplomacy falls through. She learned the Berserker specialization from Oghren as an outlet . She actually prefers peaceful solutions to conflicts though (but lacks diplomacy skills due to a lack of experience with it, as conventional Casteless wisdom is just to try to avoid anyone who doesn't like you), and as such respects Aedan for his ability as both a warrior and diplomat and tends to follow his lead. She was greatly surprised at Duran's lack of condescension or disgust toward her (he was actually against the restrictions of Casteless, for both practical and moral reasons), and so is warmer toward him than she might otherwise be. She enjoys laughter and celebration, since they were so hard to come by in Dust Town, and so prefers to be with the more fun-loving companions, although she's put off by Oghren's repeated come-ons.

Circle of Magi: Saved the mages, at everyone's agreement (Daylen mostly to rub it in his fellow mages and the Templars' faces).

Arl of Redcliffe: Saved the town, Connor, and Isolde (left half the party at the castle in case the demon flared up again); spared Jowan at Neria and Daylen's request.

Anvil of the Void: Destroyed; Duran, Daylen and Kallian disagreed at first, but stepped down after being overruled and being reminded of the horrors it had perpetrated (both in the search for it and the creation of golems themselves).

Orzammar Succession: Sided with Bhelen; Duran disagreed at first, but ultimately realized that Bhelen was better for Orzammar and decided to be the bigger man.

Dalish vs. Werewolves: Freed the werewolves and helped the Dalish; decision unanimous.

Urn of Sacred Ashes: Preserved; decision unanimous (even those who didn't care about the Urn saw no reason to side with fanatical loonies).

Landsmeet: Aedan let Alistair duel Loghain to the death (would have stopped him when Riordan came in, but didn't have the time). Aedan agreed to rule jointly with Anora at Alistair and Duran's urging that he would make a better ruler, and takes Leliana as his mistress.

The Ritual: Morrigan told the assembled Wardens of the ritual. Daylen and Kallian agreed immediately, Neria and Theron were vehemently opposed out of distrust. Duran, after some deliberation, decided to back Morrigan. Aedan eventually agreed with him, and Natia, who had been undecided until now, followed him. Aedan managed to talk the still-protesting Theron and Neria down by explaining that actually reaching the Archdemon was still the most important thing, and that Fereldan would need all the Grey Wardens it had to fight the remaining Darkspawn.

Awakening: Aedan, as King-Consort and Teyrn of Gwaren, appoints Duran as Commander of the Grey in Fereldan and Arl of Amaranthine. Duran fully upgrades the Keep, sends soldiers to protect the farms, recruits all available Wardens, and saves Amaranthine personally (since it's his biggest source of revenue). His hatred of Darkspawn prevents him from allying with the Architect, and he kills him. In the meantime, Aedan works to secure a greater power base than Gwaren, Highever and Amaranthine in case Anora gets greedy and tries to take him out of the picture by appointing Kallian as Bann of Denerim and requesting Theron as the representative of the Dalish to the throne. UrLeingod (talk)

This is brilliant as it gives me a chance to play 'what if' with the four wardens I only played the Origin stories for as far as meeting Cailen and being told to seek Aliaster at Ostagar, the one (Aedean) I only played as far as Redcliffe to the Side Missions that I missed with my canon Warden and what would have happened had Neria had to negiociate around the wants of others like herself. I mostly

There were times when they all wished that only one Warden had been saved by the Warden and/or survived the ritual (even Neria who was infinately curious about people and very much a live and let live sort of person) as they frequently disagreed, struggled for power and most of them were over-ruled and outmanoevered on some issue or other.

Aedan Cousland: A rogue - two-handed fighter, acquired Duellist specialisation from sleeping with Isabella and Bard one too (couldn't bring himself to take assassin). The slaughter of his family left him with a desire to avoid the slaughter of others if it could be avoided UNLESS the other (and it usually an invididual whom annoyed him enough to at least want to kill them or leave to die - he was certainly tempted to leave Sten to be torn apart in Lothering and only really persuade to spare him by Lelanna, Morrigan and other Wardens disuaded him otherwise and he never really trusted him ditto Zevren and Jowan) had been responsible for the murder or attempted murder of others even with his position usurped he never lost his awareness of it and assumed the leadership of the Wardens expected the others to defer to his authority - he had a silver tongue too (the equal of which was not shared by any except for Natia Brosca although Neria Surana made it her business to acquire a close approximation) and that he used to persuade Duran to defer to his superior knowledge of the workings of the surface world although he did respect Duran as a man of equal standing in a different way and had sympathy with the usurping of his position too. This didn't sit well with Kailen but he had some sympathy with her in spite of her dislike of him - he too understood betrayal and love of family. She was also a woman and Aedan was a man who loved woman - he did insist in being rewarded with kisses for Kailyn and Bella in Redcliffe which meant that the other ladies in the party where suspicious of him - it was a factor in him losing Leilana's favour to Neria and Morrigan's in general and that of his fellow lady wardens barring Natia (but that's another story). He was friendly with Leilana (slighly undermined by his flirting), Wynne and Alister and most of his fellow Wardens although a belief in the Maker made him wary of the two mages.

Kailen Tabris: Warrior - two-handed fighter eventually acquired Beserk specialisation along with Champion. She used to be tolerant but the events of her wedding day taught her to trust no human but Duncan, she would extend the benefit of the doubt to Aliaster as he too loved and trusted Duncan but she could not bring herself to be civil to that fool King no matter what Duncan wanted. The events of Ostagar merely helped re-inforce the notiion that all men in power who were not Wardens weren't trustworthy and their soldiers were not worthy of respect or pity either (had she had her way she would have slaughered every soldier who crossed their in that scumbag Loghain's name)- the humbler sort of human she was more willing to judge as invididuals and defend on mass (she would see Redcliffe village destroyed for the failings of its so-called masters) and the despised class of the Dwarves were also to be championed as much as possible. She didn't trust Aedean in the slightest but like him she relished the opportunity to destory his enemy as he was a tyrant - she also understood anyone who wanted vengence and didn't quarrel with their desire to talk it. She was conflicted about Morrigan - respecting her strength and self-reliance but like Neria believe that she was mistaken in thinking that only the weak were victims who needed protection and that circumstances could leave you needing aid to defeat the powerful and she wished she could have pointed this out to Morrigan. She was conflicted about mages as she was conflicted about the Chantry - they were repressers of her kind but the only human apart from Duncan who had treated the Alienage residents as people with rights was a Chantry priest who she'd seen whacked on the head for her trouble. This left her in two minds about Wynne and Leilana. She respected Alister as he loved and followed the example of Duncan whom she respected. Zevren was her love though - someone who had a tough life who could laugh and was strong (he was of her people and had tried to kill them as that was the life he was raised to - he wasn't a scumbag soldier. She admired Sten for his strength and devotiton to his people and their ways and his occasional kindness and humour. She liked Aedean's dog too and he made her worry she killed so many of its kind in the Arl of Denerim's estate some gratitiously because she were his beasts. She liked Shale too - her humour and the way she'd taken revenge on a master who belittled her. She respected Theron but couldn't share his ways. She was a warrior and she embrassed Oghen's way of embrassing your anger to fight but he was a fool who failed to realise you didn't blunt your wits with drink. She hated Duran.

Theron Mathariel: Rogue - took specialisations Ranger and Bard. The tale of his parents fate had impressed upon him that humans and elves who were not Dalish were to be treated with suspicion but his focus was different to the other Wardens. He owned Duncan his life in a way the others did not and he was probably the one who tried to embody what a Grey Warden ought to be the most after all he knew what darkspawn corruption was. Most of the others had to be in the Korcai Wilds to see how dangerous and unsettling darkspawn were he knew from that cave - he didn't like having to do the joining ritual but understood it was all that could save him. He lost his friend ot the darkspawn - others lost love ones to mancinations of others. He was always cautious and didn't believe in fighting and killing shem for no reason but Tamlen's folly taught him to be even more so - don't rush into a situation without hearing all sides to a story, he liked to be told everything and make people tell him everything before he made a decision. He also had the attitude you didn't mess around with stuff you didn't understand - magic was ok as he'd know Merril hadn't become corrumpted by it (little did he know how she'd turn out) - but blood magic that involved dealing with demons no, drinking dragon blood giving to you by insane cultists - no and machines that turned people into stone slaves - no (he hated Branka with the intensity most had for Loghain and Howe - her deliberate infestation of others with darkspawn taint was for him greater than the evil of the self-serving politicians of both human and dwarf race) and he never entirely trusted Morrigan or Flemeth. He liked Wynne best she was wise and the Dalish knew that only those who achieved wisdom with age were worthy of being listened to - she reminded him of Merethair, he liked Zevren who reminded him of Tamlen (excempt that he wanted to use that infernal bloody anvil), he liked Alister who was just compassion incarnate (except for his corruption by revenege), he liked Leilana (the Dalish know the importance of storytellers), like Kailen he respected Sten's stoic nature and love of people that didn't sound that unlike the Dalish. He liked most of people actually although accutely aware of their weaknesses. He didn't feel the need to form relationships beyond friendships with any of them though committing to a future he may not see always felt risky.

Neria Surana: Like using elemental magic, realised the use of Crushing Prison in the Sloth Demon's trap, adding some healing magic. Specialisatons - Arcane Warrior, Spirit Healer and Shapeshifter (but it took too long to realise that Wynne was not going to teach it to her to acquire a tome on it to be able to use it and she never really used Shapeshifter - also acquire through a tome). If she had a motto it would be never judge a book by it's cover. Being from two groups reviled for what they were born as always gave her that attitude but through Jowan she learned - good people do bad things sometimes (and that attitude meant she was always willing to give people like Sten a second chance) and friends lie or at least don't always tell you the only truth. Also not sharing the fates of fellow members of the Alienage taught her Morrigan was mistaken you could be a victim or in need of aid not because you were weak or foolish but because you were unlucky. She always felt lucky - she escaped the Alienage, the Circle, Mage prison, Ostagar and more because she was in the right place at the right time with the right person wanting her for something else. Even her talents were blind chance. Her compassion was tempted by a ruthless streak - if someone had to be sacrificed to do the right thing so be it (in my game she sacrified Isolde to save Connor and not run the risk of the demon causing havoc whilst she attempted to save the Circle of Magi, she threatened the Mother of the Chantry to get her to realise Sten and backed Bhelen when she had an inkling it wouldn't go well for Harrowmont to further the rights of the Casteless). Like her fellow elves - the dispossessed and the powerless were to championed at all costs but despite his evil - she couldn't bring herself to kill the head slaver or leave him to the alienage. She would kill people for money and work with underworld characters in Denerim. She also sometimes got touchy about her diginity she never quite forgave Ser Cautherien for calling her a churl. Her 'come as you are' and 'live and let live' attitude was in perfect with Leilana's and they came lovers, she got on very well with Wynne, a formed friendships with most of her companions - ironically in this universe she probably got on better with Alister as the influence of the other Wardens meant she didn't do the things that pee'd him off on my playthrough. She probably got on well with Theron, understood Daylen, I don't think she'd have liked Duran but most other people she'd have got on with.

Daynell Amell: Like Morrigan liked using physological effects and also like nature magic - he found Virulent Walking Bomb very useful against the Archdemon. Specialisations - used Arcane Warrior and Shapeshifter. Had a different outlook to Neria - from his POV she was born as a nobody him into a respectable family which he was ripped away from he was aware . He hated the Chantry and their lackeys the Templers for ripping him away from a respectable life and he did research the family. This made him wary of Alister an ex-Templer and hostile to the Chantry and its representatives but symphathetic to Morrigan whom he formed a relationship with. They did disagree on the issue of Connor and Isolde's fate - he wouldn't let anyone hurt them - Connor was a victim and as far as he was concerned Isolde may have been a Chantry hypocrite but she did everything she could to stop the Circle and the Chantry getting their hooks into him. The whole episode deepened his contempt of Jowan who was a fool who proved every mage preduice right in this book. Daynell didn't like Wynne or Leilana or Sten for his anti-mage stance. He liked Zevren and Duran, didn't know what to make of Shale (who killed his mage master but he found funny and liked her independent spirit), Aedean (whose faith made him suspiscious and also treated him with suspiscion), Oghren he was crude - he was a bit of a snob and didn't love Natia either. He tended to espouse the cause of the Dalish as they were people bullied by the Chantry because they didn't buy into their bs.

Natia Brosca: Rogue - took Bard, Assasin and Duelist specialisations. Was a strange mixture of worliness and naviety. She couldn't believe her luck in escaping from Dust Town and thrilled to discover the surface where everyone including the king - "The King!" of the surface was friendly and interested in her speaking to her personally where in Orzamar she would have executed for even daring to look at the king as she was almost was for competing in his Provings. She kinda of feel in love with humans when Duncan treated her like a person when she talked to him at the Provings - had he asked she would have given herself to him gladly. She also bounded with Alister on sight - loved and shared his sense of humour (she would fall madly in love with him and purse a relationship with him - finding his inexperience touching and reassuringly unthreatening) and even liked being flirted with by the cutpurse who reminded her of Leske - she was shocked when he died in the Joining. Like Neria was interested in everyone and willing to give them a chance and a second chance but argued with Kailen about humans although they argeed about helping the dispossessed and shared a kinship at having been born amongst their ranks. Her experiences doing a nug-humper's dirty work had taught her that not everyone who acts like a villian is one that sometimes people did dirty things because that's all life presented them with. Like Aedean she prefered not to dirt her hands with other people's blood if she could talk them into doing the right thing or the best thing for the party - she preferred persusion but would use imtimidation if that didn't work and was not adverse to try to make some extra coin if it didn't mean selling some decent soul out - she frequently stole from merchants. She liked Neria, Leilana, Wynne (although sometimes she did turn a blind ear to her lecturing), Zevren (whom she slept with before Alister forced her into an elitimatum where she had to choose him), Aedean (ditto - because she liked him and sometimes to influence him), Shale, she found Morrigan's harshness a bit much on occasion but understood her - she had a hard life with a mad mum and Natia knew what that was like. She was a bit wary of Oghren at first but they bonded over booze and shared belief the surface life was sodding better than anything Orzamour had to offer including its beer - she didn't even find him letching at her - it was more respect than she got from a warrior caste member back home. Theron was a mystery to her - she liked him but didn't understand him a lot of the time expect after the Anvil of the Void discussion (see below) where she developed a renewed respect for them. Duran she remained wary of as well as Daynell who seemed to the only ones who looked down on her.

Duran Aeducean - sword and shield warrior, took Templer and Champion specialisatons - like all Wardens he had the upmost respect for Duncan and like many the burning desire to avenge his death and the king partly because he seemed decent (although far too keen to engage Darkspawn in Orzamour you learned not to take their threat lightly or wish to engage them) and partly because he was the king and he'd had enough of treachery with Bhelen. He felt disorientated when he first came to Ostagar - he'd lost everything but his life and was in strange world he didn't understand that venerated a strange god and people with strange powers the like of which he'd never encountered before - the only one of his kind was a woman whose noitriety as the polluter of the Provings went before them - he wasn't sure what he felt about that he'd never questioned the caste system - he didn't see it as intristically right or wrong it just was - and you forfilled the role your ancestors had - you did your duty and enjoyed the benefits of your position. He focused on what he knew which was fighing darkspawn - he initially liked the elf Theron for that as he too knew and had a healthy fear of Darkspawn from the start, he liked Alister, he argeed with Aedean in preserving the natural order and found they had much in common especially when it was clear after Ostagar that Aedean would recieve no justice other than what he could forge for himself, he too wanted Sten to die for his crimes but he came to respect him, he prefered to keep his distance for the mages whom he didn't understand, he regarded Oghren was a disgrace, Shale intrigued him but until he found she had willingly become a golem he wasn't sure what to make of her especially over the Anvil of the Void. He didn't understand a lot about this world but prefered to side with those appointed to leadership - like Aedean he wanted to kill the blood mage for daring to murder his betters and he wanted Howe and Loghain to die for their treatery too and like Aedean he also wanted to kill Zevren and never trusted him - he also wanted the mages to die to restore order as their power seemed to be too dangerous except they wre needed to save the noblewoman and her child. For these reasons he argued constantly with Kailen and a lot with Morrigan. Returning to Ostagar was bitter sweet - a reminder of what he lost and he found that what he wanted to achieve there was challenged by his new companions - he fell out with Theron over the Anvil of the Void. The one thing he relished was the chance to compete in the Provings again albet supporting his friend Aedean whom he wanted to experience their glory.

Key Decisions:

There was much debate about whether to head for Redcliffe or the Circle of Magi first - Aedean eventually talked everyone into seeing if Arl Eamon told anyone anything helpful before he fell sick or they could gain any further knowledge of how to cure him. Once they reached the village - no one bar Daylen who wanted to leave to save the Mages - even considered not helping to defend the village. Aedean kissed both Kailyn and Bella and gave them money to go to Denerim (Kaitlyn for the sword and the kiss for saving Bevan). The elf was talked into saving the village and Kailen imitimidated Lloyd into doing so too - no one could stop her. Daylen changed his indifference to the fact who whose in Redcliffe when he learned that it had all come about to save a child mage and then he joined Aedean and Duran in the attitude that no one would hurt either over his dead body. Neria and Kaylen (nor did Theron although it pained him to voice that opinion as he didn't like the idea of blood magic) didn't think it was worth the risk of leaving a demon loose at Redcliffe Castle to go to and attempt the save the Mages in the Tower (like Neria in my cannor playthrough they heard word of how bad the situation was in the Circle) but were over-ruled by the mayority - Natia was influenced by Alister and Aedean. No one was ever going to advocate killing a child although in Duran's case it was probably the status as a noble that held more weight. Aedean, Alister, Daylen, Duran and Natia all argeed to stay in Redcliffe to keep the demon in check along with Jowan, who was saved from the rage of Aedean, Duran and Daylen by the others especially Natia and Neria. Jowan was killed by Duran and Daylen as soon as Aedean and Natia left (see below).

This left Kailen, Theron, Neria, Morrigan, Sten and Leilana to travel to the circle of Magi. The decision to save the Mages there was also unaminous and Wynne joined the party. Upon their return it was agreed to send the Grand Enchanter Irving into the Fade.

Aedean and Natia left to check out a rumour of a man who might to be helpful to the Wardens cause which led them after the defeat of the Desire Demon to Return to Ostagar and burn Cailen's body - Aedean, Alister and Duran insisted backed up by Neria, Natia, Daynell and Theron (who was big on proper respect for the dead no matter who they were) - Kailen thought Cailen a fool but didn't care enough to stand against consesus.

Then they went to find the Urn of Sacred Ashes - Natia managed to convince the avenging knights that they were not the Grey Wardens he was looking for whilst in Denerim. Only really Daylen wanted to desecrate the Ashes although Natia wanted to make the head of the cult think they were going to get the secret of their fighting style - if she'd had her way they'd had had access to the Reverer specialisation but both Aedean and Theron spoke against any co-operation too quickly. Daylen killed Brother Gentivi before anyone could stop him.

Then went to the Brecillain Forest next - and did good there - mostly - they got Theron to calm the Halla, informed the man of his wife's death, found Ironbark, , took the injured man back to comp and bargained with the Mad Hermit to get the oak seed back to the Great Oak. There was no notable exception Aedean seduced Glenyna - he couldn't turn down the opportunity to seduce an attractive wowan. The curse was ended by Zahrian doing the right thing but it was not undisputed form of action - Kailen wanted to kill Witherfang.

Orzamour is the place where the party was the most split. Duran obviously wanted revenge upon Bhelen, Natia wanted to protect her sister and support him and the rights of the casteless. Bhelen's treachery led him to side with his friend Duran and he attempted to influence Alister - Natia easily persuaded the three elves to side with her on the grounds the casteless were much like them in status - Zevren was easily persuaded too especially since he regarded Harrowmont was weak and Natia used the same logic to win over Morrigan, Sten and Daylen. The party that went to the Provings in Harromont's name and sucessfully persuaded his champions to fight were Aedean (who Duran let fight in the contest), Daylen (hedging his bets and spying for the Bhelen party), Duran and Alister. Whilst the others exposed Harrowmont's duplicity and undermined him. Natia eventually appealed to Aedean's love of family (using the arguement she had to help her sister) and Alister's growing affection for her to side with her and she got Alister to name Bhelen as the king's successor. She planted the documents implicating Harrowmont's relatives in Jarvia's lair although Duran also found the documents implicating Bhelen in Trian's murder. Both Duran and Natia argued their cases but Natia being more persuasive won the day.

The Anvil of the Void caused a lot of heated debate too - Duran and Daylen wanted it preserved whilst Kailen, Neria and Natia wanted it destroyed but it was Theron's passion that won the day - his anger, which he made no attempt to conceal, towards both Branka and the anvil was so great that perserving it was never an option - the group was shocked by it's fury. The only success in Orzamour for Duran was successfully recruiting the Legion of the Dead to fighting the Archdemon. When the blight was over he would consider serving them but stay on to help his friend Aedean.

The Landsmeet - Aedean respected Alister but for his POV he didn't want to be a king and had no experience or character traits that suggested he would be suitable for it and frankly he was far as he was concerned a Cousland was as good as a Therion and more so than bastard one when it came to bloodlines. Natia wanted the status of being a King's mistress but Aedean knew her measure when it came to how persuasive she could be and she wasn't going to ruin his shot at kingship by filling Alister's head with the idea he could be a king. He had learned through Rica's example that lower class women in Orzamour bettered themselves through having babies for their betters and he pointed out that as Grey Wardens both her and Alister were likely to be infertile so there was no point in trying to raise his status in life and that Feralden was not Orzamar were the status of royal bastards were concerned. Aedean found it easy to persuade Duran of his case although he baulked slightly at supporting someone against the king's son - illegitimacy having no sway on status in Orzamar but he had done his homework and pointed out that Harrowmont's claim to the throne despite being not of the ruling house was not unique in Orzamour's history. Aedean courted Anora and he worked and got his way in getting support of his cause - only Kailen wasn't keen - she trusted Alister she didn't trust Aedean. Aedean did the talking in Landsmeet and his silver tongue, good choices of arguements and the fact they'd helped everyone they could in Howe's dungeons and got Anora's support won the day easily. Most people thought that Alister should duel Loghain - the three elves all wanted to do it though - Neria and Theron both thought that Loghain shouldn't be killed by someone in vendetta but they were over-ruled and Alster lost patience with the debate and stepped in for the duel before it could be concluded killing Loghain when he won. Neria and Theron both shared the regret with Riordon that Loghain couldn't have been spared and made to atone for his sins against the Wardens by joining their ranks. Aedean and Anora were appointed rulers with all the Wardens persuading Anora that Alister ought to be allowed to remain a Grey Warden.

The Dark Ritual - Morrigan did originally want to do with Daylen but he didn't want her to go and leave with his child, Aedean argeed on the grounds of both the preservation of life and the opportunity to sleep with a beautiful woman. Duran when he found out stated he would have done the same thing. Theron when he heard about the death of a Warden offered himself as the sacrifice - he was livid when he found out the reason why he didn't die when he struck the killing blow to the Archdemon. He departed to serve the Wardens where his clan had gone saying that he wouldn't serve in a country ruled by a fool who couldn't tell that no good to come of messing with forces he didn't understand. Duran was only persuaded to stay on the surface to serve his friend and a distaste for serving under King Bhelen but he requested that aid be sent to Orzamour as his boon for his part in defeating the Archdemon and he returned to Orzamour to help with the rogue golems situation, Daylen requested freedom for the circle of Magi and went in search of Morrigan, Neria requested the Wardens be honoured, stayed in Denerim for a time with Leilana before going to Armantine with Duran, Oghren and Kailen. Kailen influenced Aedean to appoint a representative for the alienage as Alister would have done but she acquired a wish to see more of the world outside it and so went to Armantine so continued travelling with Zevren after the situation with the Architect and the Mother was resolved. Natia remained at Alister's side.

I haven't played Awakenings or any of the adventures happening after Origins yet bar DA2. I hope you haven't this too rambling.

Ser Pedantic (talk) 18:02, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

Aedan Cousland (Male Human Noble)

Daylen Amell (Male Elf Mage)

Kallian Tabris (Female City Elf)

Theron Mahariel (Male City Elf)

Duran Aeducan (Male Dwarf Noble)

Natia Brosca (Female Dwarf Commoner)

Aedan: He is the leader of the party. He uses a shield and sword. He is the most serious with of the wardens. Out of the wardens he is the most religious but not as much as Lelinna. He also gets into a relationship with Lelinna. Out of the wardens with, he make friends with Alistar and Duran the best. He learns the champion after saving Arl Eemon.

Daylen: He thinks the mages should be free of the chantry controlled. With that he really not much religious. He believes that there are gods but he doesn't follow any. He is in a relationship with Morrigan because he have stuff in common. Morrigan teaches him how to be a shapeshifter and picks up arcane warrior.

Kallian: Uses two swords. She is an expert at pickpocketing and lockpicking. Learns duelist from Isbella. Love interest with Zervan and he teachs her how to be an assassin. She always sticks to the shadows before she makes her move. Is very good friends with Theron.

Theron: Is the archer. He is calm, even under a lot of pressure. He really wants to do ever thing he can to get his people their own homeland and to be able to try get more elf's history back to his people. He is willing to help anyone in trouble even if he/she a human. After the blight, he marries Lanaya. Is very good friends with Kallian. He is really good with animals and he can call upon someone animals to help out in battle.

Duran: He uses two handed weapon. Out of all the wardens he is the most skilled fighter and the best tactical one. Why those two things, is because he would need to know these things 1) he needs to kill darkspawn and 2) he could be king one day and needs to know military stuff in order to lead dwarfs against the darkspawn. He marries Mardy because she has his kid. He wishes to see the dwarf people reform some of their ways so they can end some of the bickering in the city. He wants to see Bhelen the pay for his crime and framing him for Train death. He names his kid after Duncan.

Natia: She is a dwarf rogue casteless. She nevers marries. She is the one who is always kidding around about things. She has the same sense of humor as Alistar which is why those two get along. She knows how to get herself out of a jam if needs be. Family had always come first in her eyes. She wishes she could do something to help the casteless have a better life in Orzammar.

Important Decisions:

Urn of Scared Ashes Arc: Were saved and shared with the world. They killed the high dragon and got the scales. Aedan took the scales to become the meduim dragon scale armor which were made by Wade.

Circle of Magi: Daylen led the charge to save the circle.

Redcliff Arc: Kallian bought Kaitlyn's grandfather sword in which she marries Teagon. The inn were named after the Grey Wardens. Aedan convices the party to get aid from the circle to kill the demon inside Connor.

Dalish Elf Arc: Kallian wanted to kill the werewolfs for what they did to the elfs. But Theron convice everyone to end the curse.

Orzammar Arc: Natia wanted to support Bhelen. While Duran wanted to support Harrowmont. So the decision was left up Aedan. He found starting to really make trouble throughout Orzammar because he started to put Duran foward. He did that by winning the proving. He was able to get Harrowmont to drop out as king and to support Duran after they kill Jarva while no one else did. In which, Harrowmont became his second and to lead Orzammar while Duran faces the blight. Eventually, Gorim return as his second.

Anvil of the Void Arc: Aedan and Theron wanted to destory the anvil. Duran and Natia were able to convince them not to destory it. So it was saved.

Alienage Arc: Daylen want the maget to use blood mage to make him stronger but was reminded that blood magic is wrong. So they kill all of the slavers.

Landsmeet Arc: They got as many nobles on theirs sides as possible. Aedan dueled Longhain and defeated him. They made Loghain join the grey Wardens. Alistar had a fit about it but was calm down and persuade that they would need his tatical mind to help end the blight. Alistar and Anora gets married.

Battle Arc: Daylen perform the ritual with Morrigan. Adean, Morrigan, dog, Loghain, Daylen, and Alistar made the charge to kill the generals and the Archdemon. Aedan made the killing blow. Duran was in charge of the proection of the gates.

Epilogue: Aedan becomes warden commander. Kallian becomes Teryn of Gwaren but Soris kid inherits the child since she couldn't have one. Shainai becomes Bann of the Denerim Alienage. Theron got Ostagor and all lands around it to the dalish elfs. Duran got Alistar send aid to the dwarfs and push to the black gates. He became a paragon because of it. Natia was able to turn all the casteless into her own house and was raise to paragon. The casteless who did not like it were then exile to the surface. Now in Orazommar, there aare no casteless. The Golems put down anyway did not like the changes or want you die because they want Bhelen to be king. Loghain was assign to the Orlsian Grey Wardens. Daylen was able to get the the feredlan circle free the templars and chantry. After the blight statues were built to honor all fereldan heroes.


Maric and his mother were built in the palace courtyard in honor of freeing Fereldan.

Same thing with Cailin and Alistar statues.

Loghain statue was built in River Dane to honor his great accomplishment outside of the blight and was Anora idea.

Aedan statue was built at Highever.

Daylen statue is in front of the tower entrance.

Theron statue was built at Ostagor.

Duran and Natia had paragon statues built and statues honoring them just outside the gate on the surface.

Kallian statue built inside the Alienage.

Golems of Amgarrak: Natia help with this.

Witch hunt: Theron, Daylen found a clue to find Morrigan and did. Daylen went with Morrigan to be with his son. If his son is a mage, he wanted to be there to him/her magic that he learn from the circle Theron went back and told everyone what happen.

Awakening: Aedan the Grey Warden Commander. Duran and Theron got some recuits and sent them to Vigil Keep. The keep fully upgraded. Save Amarthine and you took Sigrun, Velanna, and Justice with you. Everyone else manage to survie the battle. Spare the Artichet to try to stop the blight for good. Got dark wolf to help you to stop the consipracy against you.--James.rosing (talk) 05:18, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

There are some things I would like to add. Here are things I'm adding:
Happen after Awakening:
Aedan: Marries Lelinna and has a son. His kid then marries and has kids. His heirs becomes a grey warden in Fereldan which gives the Cousland name more respect to the family in Fereldan.
Fergus: Eventually remarriers has kid(s).
Theron: He and Lanaya mamange to have a kid together. Their kid becomes the Keeper of the Dalish elves at Ostagor.
Natia: Her newphew/niece(can't remember what it was) becomes the head of the house.
Orzammar: A village was built just outside the gates to Orzammar and it became a good trade between Orzammar, Fereldan, an Orlais. King Duran start to invite surface dwarfs back into Orzammar if they can prove themselfs to be in the city or they can prove that are from a dwarf house. Duran does this so he can start repolutating the deep roads and to strength the city numbers. Harrowmont gave his estate to the Grey Wardens, while he takes his house into the deep roads to conquer a thaig for his house. Orghen becomes Grey Warden Commander of Orzammar. Orghen was given his house back in the city. Sirgun becomes a Grey Warden recruiter for dwarfs and legion of the Dead.
Nathaniel: Was given a small mining village his service in the Grey Wardens and for saving Fergus's life. He turn the small village into one of Fereldan's best mining villages. His nephew became lord of the village and swear alliangce to the Arl of Amarethine.
Dalish Elf New Kingdom: Theron, Alistar, Kallian, and Aedan do everything thing they can to keep the Chantry and Templars out of Ostagor.--James.rosing (talk) 18:30, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

I wrote something like this once, except it was modeled after DS Chronicles and it starts where Alistair dies and goes to the side of the Maker, where the would-be wardens are judging him pretty harshly for botching it up.

Anyway, here we go:

Aedan Cousland (M!HN, Warrior): the aggressive one. Angered (righteously, perhaps) by the destruction of his home, he's the one who is always in for justice and combat. He isn't the most bright, however. Pretty handsome by standards, tall, with dark hair and brown eyes. Trains as a Champion. Seems to like Leliana, but who knows? 2H wielder.

Darrian Tabris (M!CE, Rogue): The comic. Light-hearted and able to take things by stride, Darrian is the rogue who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He does have a sense of moral, however, and draws a line at using the weak for own benefit. He is proud of his elven heritage, and can get into an argument with Lyna about it. He finds Aedan a bit tedious at time. Later becomes a bard. Blond, green eyes. Is seen in Morrigan's company often, but gets into arguments about some decisions that does not benefit him directly. Dual-wield.

Lyna Mahariel (F!DE, Rogue): The Dalish. She is stoic and determined, a bit cold at times, and has a bit of a past with Tamlen that she cannot let go. She is aware that she is a Grey Warden but she is a Dalish as well, and when times come that she must make choices she is unsure if she can be a Grey Warden first. She finds Darrian's pride in his heritage a bit laughable, but has since learned to curb her tongue. Later acquires ranger. White hair, blue eyes. Seems to be interested in Zevran. Archer.

Neria Surana (F!Mage): The resident combat mage of the group. As the beloved apprentice of Irving, she holds herself with pride, but is quiet about it. The peacekeeper of the group, she remains neutral in most things, but dislikes excessive carnage and combat, preferring to use her head to get her way through. She is very close to Darrian (possibly because she hails from the alienage as well). She is trained as an elementalist but has a few more spells in her arsenal. The silver tongue of the group. Arcane warrior. Raven hair, grey eyes. 1H with shield.

Daylen Amell (M!Mage): The gentle mage and just as quiet-spoken as Neria, he is the healer who brings life to all things he touch. He was a student of Wynne at one time. He is greatly saddened by all the death that seems to pervade around him, and is determined to stop the Blight - the singularly largest illness of the land - and will do anything to stop it. He is good friends with Alistair. Being older than Neria by a few years, he's watching the budding romance between the ex-Templar and the combat mage with amusement. Is also close to Leliana. Blond, blue eyes. Wields a staff.

Duran Aeducan (M!DN, Warrior): The noble warrior of the House of Aeducan, he tends to hold the surfacers with some contempt, but he's beginning to learn that not all surfacers are bad or dishonourable. He often clashes with Lyna, only to have Darrian, Neria or Daylen to intervene. He is used to getting his way, and in that sense is close to Aedan, but is a little less scrupulous about methods. Later learns Berserker specialisation. He still holds Orzammar dear to his heart, and swears to get back at Bhelen for his treachery. Holds himself away from Oghren most of the time (for an obvious reason). Brown hair, brown eyes. 1H and shield.

Faren Brosca (M!DC, Rogue): Possibly the one with most common sense, Faren deals with the subtle transactions and dealings that Darrian cannot do. He is aware that not everything can be solved with words, and not everything can be solved with blades. His know-how from Dust Town has helped the party tremendously when a little less scrupulous method is preferred. He is cheerful, despite the circumstances, which seems to rub Duran the wrong way. He still cares for his sister dearly and wonders about her often. He teases Lyna outrageously, much to her chagrin. He seems relieved to be out of Orzammar. Later learns to be a duelist. Red hair, green eyes. Dual-wield.

Quest choices:

Orzammar: Harrowmont. Duran swore that he'd rather die than make his brother a king. Anvil destroyed (vote with Neria, Daylen, Aedan, Darrian and Lyna against the dwarves).

Brecilian Forest: Went the middle way (elves preserved, humans uncursed). Unanimous agreement.

Circle Tower: Circle saved, with votes Neria, Darrian, Faren, Faren, Daylen against Lyna, Duran. Despite their different attitudes against the Circle (Neria holds the Circle dear to her heart as her home; Daylen is happy to be free), they both threaten that they will leave the party if the Circle is destroyed. The mages defeat Uldred in the end.

Urn of Sacred Ashes: Urn saved, in unanimous agreement. Nobody saw the point of desecrating the Ashes.

Redcliffe: Saved. A bit of argument rises over Connor. Daylen, Darrian, Aedan, and Neria say absolutely not to Jowan's idea. Lyna, Faren, and Duran are concerned about time. The three are outvoted. As the resident combat mage, Neria was sent into the Fade.

Landsmeet: They unanimously agree that Loghain must be killed. Neria and Daylen blame Loghain for the Circle debacle; Faren figures that making one warden won't make up for killing a dozen; Duran finds the man's insanity repulsive, Aedan blames Loghain for being in cohort with Howe, Lyna is furious for Duncan's death and Darrian cannot forgive the death of many that happened at Ostagar. Neria convinces the Landsmeet that the general must be punished for his crimes; they let Alistair do the honour after the seven argue who should do it. They do have a bit of a disagreement over the throne of Ferelden. Neria and Aedan wants Anora to be queen for different reasons; Daylen and Faren find Alistair and Anora's union appealing. Lyna and Duran wants Alistair on the throne, for blood and heritage are important to them. Darrian thinks Aedan should marry Anora. After a few hours of heated argument, the Wardens reach the decision that Anora's solitary rule is the only way to placate everybody (final decisive vote cast by Faren). Aedan is relieved.

Dark Ritual: Darrian completes the ritual with Morrigan, knowing that she will leave when the battle ends.

Aftermath: Darrian is heartbroken over Morrigan, but deems that this was for the best. He leaves for The Vigil soon after asking for the Alienage to be freed. Lyna leaves with Zevran for a showdown after ensuring that her clan gains lands. The dwarves return to Orzammar, their honours restored and elevated, with the promised aid to battle against Darkspawn (namely, Shale). The mages ask for the emancipation of the Tower. Aedan remains in Denerim as a chancellor and regains Highever and Gwaren. Daylen leaves with Leliana to lead an expedition to the Ruined Temple. Neria and Alistair are summoned to Anderfels.

A few years later, Darrian leaves to find Morrigan after sending reports to Neria and Alistair about the Architect. He is never seen again. Faren ventures into Amgarrak, only to discover the horror that was sealed there. He tells Duran of what had happened. Neria and Alistair, worried about the Architect's survival, foresee a future when the Architect must be destroyed.

All possible members of the party recruited.--GabrielleduVent (talk) 05:34, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

Hey there, just thought I should update so that new people can add their thoughts to this.-- (talk) 09:07, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

I've thought of something similar before, surprising to see it appear in the forums. Mine, however differs from yours. I don't think there should be two of the same origin, and the genders are chosen based on the origin art for each.

Aeden Cousland (human noble warrior, longsword/shield)

Solona Amell (human mage, arcane warrior/greatword)

Duran Aeducan (dwarf noble warrior, mace/shield)

Natia Brosca (dwarf commoner rogue, waraxe/waraxe)

Theron Mahariel (dalish elf rogue, longbow)

Kallian Tabris (city elf rogue, dagger/dagger)

I'll elaborate on the more complicated details another day.--R0B45 (talk) 10:39, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

Here's how things would work for me:

Elissa Cousland (Female Human Noble, Sword and Shield)

Daylen Amell (Male Human Mage, Staff)

Lurooke Surana (Male Elf Mage, Sword and Shield/Staff)

Kallian Tabris (Female City Elf, Sword and Dagger/Longbow)

Broll Mahariel (Male Dalish Elf,Longbow/Sword and Dagger)

Duran Aeducan (Male Dwarf Noble, Two-Handed Axe)

Natia Brosca (Female Dwarf Commoner, Dual Daggers)

Elissa Cousland: Born and bred as a warrior, Elissa is nothing if not driven. Driven to defend her home, driven to get justice for her family, and driven to see the rightful ruler of Fereldan take his place. As such, her particular warrior training has given her incredible focus to accomplish these tasks, but not much else, usually relying on Lurooke's practical jokes to bring her back to reality. Despite this, she is a caring person and will not allow innocents to be caught in the crossfire if it can be helped, which often puts her at odds with Daylen and Broll. While she herself is sympathetic to the situation of mages, she herself took training as a Templar due to frequency with which she runs into hostile mages, and her fighting style is to Champion her friends. She shares the task of the leading the remaining Wardens with Lurooke and Natia. Her friends are Lurooke, Natia, Leliana, and Wynne. Her love interest is Alistair. Her rival is Kallian. Her Mabari hound is named Dane, after the hero of legend.

Daylen Amell: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Having lived in the Circle longer than he can remember, Daylen is the perfect example of a mage who goes too far in his need for power. This has made him very cold and calculating, always trying to find the easiest solution with the most benefit, regardless of who would get hurt in the process. While one would believe that he would be a staunch Libertarian, he cares little for the Circle outside of himself, believing mages can only be free if they are strong enough to take their freedom. Obviously, he grew up with Lurooke in the Circle, but even then, the two couldn't stand each others company due to personality and political opinons. He has a fierce, sometimes violent rivalry with Lurooke, simultaneously because of Lurooke's views on Daylen's use of blood magic, and Daylen's jealousy of Lurooke's natural leadership. He's very reclusive, even to his fellow Wardens, although does develop a brother/sister relationship with Morrigan. He trained for years secretly in the art of blood magic. His friends are Morrigan, Zevran and Broll. His rival is Lurooke.

Lurooke Surana: In a word, Lurooke is a leader. Originally from the Denerim Alienage, he knew Kallian at a very young age, and even then, was very protective of her like a brother. He discovered that he had magic at a young age, and was actually able to hide it for a few years before he was eventually taken to the Circle at 10. His experiences in the alienage defending his friends transferred over to the Circle, where he would go out his way to take the blame if his friends did anything wrong. While he believes that the mages should be free, he know that mages as a whole are not ready to handle that freedom responsibly, first needing to master their own desires, and describes himself as a liberal Aequitarian. His also a very light-hearted contrast to the bleakness of the situation, always ready to pull a quick prank on Elissa, or perform an Abbot & Costello routine with Alistair. However, he has an incredible sense of justice and honor, and would never put anyone else in danger, puts himself in the way to protect his friends, and never does anything that would degrade him or those he cares about. His father was an apostate himself, and taught Lurooke the art of the Arcane Warrior, which he uses in conjunction with Spirit Healing. His rivarly with Daylen stretches back to Lurooke's first days at the Circle, when Lurooke caught Daylen trying to steal from the apprentices for supplies to one of his experiments. His love interest is Leliana. His friends are Elissa, Natia, Kallian, Broll, Duran, Alistair, Sten, Morrigan, Shale, and Wynne. His rival is Daylen. He was also the one to save the Mabari at Ostagar, and named him Mordent after his father.

Kallian Tabris: True to her roguish nature, Kallian is more observant and knowledgeable than most people would give her credit for. She is also an excellent judge of character, able to discern a person's intent from a single conversation. Despite growing up in the Denerim alienage, she didn't truly understand why most elves hate humans until Lurooke was taken to the Circle. Seeing how her best friend was taken from her by humans, to this day she remains, at best distrustful of humans, and at worst, actively hostile. To non-humans however, she is an incredibly caring and trusting person, if a bit hot-headed. She prefers to rush right in rather than plan, and the only thing she hates any worse than humans is indecision in the face of danger. Before she was recruited into the Wardens, she was arrested for Dueling on public grounds enough to have an intervention from the entire Alienage, and was the prime suspect in the Assassination of several human nobles. As such, she is often at odds with Elissa, mostly due to how she sees Elissa as a representation of everything she fought against. It never goes beyond a catfight, but everyone worries that it could erupt into violence. Or hopes. Her love interest is Zevran. Her friends are Lurooke, Duran, Natia, Broll, and Oghren. Her rival is Elissa.

Broll Mahariel: Despite being born a Dalish Elf, Broll has a strong sense of practicality, and is not as initially hostile towards humans as Kallian, or even Lurooke, to an extent. He has an incredibly tactical mind, and is willing to make the hard decisions if he believes it furthers the Warden's goals. He could be seen as the wet work of the party, willing to the things the others aren't for fear it would give them a bad name. Despite this, his Dalish upbringing has made him socially awkward, often being brutally honest or easily manipulated to do the bidding of others, a trait Daylen is more than willing to exploit for selfish reasons, as well as Natia and Lurooke, mostly for comedic relief. He does find a great interest in exploring human history, believing a knowledge of it could help reclaim some of his people's glory. Ironically though, he's not the best elf, in the sense that he does fall is love with a human, despite everything he was ever taught to tell him he shouldn't. He was a Ranger among the Dalish, and is the accomplished scout in the party. His love interest is Morrigan. His friends are Daylen, Lurooke, Kallian, Natia, Sten, Oghren, Shale, and Zevran. He doesn't have any particular rival, but he does have a slight distrust of Duran and Elissa.

Duran Aeducan: Duran is a product of dwarven nobility, but tried the best he could to improve the situation in Orzammar from his actually confining position when you think about it. He grew up with a strong sense of family and duty, and this defines his personality. His very protective of what he considers to be his family, but is more liberal minded than most of dwarven nobility. While this can lead to some positive aspects later on in the journey, it also means he's spent more time outside of dwarven high society, and spent more time slumming in taverns, which make him annoying in everyday conversation. Still, he doesn't binge drink too excessively (by dwarven standards anyway), and can keep a clear head when he needs to. Naturally, he did have a lot of anger issues growing up because he couldn't accomplish everything he wanted, and became a Berserker to control himself. His open-mindedness eventually leads him to become romantically involved with Natia. His friends are Lurooke, Sten, Oghren, Alistair, Zevran, and Shale.

Natia Brosca: Natia is a very strong woman, forged in the fires of Dust Town. She's a theif out of necessity, not choice, and believes that all dwarves, even the forgotten casteless, have a natural duty to defend their home, and has an incredible natural leadership. Smarter than she lets on, she can come up with a diplomatic solution on her feet, and nobody would dare second guess them. She actually has a greater care to uphold the law than any other, perhaps out of a sense of compensating for her past life, perhaps out of genuine respect for the law of the land and believes it protects people for her to follow the law. Whatever the reason, she has an incredibly likeable personality that often has her on the negotiating end that comes with her part of the leadership of the Wardens. Oddly enough, except when killing darkspawn, she will go out of her way to avoid killing, odd for a trained Assassin. She eventually becomes romantically involved with Duran. Her friends are Elissa, Lurooke, Kallian, Broll, Alistair, Morrigan, Wynne, Sten, Oghren, Leliana, and Shale.

Important Choices(Assume all desicions were made by Elissa, Lurooke, and Natia unless otherwise noted):

Soldier's Peak: Sophia Dryden was killed, and Avernus was allowed to ethically continue his research.

Return to Ostagar: The pieces of Cailan's armor were recovered and his body was cremated.

The Urn of Sacred Ashes: The High Dragon guarding the Urn was killed, the cult was destroyed, the Urn presereved, and Brother Genitivi made his research public.

Circle of Magi: In a rare moment of agreement, Daylen and Lurooke passionatly argued for the saving of the mages, and all that could be saved were.

Nature of the Beast: Lurooke, Kallian, and Broll convinced the party to end the curse, both returning the werewolves to human form, and saving the Dalish clan.

Anvil of the Void: Despite a passionate argument to preserve the Anvil by Duran, Natia and Lurooke eventually convince him it's better to destroy it and look to dwarven leadership to make true changes. Duran in fact, is the one to suggest supporting Bhelen despite having been betryaed, mostly out of loyalty to keep his family on the throne, but the practial aspects were realized by Elissa and Broll.

Arl of Redcliffe: At Elissa's urging, the party went to the Circle to save Connor, despite protests from Daylen it was a waste of time. Lurooke was the one to enter the Fade and killed the demon possessing Connor.

The Slavers in the Alienage: The party unanimously agreed to kill the slavers.

The Landsmeet: Bottling up a lot vengeful emotion, Lurooke dueled Loghain in single combat and subsequently executed him. Despite everyone expecting Alistair to marry Anora, Elissa steped in announced she would marry Alistair, who having been hardened, accepted.

The Final Battle: Despite Lurooke's intention to sacrifice himself to the Archdemon, Broll performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan, mostly because Morrigan only told him her plan and Broll made the decision by himself. By the time Lurooke was ready to sacrifice himself, Broll told him of what he had done, and though Lurooke was unsure he liked the decision, he was glad to know no one had to die. The other Wardens were told after the battle, but before the coronation.

Interlude: In between Origins and Awakening, Elissa and Alistair were married, Daylen became Teryn of Gwaren, Lurooke became Chancellor, Kallian was appointed as the new Arl of Denerim, Broll went off on his own to find Morrigan, Duran and Natia were married as well, but Duran went back to Orzammar to deal with the darkspawn, while Natia stayed topside with the Wardens.

Awakening: Lurooke was appointed Warden-Commander, though Elissa and Natia came back to help him get the order rebuilt. Upon arriving at Vigil's Keep, he offers to lie to keep Anders free, though later recruits him on the rooftop, and invokes the Right of Conscription on him. He also allows Oghren into the order, and despite Elissa's protests, invokes the Right of Conscription on Nathaniel. He recruited Sigrun in Kal'Hirol, recruited Velanna in the Wending Wood, and recruited Justice in the Blackmarsh. Vigil's Keep was fully upgraded, soldiers were given to protect trade, and Lurooke had Vigilance forged for him. He went to save Amaranthine and managed to convice the others to spare the Architect. After destroying the Mother, Elissa returned to Denerim, Lurooke went to propose to Leliana, and Natia was promoted Warden-Commander.

Golems of Amgarrak: Elissa, Lurooke, and Natia were the only ones to journey to Amgarrak. Upon returning, Lurooke's only answer was: "I don't know what I saw. And I hope I never find out."

Witch Hunt: Broll and Daylen are the ones to journey after Morrigan, albeit for different reasons. Once she's been found, Broll leaves with her through the Eluvian. She left Daylen a gift outside the Eluvian, and he is seen as satisfied with what Morrigan left him.--Lurooke Surana (talk) 04:06, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

For me it look's like this i'll finish the other characters shortly

Aedan Cousland (Male Human Noble Dual Longsword)

Lyna Mahariel (Dalish Elf Female Dual Wielding and Archery)

Solona Amell (Female Human Mage Staff)

Kallian Tabris (Female City Elf Dual Daggers/Axes)

Duran Aeducean (Male Dwarf Noble Sword and Shield)

Faren Brosca (Male Dwarf Commoner Axe and Mace)

Aedan Cousland - Trained as a warrior from a young age Aedan is skilled in many styles as he is with weapons but has always felt most comfortable with a pair of longswords despite his status as a noble he was always willing to converse with anyone he was named a champion because of how he had a lengthy streak of wins in tournaments after his family eas betrayed and murderred he became slightly colder shedding his carefree attitude and became devoted to restoring his families name and honour by killing those responsible despite this he looks out for his friends and allies. His love interest is Morrigan. Aedan is well respected as a warrior by Duran he is good friends with Solona and Lyna however tends to be on the receiving end of Kallian's temper but is always saved by either faren or lyna he also has a looyal mabari he's known since he was young Zephyr.

Lyna Mahariel - As Lyna was a hunter for her clan she is cunning and able to keep her cool in most situations she tended to practice her archery with her clanmate and friend tamlen until the found an elven atifact which tainted her and tamlen disappeared of which she feels partly responsible. She gets along fine with Kallian and is normally able to keep her from doing anything rash. Lyna is also interested in magic because her father had been the previous keeper of her clan she sees most of the party as family with kallian and morrigan being like sisters and Duran being a protective guardian. Despite managing to keep level headed about a lot after being attacked by a ghoul who turned out to be her friend tamlen who had also been tainted by the elven artifact she couldn't believe what she had seen the reunion was bittersweet as tamlen was losing his grip on his mind and begged Lyna to end his suffering distraught at the idea she refused tamlen attacked and she retaliated in self defense she broke down afterward horrified at what she had done she left the group wracked with guilt at what she had done before eventually being tracked down by Lelianna who helped her move on and helped to lay tamlens body to rest. Lyna eventually bonded with Lelianna suprising kallian for her choice to bond with a human.

Solona Amell - Having been sent to the circle at a young age Solona's past is as much a mystery to her as it is the other wardens despite this she is incredibly talented in the arcane arts managing to pass her harrowing with little trouble she dislikes the chantry and it's views on mages but respects templars who do not abuse their position or power she was suprised to learn that Alistair was a templar recruit despite this the two get along to the point that they form a bond of love that nothing will stop not even alistair's bloodline. as she is such a kind hearted person Solona gets on with all the wardens despite arguing with duran on occassion.

Kallian Tabris - 'looks can be deceiving' is the phrase that comes to mind when someone talks about kallian despite appearing as a frail individual she hides her true nature well trained by her mother in the art of deceit and cunning kallian is an accomplished individual and is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her family even killing a noble's son for hurting her friends as such kallian has a negative attitude to anyone who has noble ties and as such tends to clash with both Aedan and Duran despite this she gets on fine with Lyna solona and faren she enjoys a good laugh with oghren and zevran despite the fact that he tried to kill her when he was sent to eliminate any surviving wardens she learns how to further improve her skills and teaches her the art of being an assassin at one point the two spend the night together which eventually flourishes into love. Kallian is also skilled as a ranger able to call animals to her side alongside her mabari nelaros.

Duran Aeducean - As the second eldest son of the king of orzammar duran is well endoresed in matters of politics as well as being a capable combatant he was popular within orzammar but at the same time became involved in a scandal where he was led to believe that his elder brother would kill him so as there would be no chance of losing the throne to his more popular sibling and as such was forced to kill him in self defense he was later exiled to the deeproads to die though was found by wardens and recruited. Duran has the most experience fighting darkspawn but is not the leader due to his arrogant behaviour and putting himself before others usually clashing with the other wardens he is also distruting of mages because of the power that they wield he later becomes more layed back after the journey to orzammar where he is pardoned of his past transgressions and his hoour restored. Duran is also aware of faren's former ties to the carta despite this the two eventually become close friends putting aside their diffrences for a greater cause.

Faren Brosca - As a casteless dwarf faren has had little choice in the way he's lived his life usually looking out for his family no matter what he's had to do in light of this faren is infamous for being silver tongued being able to defuse a situation before it can escalate and avoid being detected whilst running errands for the carta he eventually gets setup by the leader who he quickly takes revenge upon if only to protect his family from becoming a target within the wardens faren is able to analyze a situation and pick the best possible plan he gets on with everyone he has also learened to adapt to any situation he does occassionally bang heads with duran if not simply because of his past involvement with the carta he also manages to keep everyone from trying to kill one another should they try.

Okay so now for the important choices (might include companion quests if anything worth mentioning)

Soldiers peak - Sophia Dryden slain avernus allowed to continue his research through ethical means the dryden family allowed to use it as a trading post and the warden commander armour retrieved and starfang is forged

Circle of magi - Solona returned along with Kallian and Duran despite duran's protest to helping the mages after seeing the horrors within the tower that had been unleashed kallian supported solona's intention of saving the mages which they accomplished and returned with wynne joining the party much to duran's chagrin of another mage.

Redcliffe Village - Aedan travelled hear alongside Lyna leliana and alistair where the found the village to be suffering attacks from undead minnions they agreed to defend the village after succeeding in defending the village they are able to reach the castle and find that the source of the problem is the arl's son connor who has been possessed by a demon shocking alistair but before the can decide what to do Solona appears having been sent for by aedan's mabari she tells the group that the curcle knows of a ritual whuch could possibly help in saving connor so Aedan remains at redcliffe with his mabari to monitor the situation while lyna,solona,alistair and leliana travel to the circle seeking aid upon returning to redcliffe the mages prepare the ritual while solona volunteers to enter the fade and confront the demon though alistair thinks it's too risky showing his feelings for her despite this she enters thefade and destroys the demon saving connor.

Nature of the Beast - Lyna ops to lead the group to find the dalish clan with kallian,leliana and wynne joining her whilst duran,faren,solona and alistair travel to denerim albeit for diffrent reasons after reaching the camp they learn that the clan has been attacked by werewolves and infected many of their hunters with the lycanthrope curse while lyna converses with the clan keeper zathrian the rest explore the camp with kallian and the others learning more about the dalish after entering the forest the encounter a number of beasts including werewolves after reaching the lair of the werewolves they meet the lady of the forest who reveals that they had been deceived by zathrian and simply wish that the curse be broken which they agree upon after bringing zathrian back it quickly turns into a fight which is swiftly ended when kallian manages to incapacitate zathrian who breaks the curse on the werewolves.

Urn of sacred ashes - Because they were uncertain of how they would find the artifact the wardens all travelled to denerim to find the scholar genetivi who's research would help them locate it while there both lyna and solona helped leliana and alistair to harden there personality with alistair meeting his sister and lyna helping leliana be free from marjolaine they later find genitivi has vanished and gone to lake calenhad according to his apprentice weylon this however turns out to be a lie when faren sees that he is lying after killing weylon and finding the real weylon who is already dead they discover a note which point to a village called haven uncertain of what they will find the wardens split up upon entering the village however solona and aedan both sense something is wrong and as they each discover something very sinister is at work they are attacked by the villagers after finding the body of a redcliffe knight they travel to what appears to be a chantry but again are attacked this time by a cultist mage who after killing they discover brother genitivi who tells them that the ashes rest within the mountain behind them upon entering the ruins genitivi ops to stay behind while the wardens continue onwards battling more cultists along the way as well as numerous dragonlings and drakes. They eventually meet the leader of the cultists father kolgrim who is angered by the death of his followers but is willing to give he wardens another chance if they put dragon blood in the ashes with the promise of power in return for the task the wardens discuss what they should do with duran suggesting the defile them while solona and lyna are opposed to the idea kallian diesn't care either way and aedan and faren say to go along with the cultists but not defile the ashes which they choose to do after being taken outside they are startled by the appearance of a high dragon which doesn't notice them upon reaching the entrance to the gaunlet duran grows frustrated and attacks killing a cultist and revealling their deceit so the rest of the group are forced into a confrontation which they emerge from victorious though afterward argue about how reckless duran had been but they quickly calm down and enter the temple though when aedan is asked what they should do about the dragon he decides the group isn't yet ready to face such a powerful beast upon entering the gaunlet they are greeted by the guardian whom asks each of the wardens a question about there past suprising the group that the guardian can see everything in there lives the eventually make it to the end of the gaunlet where they are forced to battle shadows of themselves after defeating there shadows they reach the urn and take a pinch of the ashes and immediately return to redcliffe and heal arl eamon.

AwakeningDragonslayer (talk) 15:31, January 27, 2013 (UTC)

Okay here goes.

Aeden Cousland: Being the second son of a powerful and respected teryn, Aeden is a natural and charismatic leader. Not wanting to become a Grey Warden, due to him not wanting to leave behind his Cousland name, Aeden considers himself the heir to the Highever terynir above being a Warden, and does not hold his duty as a Warden in high regard as a result. Despite being raised as an Andrastean, Aeden does not care much for faith, as he believes the Chantry's stories to be greatly exaggerated, and the priests to be self-rightous. Because of this, Aeden does believe mages to be as dangerous and evil as the Chantry lets on, and has a healthy relationship with the mages of the party. He eventually forms a romantic relationship with Morrigan, much to the surprise of the other part members.

Solona Amell: Having lived in the Circle her entire life, Solona has great interest in seeing the outside world. She is also a prodigy of the arcane arts, having a keen interest in learning new magic. Despite disliking the Chantry for subjugating mages, Solona does not begrudge the templars for doing their job. She greatly enjoys Alistair's humour and witty jokes, and the two form an unbreakable bond, that even Alistair's royal blood won't get in the way of.

Duran Aeducan: The second son of king Endrin, and newly appointed commander, Duran is a hardened warrior and confident leader in battle. As a prince of Orzammar, Duran is very well versed in politics, unlike Aeden, which proves to be a valuable asset during the Landsmeet. After killing his elder brother Trian in a political dispute and being exiled, Duran takes his duty as a Grey Warden very seriously, having failed his duties in Orzammar. Since he is the most experienced in battling darkspawn, Duran is the unofficial leader of the party, and rightfully so. His dwarven backround makes him untrusting of mages, and as a result leads to mistrust with the mages of the party. Though Duran at first dislikes Natia, due to her castless origins, he eventually looks past this as he gets to know her better.

Natia Brosca: Despite living as a castless carta thug before being recruited, Natia is very kind-hearted and caring. Having lived a hard life herself, she is very empathetic to others and is willing to show mercy, when given the chance. Natia initially quarrels with Duran, due to their opposite status' though it eventually subsides when Duran accepts her as his equal. Natia has a strong bond with Leliana, as the two share their merciful ideals and kind-heartedness, despite having a rougish backround. This eventually escalates into a romantic relationship, which helps Leliana get over Marjolaine.

Theron Mahariel: As one of the members of the wandering Dalish clans, Theron has a great mistrust of humans, being severely bitter of the humans mistreatment of the elves in the past. The fact that his father was murdered by humans does not help this hatred. Having lost his best friend Tamlen to a corrupted mirror and being unwillingly conscripted into the Grey Wardens, Theron does not care for the Warden duties, and his only motive is to save the Dalish clans from the blight. Due to his close mindedness, Theron does not form any friendships with anyone in the party, including Zevran and Kallian whom he refers to as "flat ears".

Kallian Tabris: After having her wedding ruined, her betrothed murdered, her cousin raped and almost having been raped herself, Kallian understandably despises humans, especially the nobles. Because of this, she often picks fights with Aeden, even though he does not act rudely towards elves. Kallian quickly finds herself attracted to Zevran, and vice-versa. Though it as first started out as mearly a sexual thrill, it eventually leads to love. --R0B45 (talk) 23:51, January 24, 2013 (UTC)

Now for the important choices.

Redcliff: After being asked by bann Teagan for help in driving back the undead, the party comes to a disagreement. Aeden, Natia and Solona believe that in order to gain Eamon as an ally, they must help the people of Redliff. However, Duran states that since their primary objective is to stop the darkspawn, insists that they must try their luck elsewhere. Aeden convinces him that helping the people of Redcliff will help in uniting the people increase the amount of allies they have. Kallian and Theron, however, protest to helping a human village, and despite being over ruled, refuse to take part in the attack. In order to help the militia defend the village, they meet with Owen, the blacksmith and asked that he repair the militias equipment. Owen states that he will not do anything without a promise to save his daughter, which Natia agrees to. This causes protest from Duran, who states that it is not their duty to solve everyones problems, and that the blight should be their primary concern above all else. Despite these protests, Natia states that she will save Valena even if she must do so herself. Impressed by Natia's kindness, Owen gets to work fixing the militias armour. The second task given by Murdock is to convince Dwyn to help the Militia in the fight. Aeden attempts to persuade him by offering to put in a good word to the arl, but this offer is declined. Duran then threatens to kill Dwyn if he does not help the militia, which is successful. After successfully fending off the undead the following night, all of the villagers survive, and Teagan is very greatful. The party enters the hidden passageway into the castle dungeons, where they meet Solona's old friend Jowan. Aeden, believing the mage to be in league with Loghain, votes for him to remain in his cell until they sort everything out. Natia on the other hand, wants him to be freed so that he can help, believing that everyone desearves a second chance to redeem themselves. Duran, who does not trust magic, votes to have him killed. The final decision is left up to Solona, as it is her friend, and she tells him to leave and escape, as staying will only lead to being executed, either by Eamon or the Circle. After making their to Connor and finding out he is possessed by a demon, Solona recalls a ritual she had studied while in the Circle that can send a mage to the fade and confront the demon, and saving Connor. She decides to venture to the Circle of Magi in order to ask the First Enchanter for help in this ritual. She is accompanied by Alistair, Natia, and Leliana, and asks that Aeden, his mabari and Morrigan stay behind and make sure the village is safe. Duran decides to go to Denerim, in hopes of his second, Gorim, and is accompanied by Kallian, who wishes to visit her family, Theron, and Sten.--R0B45 (talk) 16:17, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

I don't think you put in enough exposition.--Lurooke Surana (talk) 01:37, January 27, 2013 (UTC)
The rest will come soon,--R0B45 (talk) 16:19, January 27, 2013 (UTC)
I was being sarcastic. You don't need THAT much detail.--Lurooke Surana (talk) 16:26, January 27, 2013 (UTC)

Alright, time to jump on this gravy train. I didn't have seven wardens, I've had four. But each of them is an interesting nuance of the same concept.

Kowaru Tabris(Male Rogue City Elf): Cunning, Strong, Enduring, Dextrous, dual-wielding Dualist/Ranger a mountain of elven deceit and destruction. Kowaru is the defacto front man of the group, him having the most pleasant demeanor for diplomacy and also the most 'civil' background of my Wardens. He gets along great with Alistair surprisingly, seeing that Ferelden will need a good king. He gets along with Oghren, Zeveran mainly as his 'goon squad' along with Sten, who he gained a begrudging respect for after finding his sword. He got on early with Morrigan, but semi strayed to Leliana when he found out her past. He gets along with Kang, the Blood Knight, an Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage, but it is an alliance of convenience. They've disagreed many times, particularly at the Anvil of the Void. Kang actually detested the Anvil, and was horrified to watch as Kowaru cut down Caradin without a word. Pyron The Warlock could be considered a friend to him, if Kowaru wasn't half sure the demon/Mage hyprid would abominate at any second, but like Kang, Pyron is kept because he is powerful and they need power. They all fear Nihilius, the Spirit Eater.

Kang Amell(Male Human Mage) The Blood Knight: I would argue that Pride is perhaps Kang's greatest sin. He is a devout follower of the Black Divine, despite living in Ferelden. An obsession I would argue, for the power of blood, so much that he made it rain red with the blood of darkspawn when they attacked Redcliffe. his desire originally had been to start an uprising with Uldred and destroy the Chantry, which he still did by siring the OGB, but on that later. Kang...gets along with Alistair, just not great. He is frustrated by the semi devoutness and disregard the Templar sees in Blood Magic to benefit the Wardens. When Kang was given the opportunity however to show Alistair the power of the Reavers, Alistair relented and became his Blood Brother. As with Kowaru, Oghren, Zeveran and Sten are his allies, and he has an almost kinship with Pyron the Warlock. Kang, like a man of pride carried on with Morrigan, but left as Kowaru let his feelings out to the Shapeshifter. He pursued Leliana, valuing her simple faith, an irony he was all to aware of considering his hatred for the Chantry, but he respected the rogue for her talents and determination. He lied to her though about destroying the sacred ashes, despite Kowaru not wanting them to be destroyed. The elf curiously never wanted Andraste defiled. Something Kang never understood. But like all the rest, Nihilius is something Kang intends to watch. The Spirit Eater cannot be trusted.

Pyron Mahriel(Dalish ElF/Warlock): Born of the union of a demon and The First of Keeper Marethari. Pyron's birth was kept a secret from him and his mother's death never revealed nor the identity of his "Father". He discovered the truth when he fought the Desire demon in Redcliffe, his "father" was the Desire Demon. Unlike Kang, and Kowaru, despite his wrathful nature, Pyron could easily be argued as the best of his Warden's in terms of his scruples. When Kang and Kowaru weren't looking, he forced Branka onto the Anvil of the Void and made her into a Golem, with a control rod of his own for her to make sure that all Golem created would have free will, except for her. The irony of his situation with this entire party of freaks and psycho paths is that he empathizes most with the Spirit Eater Nihilius. Pyron does not carry on with the women the way Kang and Kowaru do, he has issue with 'sharing' but when Isabella popped into view, he deeply considered a life of piracy when the Blight ended.

Nihilius Cousland(Male Human Noble/The Spirit Eater): Bryce Cousland could tell the moment he held his son in his arms. There was something wrong with this child. Mages were brought to inspect the child, born with a sunken face, almost skeletal, the child even then seemed to draw things toward him, like a hole in the fabric of nature. Bryce was right, his son was a hole in the Void, a human abomination, his every essence sucked the life out of those around him. For years, he hid his son away, unable, or too afaird, to kill the child. The irony would come when he would pledge his son to Duncan, and he saw the last signs of humanity die from his sons face, realizing only then that it was his family that tied the monster to humanity. The Spirit Eater is a monster, it eats the souls of those it kills. The other Wardens can only watch in horror as he consumes and eats all they slay and adds their life force to his power, mastering magics, warrior skills, and rogue technizues. Eventually the other Wardens know they will need to make a choice, when to kill Nihilius and they agree, before the final confrontation of The Archdemon. They all know and suspect, that the Spirit Eater will try to devour the Archdemon and become the master of the Darkspawn.

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I didn't realize this was a Dungeons & Dragons fanfic lol--Lurooke Surana (talk) 17:53, January 27, 2013 (UTC)
Well, you know, Mod classes, they're all uber powerful. I think these are all mini DA fanfics in the making though. You should check out, there's plenty of all seven origins in a single fanfiction. They're all pretty good.Konous (talk) 19:26, January 27, 2013 (UTC)