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I've read through a lot of forums and I've notice a lot of theories that point to The Old Gods and The Forgotten Ones as the same group in the Dragon Age Universe. I'm not disputing the possibility and even David Gaider hinted something to that effect, but it does make me wonder about a few bits of lore in the series so far. The Tome of Koslun mentioned "the Old Gods were like unto dragons, as the first human kings were like unto ordinary men" and how Yavana mentioned "the blood of dragons is the blood of the world." Are dragons decedent from The Old Gods/The Forgotten Ones in some way? (Qunari are heavy on metaphors) Were the first human rulers more powerful than the humans of today?(Similar to The Evanuris and mainstream elves) Why is their blood the blood of the world? Could this all be an elaborate misunderstanding involving power dragons? Personally, since Bioware took a page out of Greek Mythology with Titans being cast down by a pantheon of Gods, I'm hoping that they will take elements from Cadmus (sowing new life from dragons). Let me know your thoughts, theories, and hopes in the Dragon Age Universe.--DAFan91 (talk) 22:49, March 8, 2017 (UTC)

Koslun wanted to downplay the significance and power of the Old Gods in the eyes of the Qunari. His words basically mean that the Old Gods aren't gods, they're just special dragons. He didn't want Qunari worshiping the Old Gods, as that would go against the tenants of the regilion he created.
But Koslun isn't necessarily right. In fact, all evidence suggests that he is wrong. Dragons are unintelligent beasts, but the Old Gods are so intelligent they are capable of mass telepathy and completely dominating the minds of millions of darkspawn at once - while asleep. Through the taint, they're immortal unless someone sacrifices their body and soul to destroy them. (Or a blood magic sex rite is performed.) They're also physically more powerful than ordinary dragons and their fire breath seems to be raw magic (or "spirit") rather than elemental.
The Old Gods are not "just" dragon kings. It's more like the Old Gods are dragons in the sense that humans are primates. Same basic material, but a whole world of difference in terms of intelligence and power. Silver Warden (talk) 00:21, March 9, 2017 (UTC)