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Note: See the wiki article The Black Vials for the most up-to-date information on this quest

I have found several of the Vials with the Revenants in them. Anyone know the location of all the vials. Since I am on my second play through I will try and record where I find them this time so we can make a page. Anyone know if there is a reward if you find them all or if just finding/killing them each for loot is the reward? -Goblinlordx 00:31, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

I found a few; One in a fallen statue in the Mage Tower, One in the Deep Roads in a small cache and one in the late King's effects in Orzammar.

According to "The Black Vials" Codex entry I think there might be 6 (signed in blood by 6). Also, if I remember right according to the entry the purpose of the vials was to seal away the "Corpse Walker". Not sure how correct this is... I am kinda at work right now so I can't check. -Goblinlordx 02:28, November 10, 2009 (UTC)
There's one in the... blast, the name escapes me. The werewolf ruins place. --DarkJeff 02:46, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

The Black Vials Locations Edit

The Black Vials are scattered all over the place and contain some pretty nasty Revenants, there are 6 in all and they can be found in any order, after you have defeated a Revenant Search it's corpse for a Scrap of Paper, add that scrap to your inventory to update your Codex

The locations for the Vials I've found so far are:

1. The Royal Palace, Orzammar.

2. Random encounter, Denerim (you travel between the dark alleys, and are caught in a trap by some bandits if I remember correctly. At the top of the stairs near some crates is the phylactery, but I wasn't a high enough level at the time, so I couldn't get it. Not sure if you can try again later though.) (Can't try it later on. I failed it as well as I was low level and it was gone when I got back later on.) Also if you access Leliana's character mission, when she likes you enough she will tell you about her past in Orlesia. After this if you select her in your party you will soon be attacked when travelling by some Assassins who tell you the person trying to kill you is in Denerim. Travel to the first Alley the Vial is at the top of the stairs on your left as you arrive in this location, also you will be split from your party and attacked by some Rogues and Assassins.

3. In the Chapel in the Circle Tower - there's a fallen statue of Andraste, inside is the phylactery, use TAB to see that it is named Toppeled Statue

4. Inside the Lower Brecillican Ruins, right after the room with the vial with the "essence" that will teach you Arcane Warrior Specialization in return for being put to rest on the nearby Broken Altar. You will have to walk down a long flight of steps, the vial is next to a "glass phylactery" right in front of you.

5. Caridin's Cross section of Deep Roads. It is hidden inside a Darkspawn tent, in the south eastern part of the area, out on the main road, use TAB to find it

6. The Vial are inside the Werewolf's Den, in the room where you are asked by a werewolf if you are willing to parley with The Lady go right past the Sarcophagus and up the stairs hit tab and look towards a rack of what seems to be ink bottles, the Glass Phylactery is there

Legend of the Juggernaut (Juggernaut Plate armor) Edit

To acquire this set you have to kill several Revenants each with a pack of various types of skeletons. It is a decent set of tier 6 massive armor. Since it seems it might be something similar to "The Black Vials" I decided to put it here for now and I/someone can move it to a more relevant place later. You have to follow the order listed.

1. Gloves - East Brecilian Forest - Gravestone northwest of Hermit's Camp

2. Helm - West Brecilian Forest - Gravestone near path leading to Grand Oak

3. Boots - East Brecilian Forest - Gravestone just past the forest barrier

4. Body - Lower Ruins - Complete the ceremony with the water and earthen jug to open door.

You can find them in a different order I did it this way:

1. Lower Ruins- ceremony

2. East bercilian- Hermit's camp

3. East bercilian- past forest barrier

4. West Brecilian- Grand oak

I know that you can not do the grand oak one first.

OK, correction... the ceremony with the water can be done at any time. The other 3 have to be in some kind of order I think. The following ones don't appear until you activate the magical spot next to the first. Technically, you could skip one if you activate the magical spot and don't disturb the wards on the gravestone but that kind of defeats the purpose. -Goblinlordx 23:12, November 11, 2009 (UTC)
Actually it doesn't matter what order you do them in, as long as you do the one near the hermit's camp first.

Six Black VialsEdit

Ignore the posts about the scrolls...the scolls of banister are a different quest, some mage wants them as part of the collective. The six vials are a completely different side quest. Cant remember where 2 of them are off the top of my head but I will list what I remember.

1) Mages' Tower in broken statue

2) Elven ruins

3) Storage room in Dwarven Palace

4) Deep roads

5) Werewolf lair (can be gotten once first four are found)

6) "Back street" random encounter (can be gotten at any time)

the sixth and final revenant drops a unique shield called "Shield of the Dead" not to be confused with the shield of the legion.

-Decado (1:53 PM PST, Nov 13, 2009) (updated by HeLi0s)

Awesome, thanks... exactly the info I have been looking for. I know there are 2 in the Dwarf area. One is in the Royal Palace (3) there and one is in the Deep Roads... Caridin's Cross if I remember right. If I go through another time I will try and note all their names/numbers as each one has a specific "corpse walker" name and number. This will make it easy for people to locate the ones they are missing. -Goblinlordx 04:03, November 14, 2009 (UTC)
The werewolf lair revenant does not require the first four to be found. And the shield doesn't necessarily drop from the last one you kill; I got it from the 3rd or so.
I got the shield from the first revenant, which I fought in Denerim, but then I forgot to watch for bandits, and I was out of potions by that time and was wiped out, so I don't know if I will bother trying to generate that random encounter again.-Knightm7 19:59, November 29, 2009

It is not a random encounter. it is in one of the 3 back alleys you can access from the Denerim city map, they use the alley location designs for random encounters as well.

[Don't know who put in the note just above, but it's incorrect. The Denerim revenant that drops the Dead Coat of Arms unique shield is a random encounter -- not one of the three marked alleys.]

  • Seems they failed to realize they never made it to their original destination and mistook the random encounter for their initial destination. By the way, is this an old post resurected, because it seems to contain a lot of page information for a simpe forum post when a link would have sufficed? XxSylphxx 21:50, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

      • I am right in thinking there is no quest completion after destroying all six? I was a bit disappointed, thought there might have been a decent award.

Retro21 00:45, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

You are indeed right, unless I've missed something too! Zoev talk 13:41, February 5, 2010 (UTC)