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After thinking and comparing about the romance options in Dragon Age series, I felt that the romance in DAO was significantly better than in DAII. Hawke doesn't seem to have grand time having a boyfriend/girlfriend, I'm afraid; granted, Anders was a sweet, caring lover, but then he blew up the Chantry and kind of messed things up in a grand scale. Fenris was... a jerk. A very good-looking and attractive one, yes, but his "I was a slave, I hate the world" streak made it very difficult for me to stay faithful to him, not to mention the shag-and-ditch stint that he did. And Sebastian's romance was a bit torturous. An abstinent marriage would really suck. My Hawke is probably going to die a virgin. Isabela can't be expected to remain faithful forever (I think she's more of a "it's fun now but who knows what comes later" kind of girl). The only decent one was Merrill.

On the other hand, DAO romance options were very satisfying. It was interesting to see Morrigan trying desperately to refuse that she was falling in love, something only weak people would do, or Leliana telling my Warden that she had journeyed all this time to find him. It was nice to know that Zevran, despite his colourful past, would stay faithful and even get confused about his feelings when he realises that he's in love, and Alistair's sincerity was touching.

So, what would you like to have for the romance options in DA3? More one-night stands (I don't think there was any for DA2 without paying for it)? Happy endings for the main character? Your favourites to come back?

I personally want to see a quest pertaining to the relationship, IE: the mage love interest is getting seriously addicted to lyrium and the hero must find a way to stop it from progressing or reverse it. I'd also like more conversations with the LI, as the only interactions I had with my LI in DA2 was during quest conversations. --GabrielleduVent (talk) 05:38, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

I don't know about you, but I, to be honest, found some of the relationships in Dragon Age II to be quite profound..though I see what you mean about all of them sort of having problems. Even Merrill, what with her blood magery going on. I did like Fenris though. Despite his constant angst, I found he was a very meaningful character. As for Anders, Hawke will never mean more to him than the mages (At least on the Friendship side) I like having more cutscenes for my romances. But I also miss being able to have more conversations with the characters, being able to just stop in the middle of a dungeon and have a chat to break up the tedium. I hope that'll be brought back in Dragon Age 3. I feel like the game will really be branching out too much if we add even more new characters and another new protaganist. Zevran and Fenris main my favorites out of the romances available in the games. --Hollow Sunsets (talk) 06:00, February 4, 2012 (UTC)


I wouldn't mind a romance with Cullen, if I had the pc version of this then the only mod I would use would be the kissing scene. I will miss Alistair and Fenris romances but Cullen I wouldn't mind. I do think the romance development was a lot better in Origins, however I wouldn't mind more sex scenes like in DA2 however I wouldn't mind seeing these cut scenes more often. In origins there is more story and you need more time to develop the relationship between your friends/love interest. I noticed in Awaking Bioware got lazy with this and you needed to talk in certain spots. DA2 requires character missions. I like the idea of stopping in the middle of somewhere and being able to kiss my love.

I HATE the constant reuse of maps in DA2, I loved the exploration and care for maps they did in Origins. I loved the gear more in DA2 though, I found many robes/hoods and light armor gear in origins to be ugly. I wouldn't mind having character development make a return in DA3 but I would also like the ability to get more clothes and to be able to dress my companions like in DAO instead of the same darn thing in DA2 —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 08:04, 4 February 2012 (UTC)

Answering the OP's questions:

  • More one-night stands: I don't care much for them. Thus I have no opinion.
  • Happy endings for the main character: No. I like it sad and torturous, with jerks and betrayals :) This is the experience I will never have in my real life, so it is a nice change.
  • Your favorites to come back? Not as romance options. The main character will be different, it would be silly if, say, Merrill left Hawke for someone completely different all of a sudden.

And re Anders. Well, for a Hawke who chooses to break up with him before the final battle, Anders will never mean more than Hawke's own ideals, right?) I actually liked that part, it is a curious choice to make. Asherinka (talk) 10:59, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

How about NO love interests? If you want depth in your characters go and read a book. :D (talk) 20:56, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

I have to say that having love interests is kind of a nice change from "Princess Stabbity! Stab stab!" streak. Otherwise it'd just be just hacking and slashing most of the time. Besides, stick bunch of late-teen/early 20s/maybe early 30s people in same party, there's going to be some naked time. Unless you're Sebastian, and then you'll have Bride of the Maker on your crotch every morning and your crotch will get no other action, as Anders had observed. But I digress.

I actually remember sort of romancing Cullen in my mage origin as a mod. It was very heart-breaking (she then proceeded to romance Alistair. I think my Warden has a forbidden Templar love fetish). It also made me realise just how much the mage/Templar dissent had destroyed throughout history. The Mage Warden might have led a happy life with Templar Cullen in an alternate universe. Needless to say, I sided with the mages in DAII's first playthrough (I personally hate Meredith. She has every hallmark of a religious tyrant). That, and my Hawke was playing as a mage.

As for DAII Romance, I think the reason I found them a little disappointing was because there wasn't much interaction between the LI and Hawke. It went along the lines of "Go to so-and-so's base because there's a quest in the log -> talk to the dude(tte) -> click on the heart option". There wasn't a spontaneous conversation between them. One of my Hawkes did kill Anders while romancing him, though, so that was a point for tragic love. It was also curious just how... unemotional Hawke was regarding breakup with Fenris. It almost seemed as if (s)he thought "meh, ah well, the sex was good" when talking to Anders when he asked about those two. In DAO, Alistair nearly bit Morrigan's head off, Zevran seemed genuinely hurt, and the Warden nearly had a heart attack when Alistair dumped her. That seems a more natural response.

I would absolutely love to bring the "dress your companions in whatever gear" back. I had all these magnificent gear in my inventory that just sat there and either got sold or sat in storage because my Hawke was either not a mage (for the robes) or not a warrior (for the armour). It could have been put to good use by others. Although I have to agree, the leather bikinis in DAO were a bit... impractical. I absolutely cracked up seeing the Dalish in the Dalish Origin. Leather bikini (Lyna) and leather slitted mini-skirt (Tamlen)? They looked like they were going to a rave, not an adventure.

I also would appreciate the fluidity of the approval. I did take advantage of "once you're 100, you're always 100" scheme in DA2 by getting the companion up to full 100 then doing whatever I wanted, but seeing Fenris not bothered after I help the blood mages ruined the mood. Hypocrisy is abundant in DA2...

My romances for the first run were Alistair and Fenris, so I think I'll always associate them as my characters' LI. I'm rather glad it was Fenris. Anders broke my heart :(. Actually, he broke my heart without romancing anyway. My Warden-Commander had a soft spot for him. --GabrielleduVent (talk) 07:34, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

I felt a bit gimped with the romances in DA2. But it comes down to being gimped with the game overall. There was more depth to the DA:O relationships. If I really got going on the details, we'd have a hugely long post here. I think I'd like to see a lot of the small gestures and nuances that DA:O romances had, but with some of the problems that DA2 romances had. I mean they all had their crises, definitely, but even though it makes me very angry, I sort of liked that Fenris didn't work out for instance, not at first anyway. Or that Anders pined after you regardless of how you felt about him. It made it more realistic.

So I think best of both worlds would be nice. More realism is always good. I'm not even going to start about how there was 3 years in between when you start to flirt with someone and when you actually get to be with them or in Fenris' and Isabela's case, how there's 3 years in between when you begin to fall in love, have sex and then finally "get together". A lot of stuff in DA2 just didn't work because of the framed narrative and lack of development time. I hope to see a return to DA:O but I did really enjoy what romantic scenes we actually did have in DA2, moreso than many in DA:O. P.S. In the end, I felt like Fenris was the best romance, maybe even Isabela- after you get through the shitty "omg I can't be with you cuz of feelings" crisis point. P.S.S. I apologize for the completely unclear rambling here, it's 3:00 am in the morning and I'm sure I'll regret this post when I look at it next. Xelestial (talk) 08:10, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

I completely agree. It made no sense that Anders pined after Hawke for THREE YEARS, then went from kissy to shagging in a night. That made my eyes go o_O. Really, Anders, you couldn't wait for a week or two? It also made me laugh that Fenris still had dead bodies in the mansion at the end of the game. He's into grim decor :P

I think overall, DA2 had more drama in the romances which receives a lot of bonus points, but it wasn't very well-executed. Those who went down the road of Alistair going "I can't be with you because of the gold headpiece on my head" certainly had the drama, or making the ultimate sacrifice and your LI disappearing with a heart break, but I don't think many of us did that (my Warden made Alistair sleep with Morrigan then waltzed off with him to Maker knows where). DAO romance was more heartfelt, but DA2 had the more Romeo and Juliet kind of impact.

I kind of wish the writers would take a look at the romances from NWN2 series. They were well-executed and very fitting for the characters (although Casavir was a pain in the rear end... the sword wielding version of Sebastian. Argh). Gannayev from the 1st expansion was magnificently written, and in a way, he made the largest sacrifice from any of the games I can recall.

What would be interesting is for the game to be set in the Mage-Templar war (most likely), and to have a mage fall in love with a Templar. I really wanted my mage to go down that road with Cullen, but alas Duncan whisked her away to only meet a shy yet brave knight with inferiority complex and a sense of humour. I think she would have done better with Cullen. It was nice to see Cullen still possibly harbouring feelings for the mage Warden.--GabrielleduVent (talk) 23:46, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

I'd like to see main characters such as warden and hawke able to marry marry each other in future games. I think it could give players more power to make world affecting choices in the world of dragon age. What do you think?RoguePrince (talk) 03:22, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Honestly, my canon warden would much sooner kill Hawke. As far as cross-protagonist romances, that is not something I would support, as we are unlikely to have direct control of either of them at any point in DAIII.----Isolationistmagi 03:49, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

My Warden was super pro-mage; my second Hawke was all "rawr, mages should go die". That marriage would be a bit weird.

Besides, most of my Wardens were so disgustingly in love with whoever (now that I think about it, my first run had Zev as LI, not Al, but whatever) that (s)he'd never even consider even looking at anyone else. I'm not Morrigan, but it was a but sickening to watch at the end.

Personality-wise, I personally feel that Warden and Hawke are, in many ways, opposites. Warden got thrown in, and rose up to meet the challenge because no one else would. Hawke chose to be Champion of Kirkwall, more or less. I think Warden is a bit more mature as well, as (s)he was forced to make quite a lot of choices that impacted far more people. Hawke's choice doesn't really matter in the end; Chantry blows up, Mage-Templar War starts. With Warden, the Dalish, the dwarves, the people of Redcliffe, the Circle Tower, and pretty much everyone in Ferelden is affected by the choice (s)he made. The Warden had a lot more shitty things going on.

What I want to see is a homosexual LI. We've had heterosexuals and we've had bis. Give some love to gays and lesbians. I don't really cherish the idea of sharing Fenris with a male Hawke, I'm sure a lot of people don't cherish Fenris being shared with a female Hawke either. Also, a dwarf LI would be nice... --GabrielleduVent (talk) 08:05, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Never gonna happen I'm afraid. They'd be catering to... what? 5% of the world population and maybe 1% of the people who buy Bioware games? I suppose it could be more since Bioware is known for being LGBT-friendly, but still. It's simply not worth it financially to develop content exclusively for such a small fragment of players. On the other hand, they can justify making bisexual LIs for gay/lesbian/bi PCs if the content is only slightly modified from an already existing heterosexual LI. Rumor has it there'll be a one-off encounter with a 100% gay male NPC in ME3. Maybe DA3 will have something similar, but I seriously doubt it'll ever be a fully developed relationship.
A dwarven LI would probably be much the same story. That's not to say I don't want to see it happen, I just don't believe it ever will. Kestrella (talk) 13:10, February 20, 2012 (UTC)
Well, they did have Juhani as a 100% lesbian LI in KotOR. Of course, it wasn't exactly a very well-developed option, compared to Carth or Bastila, and they never reiterated the experience, but it did happen. Don't think it'll happen again though, as it's a lot easier to just make everyone bi or hero-sexual (caters to a lot more people). However, I do think that, given Varric's popularity, it's now more likely that they'd consider a dwarven LI in the future. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they make Varric return as a potential LI for the DA3 protagonist (ie. not Hawke). Much as they did with Anders.,Nilfalasiel (talk) 13:33, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

EDIT: Well, it seems I've been proven wrong, as there is now a 100% gay and a 100% lesbian LI in Mass Effect 3. They're still not as developed as the main LI options, but at least they do exist. And an extra effort has been made in making one of the returning male LIs bi (ie. catering specifically to the gay audience, as none of the female returning LIs have had this happen). Nilfalasiel (talk) 11:15, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

You're forgetting that to the gaming community, bisexual characters and gay characters are 99% the same. It all depends on the playthrough you make. If gay Anders wants to hit on your male Hawke you can feel free to return the affection or turn him down. It's not about the sexuality of a character, but the sexuality of the player, or at least the player's character. Rathian Warrior (talk) 08:16, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

The romance options is one of the thing that makes bioware games uniqe and I dont think Id play any of them if they took them away. As for comparing the romances in dao and da2 I enjoyed all of them, in fact I think I enjoyed romancing Merrill and Anders more than anyone in dao. I agree that it was a real shame that you couldn't talk to them at any given moment like in dao, I really missed that, but on the other hand da2 love interests had something dao love interests didnt have which gave them a whole lot of depth. da2 love interests had some very awesome key moments, like for example when they come to comfort you when your mother dies, one thing I liked was that they actually got involved with what was going on in Hawkes life, in dao it was all about them, them and them again. Personally I'd like a nice mix of dao and da2, I enjoyed that companions had more than one companion quest, this gave them a lot more depth than most of the dao characters since you really got involved with them and what was going on in their lives. Im not saying that the dao romance options were bad, I loved romancing Morrigan and Alistair but I found romancing Zevran somewhat boring.

So yeah, I disagree, there was lots of depth in the da2 love interests but I do agree that there should have been more oportunities to interact with them.

As for what characters I'd like to romance in da3, hmmm... I would be pissed off if they brought old love interests back, as it has been said, it wouldnt make any sence for Lelliana to go be with someone else after she has fallen in love with the warden. As for bringing old characters back as love interests like they did with Isabella, Merrill and Anders... I actually didnt mind that, I mean Isabella and Merrill was such minor characters in dao that calling them characters taken from dao would be stupid since we knew little to nothing about them at the time, they appeared in dao but they belong in da2. As for Anders, Im one of the weird people who liked da2 Anders better than Awakening Anders simply because I found Anders boring in Awakening, he had some funny banter with Oghren but besides that he was just an apostate on the run, not really that interesting since he had to compete with Morrigan for that title. However in da2 he actually becomes a cool character, honestly I think those that are pissed because he changed are all Alistair fangirls who wanted the same experience in da2 as they did in dao, because lets be honest, Awakening Anders was nothing but the mage version of Alistair. So therefor, bringing companions back who played a minor role and werent love interests into da3 might work. Im not saying they should bring Oghren, Sten or Wynne in, those guys are a bit to important. But perhaps Sigrun, Vellana or Finn, these guys didnt really have much character and could become real heroes in da3. As for NPCs to bring back as love interests... well personally I hate this but it seems bioware is gonna do it anyway to saticfy the fangirls, so yeah I guess Im gonna have to face the fact that they are gonna bring Cullen in as a love interest, even though I hated him and wanted to rip his head off in both dao and da2! Another character I dont like but I feel like bioware is gonna bring in anyway just to spite me is Tallis, Felicia Day seems to be on a role here and its only a matter of time before they bring her into da3. One character I would like to see in da3 as a love interest but probably wont is Dagna, the dwarven magic enthusiast, she was a kid in dao but now she should have grown into a woman and I find her fascination with magic to be really cool since she's a dwarf, and bioware needs to bring in a dwarf love interest, come on! you could have had an awesome one with Varric but instead you put in more tatoed elves! (had anyone noticed that all male human love interests are blonde and all elf love interests have some kind of tatoos?) Blighter (talk) 08:31, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

^ Sebastian isn't blonde. Then again, he's the exception that confirms the rule. He's also not a full-fledged LI.

As far as romances for DA3 are concerned, I'm in the "mix DAO and DA2" camp. I really did like the fact that the DA2 LIs showed some reciprocity in caring about Hawke's issues: it felt like there was a genuine bond going on. I also felt that the "LI moving in" was a good element, if greatly underused. But I also felt that the DAO romances had better pacing and progression: no weird 3 year gaps at the most inexplicable moments (in fact, I thought those gaps were just detrimental to the DA2 story as a whole) and no moving-in-straight-after-first-night-together stints. Also, DA2 romances had WAY too much drama. I'm very much against the "more tragedy makes everything better" viewpoint, and I would really like them to let up in that department for DA3. Let's face it: if I'm looking for things I'll never experience in real life, I'm never going to be involved with an elf, a mage, a prince, a revolutionary, a former slave or a pirate anyway. I don't need an extra helping (or ten) of "oh woe is me, I'm such a terrible person, you don't deserve me" to go with it. Nilfalasiel (talk) 12:09, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Maybe it is the small details that will have the bigger impact in the game. What if they find someone that was presumed dead like, King Meric. His body was never found and there are rumors that he is still alive in a dungeon in Orlais. Just like some other character in a Bioware series that was missing and found again sometime later. Just throwing that out there GreyWolf84 (talk) 01:39, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Damn it, I want Leliana back. I don't some stupid letter saying how she's gone "to meet with the Divine". The whole point of my Warden staying in Denerim to rule the Alienage was so she would stay with him. Call me sappy, but I thought that kind of ending was the best, I mean what kind of hero can truly attend to the needs of his people without getting his own needs too? I agree with Nilfalisiel in his/her comment above, I want the love-progression of DA:O but I wouldn't mind the multiple love-scenes of DA2; having just the one for all of DA:O felt a little limited, but I digress. Please, Bioware, give me back my ginger-bard? EzzyD (talk) 14:41, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

But do you want Leliana hooking up with some new protagonist? Because we're probably not getting the Warden back. Or Hawke for that matter.--Liam Sionnach (talk) 15:27, March 13, 2012 (UTC)
Not under those terms no, I know it's a forlorn hope now to wish for the Warden's return; but a man can dream right? EzzyD (talk) 15:44, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

Dreams are for idiots and sissiesRathian Warrior (talk) 19:43, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

Don't all people dream? Are all people idiots and sissies then Rathian? EzzyD (talk) 20:19, March 13, 2012 (UTC)
Anyone who plays an RPG is, by that logic, a sissy and or an idiot. We play it because it's so far from reality.
But hey, I'm a dreamer. Dreams are where creativity is given life. And you do realise that Kekule thought of the benzene ring while literally dreaming, yes? GabrielleduVent (talk) 23:28, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

I realize it's very unlikely, but I would love to see Varric as a romance option in III. Heck, any dwarf would be nice. Even with the "leg problem", Dwarves have proven to be a ton of fun to have around in any game. (talk) 18:37, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

Cullen!!!! Oh dear maker Cullen!!! After playing DA2 I would love to see him as a LI. His character was starting to change a bit towards the mages because he somewhat would see things from my side (I support mages). That and he was just so darn cute in DA2.

I romanced Anders most of the time in DA2 cause yes I am a fangirl. Not only that but his romance was more caring and loving to me. I have romanced Fenris a few times but the whole one night stand thing kinda bothers me. The only real good part of his romance is -SPOILER ALERT- at the end of the game when your getting ready to face whatever side you didnt chose and he says something like "promise me you wont die. I couldnt stand the thought of living without you." Other then that his romance was kinda bland for me. I haven't romanced Isabela or Merril just because I cant bring myself to play as a male. I tried once and I couldnt even make it out of Lothering.

In Origins I would have to say my favorite romance would have been Zevran. I just lovehow he gets confused about his feelings when he realizes that he loves you. Plus the whole Assassin falling in love with his target is cute. I also like the Alistair romance as well. Alistair is just so adorable and cute and very sweet but he does seem somewhat like a baby sometimes. After you harden him he isnt as bad. Dont get me wrong I do like Alistair but Zevran is a tad bit better. Emmalee (talk) 13:55, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

I hope on Nathaniel Howe or Cullen. They both nice man.

I want in-depth, interesting romances in the future. I want three-dimensional characters that draw me in and make me care. DA2 didn't feel like romance, it simply felt like a plot-quest. It was so hard to get into the romance because you only get one scene per act that involves the romance. One minute you're casually flirting and the next you're having sexy time. Telling me that there's been romantic/sexual tension for the past 3 years doesn't mean anything. Show don't tell. I miss being able to kiss my love interest (mostly Alistair) whenever and wherever I want. Just survived a big battle? Victory kiss. Wandering around the market? "Just-because" kiss. Want to get a rise out of other companions? Troll kiss. The romance in DAO felt much more organic, and you had to put more effort into it. I just hope Bioware goes back to their roots for DA3, in all aspects including romance.GoldenNightKnight (talk) 07:35, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

I have to agree with what most people are saying, and that's the main reason behind the DA2 romances not feeling as solid and deep was the fact we weren't given the same number of opportunities to commute with them about our love interests as in DAO. Although I absolutely adore my Fenris romance almost as much as being Alistair's queen, I really missed the simple kisses once and while, not to mention my other companions' reactions. Sadly, I don't think they will be bringing back this 'talk whenever you feel like talking' process, but I really am going to miss it. :( Evalunel (talk) 02:56, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

There are aspects I love about DAO and DA2 romances but I definitly favor DAO's style. I particulary loved the pace of the DAO romance and the lengthy chat with the companions. DA2 had some great physical scenes and I also loved the LI comforting Hawke. I also liked how the other companions (LI and non-LIs) reacted with Hawke's romance. A combination of all that for DA3 would make me happy, but new suprises as well. The war and political views definitly need to have a play in DA3 romance and hopefully add to the challenge.

I admit to being a Cullen fan and would love to have him as an LI but either done very well or non at all! I would hope to see him as a strong character that doesn't easily show emotions. He's been through a lot and had his moment of's time to be a hardass. No whiney templars crying please.

I would not like to see current romance companion return as companions, only cameos, but non-LI companions returning for DA3 romances/companions would be OK with me. Badgley (talk) 14:54, March 22, 2012 (UTC)