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Who perform the dark ritual with Morrigan? Those who say yes who did the ritual. Was it you or Alistair? During the Witch Hunt DLC what did you do when you find Morrigan. Did you stab her, go with her, or say goodbye and let her go through the portal? What gender do you think the child is?

I always perform the ritual with Morrigan(unless I'm a female and didn't for achievements). I let her go unless I'm a mage then I will go with her. As a mage, I'm assuming that the kid will grow up to be a mage and want my mage to help teach him magic. I always image the kid being a male.--James.rosing (talk) 13:43, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

In the Witch Hunt, Morrigan refers to the child as a "he", so yes, the child is a male.

I've played through all origins, and there were variations to the endings. Here are the results, as I remember.

Neria Surana: No. Had Alistair meet his fate. Did not go through Witch Hunt. Amarina Surana: Had Alistair do the deed. Said farewell to her friend. Daylen Amell: Did the deed. Accompanied Morrigan through the Eluvian. Aedan Cousland: Had Alistair do the deed. Did not go through Witch Hunt. Darrian Tabris: Had Alistair do the deed. Said farewell. Faren Brosca: Had Loghain do the deed. Stabbed Morrigan just for the shits and giggles. Lyna Mahariel: Had Alistair do the deed. Said farewell. Serada Aeducan: Did not do the deed. Made the sacrifice.

As for the child being a mage, it's kind of a moot point in my opinion, as the child grows up in a world beyond the Fade so he can't tap into the powers that come from the Fade. I just like to imagine that the child grew up to be Shep... it's kind of funny. GabrielleduVent 15:44, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

My character, Izen Cousland, did not get involved with Morrigan or Leiliana because neither of them were compatible with him in personality and/or beliefs. Anora was however, and that's why he married her.

Obviously this meant that Izen did not lay with Morrigan for the ritual, but Izen did not approve of Morrigan's idea at all. He would see the conceived child as an innocent soul having an evil soul forced upon it. He also did not see any reason why the old god's soul should be preserved or given a second chance at life. Plus, this ritual was Flemeth's idea. He couldn't understand why Morrigan would want to carry out Flemeth's bidding. Such an act may have had something to do with Flemeth's immortality for all they knew.

He didn't judge Morrigan though, despite her disgraceful attempts at appealing to Izen's cowardice and vanity, of which he has none. So he respectfully rejected the ritual completely. Morrigan called him a fool and left him to fight the blight without her. Izen was hurt that yet another person who he thought was his friend chose to walk out on the group. Alistair had done the same when Izen spared Loghain for Anora's sake (and because he suspected a Warden had to die to kill the Archdemon).

He allowed Loghain to make the ultimate sacrifice and redeem himself. This was also to serve as a reminder to the people that even great men can fall into dishonor, but that they can also turn around and choose to take the righteous path.

Izen and Anora ruled jointly as king and queen for a time, and then King Izen had to deal with the Darkspawn in Amaranthine while Queen Anora handled issues arising within the Bannorn. Izen saved the City of Amaranthine and killed the Architect and The Mother. Vigil's Keep stood against the darkspawn attack. After that, and some "fun" in Amgarrak, he went in search of Morrigan out of concern for his friend. Her ring, which he kept, told him that she felt regret and sorrow. However, Izen couldn't help but feel like Morrigan had betrayed him and the others and that she never really trusted him.

After finding out about the Eluvian he had every intention of stopping her and not letting her go through it. He had an idea to simply destroy the portal by shooting his last Arrow of Andraste into it (disrupts spell casting). This desire grew stronger as he talked to Morrigan because she refused to tell him where she was going or what she would do, or even what threat she faced. However after talking with her more he began to see that she had just been unsure of what to do back then at Redcliff and that all she really wanted was to do what she thought was best for her friend.

He then concluded that her silence on what lay beyond that portal wasn't because she didn't trust him. It was because she didn't want him to sacrifice his life in this world just to help her out in another. He realized that it was time for him to trust Morrigan to do what she thought was right. And so he did. They said their goodbyes and the two friends parted ways. Believe it! (talk) 19:52, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

The only time I had Alistair do the ritual with Morrigan was when I played a female Warden (City Elf). If my Wardens romance Morrigan, they'll generally always do the Ritual. If my Wardens romance Leliana, they'll usually spare Loghain at the Landsmeet, refuse Morrigan and have Loghain take the final blow. Gruedragon (talk) 01:27, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

I had a male human noble that refused her ritual so he could still watch Loghain die but appear merciful to his new kingdom. In WH, she told him of their normal son and he killed her out of anger and distrust for his former lover.

A male Dalish elf that accepted her ritual, agreeing that it was the most practical idea and not believing she would really leave him after all they had been through together. In WH, she told him of their special son and he went through the eluvian with her to meet him beyond the fade.

and a female human mage that refused her ritual, intent on feeding Alistair to the Archdemon for leaving her. In WH, there was no child and they parted ways on friendly terms.

Haven't done the ritual with a dwarf warden, Alistair or Loghain yet.

--Vampire Damian (talk) 11:30, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

Seems to be the only logical way to continue the warden's story. Come on Alistair can't do that... The main hero always get the girls,destroys the final villain and save the world :D.--GreyWardenMortimus (talk) 11:45, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

I just thought of something. If Morrigan does the Ritual with a Dwarven Warden and the child becomes a half dwarf; can that child become magical in any way? I mean he is half human. Also, my City Elf does the ritual with Morrigan and refuses to acknowledge his son's existence later on (because the child is little more than an elven bastard), but letting Morrigan leave after a friendly reunion at the end of WH. EzzyD (talk) 16:09, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

Slim Couldry is of human and elf origin. When a human and elf have a child that child always takes the human form, not the elven form. I don't know how it works with a dwarf/human child though. As for magic, the full dwarfs can use some magic. This is seen in how dwarven warriors can become templars, reavers, or spirit warriors. They can also go into the Fade under the right circumstances, so they aren't completely cut off. So I'm guessing the offspring of a dwarf and a mage would either retain the dwarven resistance to magic, or be a limited mage, or both. He or she might also be better at being a templar.Believe it! (talk) 19:19, March 24, 2012 (UTC)