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Is there any way to not let Mhairi go through the Joining therefore saving her?

Er, no---she has a scripted, and therefore, fated, death. Shame, she seemed like a nice girl---that killed darkspawn. Magnum101 19:15, March 20, 2010 (UTC)
Yeah, I thought about Jory if he wasn't such a pu--y about going through the ritual, that he might have actually made it through if he weren't killed by Duncan. amm879

Apparently there is a bug that will allow you keep Mhairi alive. See the "Mhairi lives" thread in Bioware's Dragon Age forum for more info about how to take advantage of that bug. -Vim- 20:57, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

he says:

" Let me be upfront I don't care at all about this disposable character but this bug just had me laughing considering the uproar over her. So I started a second playthrough with my Dalish warrior and strat making my way into Vigil Keep to save it. Just after entering the Keep proper I notice a hole in a fence to the right with a chest and blood lotus to be seen. I don't recall going thru here before but I figured I just missed it before. Apparently however, jogging thru here triggers the final scene of the area on top of the parapets with the Withered and seneschal Varel... minus Ohgren and Anders who my character has yet to meet but are more than obliging in lending their voices to the thin air next to me. After the fight and the equally ludicrous scene with Alistair and the templar warning me about the dangerous voice in my head being a murderer, I'm taken into the keep to begin the joining. Mhairi dies in the cutscene as per usual, except she doesn't... and I'm allowed out into the courtyard with a walking dead woman by my side.

Long story short if you care to reproduce this gigantic bug you too can have Mhairi as a companion."

and then..

"Edit: pertinent information possibly necessary to reproduce the bug:

female Dalish warrior imported with Starfang (or rather without, my bow was missing too >>)

did not load from a save, this was a fresh game

rearranged action bar prior to entering keep

entered keep, killed darkspawn immediately in front of me and saved trader on the left, then exited and killed darkspawn in the left field before re-entering keep and noticing the fence"

  • Tried this with a human warrior female, however wasn't able to trigger the bug... There are in fact 4 holes in the fence, so perhaps need to try each on a new load.