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Welcome to the forum for discussing the world of Dragon Age. If you have any queries about the history of Thedas, or any other elements of the world, this is the place. Please read the forum guidelines before posting. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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Is anyone a little sad on the choices of women that a male can be with?.... by, July 23, 2014 by Death by Cheese
What do the qun do with female qunari mages by Jdgjordan22:24, July 21, 2014 by Undeadpoet
Beraht by PerPenger14:00, July 20, 2014 by
Golem creation: a form of blood magic? by Doveen the fox21:14, July 19, 2014 by Dabuddah
Why are there no Darkspawn Abominations? Or darkspawn in the Fade? by DashXero05:45, July 19, 2014 by
Why does everyone see Sandal as some big figure? by Lazare32615:38, July 15, 2014 by
Politics or Orlais (tME Spoilers!!!) by Kaspar Sinclair12:38, July 8, 2014 by Rayvio
Hint at origins of Flemeth? by EgyptRaider16:45, July 6, 2014 by Abélath
Does the taint unlock magical abilities? by, July 5, 2014 by Silver Warden
The Dragon Age Begins by Believe it!18:48, July 2, 2014 by Believe it!
Sandal & Red Lyrium by Lazare32617:05, June 29, 2014 by Silver Warden
What could have possibly caused the Breach? by Lazare32606:45, June 29, 2014 by Jcama
Could the veil be torn from the inside? by Lazare32617:41, June 28, 2014 by Silver Warden
What is The Wardens and Morrigans child by, June 28, 2014 by
Who IS Flemeth by WardenMaster23:17, June 26, 2014 by SpencerCross
Timing of the Golems of Amgarrak by Silver Warden23:03, June 26, 2014 by Silver Warden
Cole's personal quest? by, June 25, 2014 by Silver Warden
Fen´harel... wtf??? by, June 24, 2014 by Death by Cheese
Andraste's Temple question by Magesonly17:27, June 23, 2014 by Magesonly
The Qun - good or bad? by Silver Warden14:30, June 23, 2014 by Magesonly
Andraste's potential link to the Inquisitor by Lazare32613:00, June 23, 2014 by Iddawiki
Weaponizing Dragons (Spoilers) Realisitic? Possible? by Kaspar Sinclair07:48, June 16, 2014 by
Coincidence...I think not by, June 14, 2014 by Silver Warden
A theory on the Maker. Thoughts? by Lazare32603:37, June 14, 2014 by Silver Warden
Kirkwall and Corypheus by WardenMaster17:49, June 12, 2014 by Silver Warden
Predictions for what happened at the end of the DAI Redcliffe demo. by Lazare32615:04, June 11, 2014 by Crimpycracker
Blood Magic.. Is it really that bad? by Desmond Cousland04:19, June 9, 2014 by Warden Mage: Ferris
Could the Breach/veil tears be a result of an Elf? by Lazare32619:06, June 8, 2014 by Lazare326
Fen'Harel as the lone force behind all evil in thedas? by Elnawawi13:07, June 8, 2014 by
Where all the Genlocks at????? by Faboo04:45, June 8, 2014 by Viktoria Landers
Could the Venatori be followers of Corypheus ? by Lazare32619:23, June 7, 2014 by Silver Warden
Ending Blight Before Begins by James.rosing16:39, June 7, 2014 by Warden Mage: Ferris
Your most favourite historical figure in the DA universe. by Lazare32618:23, June 4, 2014 by Silver Warden
What happens when the darkspawn run out of Old Gods to corrupt? by, June 2, 2014 by Halisme
What exactly is an Old God by WardenMaster22:10, May 27, 2014 by Henio0
Inquisitor's power to Close the Fade... by Kaspar Sinclair02:47, May 21, 2014 by WardenMaster
Um... What the f* is the Aeonar? by Kaspar Sinclair00:36, May 21, 2014 by WardenMaster
Spiritual hierarchy ! by DragonInquisitor21:11, May 20, 2014 by Silver Warden
A question regarding an OGB. by Lazare32616:12, May 16, 2014 by Star Metal Knight
Archdemon names by Markurion14:22, May 14, 2014 by The Grey Unknown
Can the Chantry be Reformed? by Supergodzilla11812:01, May 13, 2014 by
Does Lyrium grow? by, May 12, 2014 by Silver Warden
Do you think there are male witches of the wilds? by Whynot5539613:31, May 12, 2014 by
Why are 90% of Badasses from DA Fereldan? by Soulofshezarr03:44, May 11, 2014 by
Strongest Nation in Thedas by Lazare32621:17, May 8, 2014 by
Will we ever venture into the black city? by Lazare32602:52, May 8, 2014 by Silver Warden
Is someone manipulating the events in DAI? by Lazare32623:36, May 7, 2014 by Whynot55396
Anora vs Celene by Lazare32620:39, May 7, 2014 by Lon Dubh
Interpretation of title Masked Empire by FirstDrellSpectre18:21, May 5, 2014 by Soulofshezarr
Why did Koslun forbid magic? by FirstDrellSpectre02:08, May 5, 2014 by Silver Warden

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