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I've noticed that the longer I play, the more choked my game gets. The lag when entering big areas is significantly increased, as is the

in-game movies and the quicksave. All menus, inventory etc, fades in and fades out as I open and close them.

This is getting really annoying, as travelling through areas sometimes can take up to a minute. Is it my PC not dumping memory properly, or

is this a known problem? Now I have to shut down the game after two hours and restart.

As far as I know this is a known problem for both the PC and console version of the game. If you begin playing and are experiencing delays of any sort they will get significantly worse as you continue to play. If you begin playing with no delay, a delay will make itself known after more extended gameplay times. It is annoying and causes you to do a lot of standing around while you wait for enemies to spawn to treasure and for quests to be updated before you leave an area or simply for someone to talk to you to signify the end of a small quest (ie the dwarven merchants on the bridge. With a lag you can wait for quite some time before he speaks to you). Unfortunately I don't know that there is any cure other than putting up with it or restarting your game. --MiyuEmi 14:32, January 25, 2010 (UTC)
This is a common problem with most games that are rich in either graphics or content. I am a big Everquest II player and experience it there as well. SImple fix. Every hour or two, save your game and reboot. Use the time to take a smoke/bio break. I find it endlessly amusing, some of the things people take the time to complain about. Is the world going to end if, God forbid, you have to reboot the game every couple of hours? I have noticed that if I don't sleep for a couple of days I start to experience lag, it is getting annoying, is there any way, other than going to sleep, that I can fix this problem????

No need for sarcasm, I was asking a simple question. Yes I know how games are built, I know about the lag. But as you can read in my post, I asked if it was "a known problem". I was, of course, referring to DA as we are on the DA Wiki. If not, then I would have accepted that answer and started rebooting the game when needed. However, there might be a trojan or something something built in the game forcing us to shut down every once in a while (courtesy of the health department). Now THAT I could take as an answer :)

It's definitely a known issue. I believe BioWare has acknowledged it, but not announced any steps to amend it. Even simpler than rebooting completely -- just do a quick save and then a quick load. Also, make sure you have "Persistent Gore" checked off, as that can significantly increase your load times; the game never forgets the blood spats all over.
On PC, I experience some other significant slowdown issues as well. Even if I turn graphics to lowest settings (which I shouldn't have to do on my machine,) it does reach times where there's too much going on for the game. Particularly if there is an ongoing AE spell like Blizzard or if I am in a large fight that includes some allies. Not only does the game get choppy, but the players get extremely unresponsive...and stupid as well. I think the game cuts something from the AI algorithms when this is happening, because my companions do absolutely retarded things constantly when we're playing in slow motion. (I pause, take control, force a potion use, switch back, unpause, and no potion gets used. I repeat. Nothing, other than my potion total drops. I do it a third time, and then the character dies from lack of using their salve or sometimes suddenly I get 3 lyrium potions used up. Same for ability usage.) --Azuarc

Unfortunatly Bioware said themselfs in site forms that this is an issue they notice many people having and that they are in the process of questioning everyone on the specifics of what they where doing and or there comp specs as to try and find out the cause of the issue of lagging load times the more you play. From what they said no load screen should be more than 45sec to 1min and that the continued feedback from the forms is giving them the info they need to try and patch the problem but last I checked which was 2 weeks ago they where still gathering more info. The only sure fire solution I can offer is something you already know, when the lag gets to long for your taste, exit the program and restart it. For me on average that lasts for about 1hr mabe 2 before I have to do it again, so ontill they make a patch for this im afrade its the only solution to this issue.

True, this is a common problem in many games, but it is in no way a necessary evil - it is caused by bad programming. When a new area is loaded and an old area is discarded, some data may remain and gradually fill up the computer memory, or a script may be left running even though it is no longer needed. This happens because the programmers made a mistake and forgot to make the game engine clean up properly. The problem is not limited to games. Many large commercial applications, even some operating systems, show the same symtoms and need to be restarted once in a while. This is an understandable flaw for a game engine, and very common, but it is certainly a bug that can be mildly annoying. Excessively long load times and the need to restart once in a while affects the otherwise very good immersion of the game. -- legomagus 2010-02-03 00:28