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This is a request for comments regarding the sorting in Items/Weapons/Armor.

Prior to Project Juggernaut, the pages utilized tier sorting, then alphabetical sorting. In that the pages were first separated into Tiers then alphabetically. Post PJ the pages were sorted alphabetically. There are a few reason this was done in this manner.

  1. Some Tiers don't have static items. For example, there's no Tier 2 Light_gloves. However the are Leather Gloves that exist from Tier 1 to 7. I did not feel it was necessary to list this items 7 times. Items that do scale follow a specific formula (listed in materialtypes/materialrules in the Toolset). In laymen's term, Leather Gloves, Duster Leather Gloves, Dalish Leather Gloves, Studded Leather Gloves have the same armor and fatigue from Tier 1 to Tier 7.
  1. Some items exist in specific Tiers. Thorn of the Dead Gods exists in Tier 2, 3 and Tier 6 only. Items like this cannot scale (ie Party Chest/resell/buyback from Merchant). So it did not feel right creating 3 different items for them
  1. There was a bug with the way Tables were handled with WYSWYG editors that caused them to break very often. This still happens but to a lesser extent. The fix was to break it into individual tables. Because of that, it cannot use the wikitable sortable class which allows dynamic sorting.

So there are a few solutions

  1. Continue to leave it sorted alphabetically, and revise the dynamic sorting problem later.
  2. Return to the Tier sorting system and include every specific Tier of the item - ie, all 7 iterations of Leather Gloves, etc.

I am almost content with the current layout but the dynamic sorting issue is something I want to address. If we go ahead with the current path, I will come back and revisit the dynamic sorting. Otherwise, leave your suggestions here. --Tierrie 02:22, December 16, 2009 (UTC)

I support alphabetical listing. The variable tiers could cause confusion if people aren't aware of scaling and you can't really argue that b comes after a. Also repeating an item seven times isn't really needed. Loleil 04:04, December 16, 2009 (UTC)