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I agreed to fight in the provings for Lord Harrowmont through Durin. I went to the proving grounds and found Baizyl. No combination of sentences is getting him to agree to fight with me. I can get all the way to the last exchange where it's basically an intimidating "Things you aren't proud of? Is someone blackmailing you?", the one where you insult him about him not fighting for his own cousin, and then the persuasion, where you ask him to let you help him. Does anyone know the correct sequence of what to say to get him to agree to fight again? I'm having the same problem with the second man.

Background: Human noble, This is my second play through and I did not have this issue the first time. I read that you can steal the key from Myaja (I did, but the door isn't even a clickable item, I can't USE the door or the key.) And since Baizyl won't let me help him I can't use the key even if I steal it. I seem to remember there being a cinema between Baizyl and Myaja but I have no idea how it is that I got both of them to help me the first time, and now they both hate me. Is there something I'm forgetting to do? If I remember correctly though, when I spoke to them the first time as an elf mage, I was able to get both of them to fight again on my first try. Something seems wrong. Is it a bug if the door isn't usable?

If you have a rogue in your party, you should be able to just pick the lock on Myaja's door to steal the love letters, and that will get him to fight for you - does it let you do that or still coming up as locked? Wiki.bird 05:58, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Wiki.bird, my warden is a rogue. I also brought Leliana for a second try later, and the door still wasn't usable. I feel like an option to speak is missing. My guess is I just got bugged out.... because I looked up how to convince Gwiddon and there's an option that never comes up in my speech choices. Someone on another forum suggested to me that I may need 4 persuasion if I have 3 at the moment. Haven't checked that yet but maybe that's it.

No suggestions here unfortunately.... you didn't actually start the proving (fight) I'm assuming? I'd always assumed a persuasion option would show up if you had the skill, but just fail if it wasn't high enough to pass it. I hope that's all it is (needing another skill level) though!Wiki.bird 22:06, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

I figured it out - my coercion skill was 2 and it needs to be at least 3 for the persuasive, Let me help you, option to work. I had to go find a tome and run back, but it worked! And as soon as I got past that, the door was usable and I finished the quest. I appreciate your help!