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Welcome to the forum for game and other media discussion. This is a place for community discussion about the games, novels, movies and other media related to the Dragon Age series. Please read the forum guidelines before posting. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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DLC leak for DAI: SPOILERS by Lazare32619:54, June 30, 2015 by Lazare326
Does anyone else have an immortal Zeveran in their game? by Dupmeister13:02, June 30, 2015 by Dupmeister
A Letter from The Hero of Ferelden- Bug by Oso27us22:51, June 29, 2015 by WhisperingElf
Inquisition Level Cap? by Silver Warden22:29, June 29, 2015 by Silver Warden
Dragon Age 4 Speculations by Graf Gaius17:34, June 29, 2015 by
Marrying Alistair? by, June 26, 2015 by Kelcat
Dance with your LI in Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts? by, June 25, 2015 by Silver Warden
Cities Expansion Pack Anyone? For the DA:I Ultimate Edition? by Alois Val01:23, June 21, 2015 by Lazare326
Other Time Period You'd Like to see in Future Games by TheFereldenMagister01:15, June 21, 2015 by Lazare326
Question: On Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts by Alois Val22:09, June 20, 2015 by TheFereldenMagister
The Emperor of the South...? by Alois Val19:56, June 18, 2015 by Alois Val
Will the Warden ever be playable again? by, June 17, 2015 by Lazare326
Unexpected Romance? Or the Perfect Companion? by, June 16, 2015 by Silver Warden
Perk Tips by KnightEnchanter11720:57, June 12, 2015 by RShepard227
Spoils of the Avaar armor? by Blitzbear9314:32, June 12, 2015 by Blitzbear93
So, you think we'll ever get to fight that guy? (DA:I spoilers) by Eggy the Duck06:22, June 12, 2015 by Warden-Cypher
What is spoiles of the avaar dlc ? by DragonInquisitor14:53, June 11, 2015 by
Get your own specilizations by Kyz9916:51, June 10, 2015 by Kyz99
How would you change the DA games? by John the Manic18:55, June 9, 2015 by Observer Supreme
Is it possible that the archdemon is the result of red lyrium? by Deltawarden187318:30, June 9, 2015 by Silver Warden
Pointless locations in DA:I?? by Kyz9900:00, June 5, 2015 by Warden Mage: Ferris
DA:I - Did I miss something in the end? by Dupmeister10:13, June 4, 2015 by ACdeakial
Why cant we make qunari vitaar ( still ) ? by DragonInquisitor06:20, June 3, 2015 by XxSick DemonxX
Dimensions by Archon12303:30, June 3, 2015 by TheFereldenMagister
Is Jaws of Harkon a good DLC?? by Archon12318:06, June 2, 2015 by Shaerala
Next dlc info ?? by DragonInquisitor18:45, May 31, 2015 by TheFereldenMagister
What's the point of the rod of fire?. by GreyWardenMortimus04:57, May 29, 2015 by Warden Mage: Ferris
Enemy level scaling by Kelcat00:16, May 29, 2015 by
Dos it already exist ? by DragonInquisitor18:27, May 28, 2015 by Kelcat
DA:I - More emotional connection needed. by Dupmeister17:55, May 26, 2015 by Lazare326
The Blooming Hanged Man's Rose by Lazare32613:41, May 24, 2015 by Lazare326
DAI: Can non-companions get KO'd on missions? by DaBarkspawn15:12, May 20, 2015 by Caspoi
Arcane warrior tank by, May 17, 2015 by
Saving the orb of destruction? by, May 17, 2015 by Cryllia
Cole and Anders need to meet by, May 16, 2015 by
Anyone think we will play as the old god baby is dragon age 3? by, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
Masked mages vs grey wardens in dragon age 2! by, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
How long will dragon age 2 be? by Kaminoman06:45, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
We need more variety in qunari! by Kaminoman06:44, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
What you would like to see in dragon age 3! by Kaminoman06:44, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
A disciple companion by ChosenOfAsmodeus06:43, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
Dragon age 3 old god baby and Cassandra? by Kaminoman06:42, May 11, 2015 by Kelcat
Which companions do you wish would meet? by I MARRIED A BROODMOTHER23:44, May 10, 2015 by I MARRIED A BROODMOTHER
I have a question about kieren by I MARRIED A BROODMOTHER23:07, May 10, 2015 by I MARRIED A BROODMOTHER
Hide helmet option by, May 10, 2015 by Vhardamis
Black Emporium Items by KungFYou205:22, May 10, 2015 by KungFYou2
Dwarven Mages by, May 7, 2015 by Silver Warden
Best Weapons in the Game by WhisperingElf12:16, May 7, 2015 by
DA:I - Black Emporium by I'mSoConfused22:20, May 6, 2015 by DhampireHEK
Establishing Faith by, May 6, 2015 by Jonny hirst

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