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hey I listed all the places to get companion upgrades for their armor. i posted it on the wiki but didnt know where to link it to. if anybody could link it so other people can find it easier that would be great

here it is:

Read it. Thanks for the effort. I think it needs to be added to some category but I'll let the more experienced wiki users do that. The pity however, is that if you miss these upgrades once there's no way to go back and get them? :( I mean it wasn't as though they had a giant arrow pointing at them....I for one haven't been able to find a single upgrade as yet, but maybe that's because I've stopped looking for loot, since I was increasingly beginning to find only junk, and useless equipment. This game has been a disappointment it has.IP no. (talk) 05:11, March 11, 2011 (UTC)