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Do item's with "Enemies drop better equipment" Stack???

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  • Doubtful. I don't know why so many people insist on spreading misinformation they haven't checked for themselves.

The Enemies Drop Better Equipment bonus increases the quality of enemy drops (a dagger doing 29 instead of 27 damage, for instance, and having a better attack property). There is also a lower, additional chance that the item will gain an extra property or bonus. When you are low on coin, using an item with this bonus equipped can turn up better generic equipment that will fetch a more profitable sale price or give you something better to use while you are saving up for a more prized item. The more of these items you have equipped on yourself or in your party will increase the chances of finding even better gear.

  • Actually, at least on PS3, my testing has shown that not only does this bonus not stack, it is possibly bugged and does nothing at all. I've killed the same group of enemies (Antivan Assassins), at the same level, and in the same area over 200 times with 3 of these enchantments equipped, 2 equipped, 1 equipped, and 0 equipped and they have dropped the same tier of equipment with the exact same base stats and with the same tier and average number of bonuses every time, regardless.
  • Furthermore, opposed to popular belief, this does not seem make better equipment spawn in crates, barrels, and the such, either. I reloaded an area (Wounded Coast, Act 2) with 3 "Enemies drop better equipment" enchantments and later without any of the aforementioned numerous times and the equipment in containers stayed at the exact same level appropriate tier, with similar gear having identical base stats, as well as having the same approximate amount of bonuses. (Yes, I know that container contents are randomly generated on the first visit based upon level, which is why I said "tier".)
  • I have concluded that, if this does anything at all, it is most likely a very small percentage increase (probably under 5%) to the odds that an item would have a bonus. It may, possibly, increase the odds of "better equipment" drops such as a weapon or armor drop, as apposed to a piece of jewelry, as well. I would have to do much more testing to determine this for certain, however, because the differences I am seeing are so small they could easily be a fluctuation in percentage due to chance. I am certain that it does not increase base value nor does it determine the actual amount of the bonus.
  • I've even went as far as to keep track of the drop rates for equipment later in my testing, to determine whether that was effected, instead. After 100 additional runs, 50 with 3 of the enchanted items on and 50 with none, there was no significant difference. (talk) 05:03, October 29, 2011 (UTC)Reapz
    • There is a problem with the test information. I'm adding this just incase someone else is looking for an answer. It seems that this was tested by reloading an area and equipping the items. Note that the game checks for "Enemies drop better equipment" bonus when it first loads an area. After that, equipping it will change nothing. The loot has already been selected.

Enemies drop more coin

The same stacking bonus works with the Enemies drop more coin bonus on items. With one rune on companion armor, the coin drops are 10% larger than usual. So, if you would normally receive 20 silver from an enemy, you will receive 22. If you wear an additional item with this bonus, two items active would raise the loot by 20% and so on.

  • I edited this, as well, because it was unspecific enough to contradict the more accurate information elsewhere on this Wiki. This rune has different values on different armor types. It isn't simply a 5% increase like this implied, beforehand. (talk) 05:03, October 29, 2011 (UTC)Reapz