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Greetings, fellow Dragon Age fans. I'm Tyragon and I have recently began fixing as much DAI bugs as possible. The one bug (to rule them all) is the well-known "my characters sometimes freeze in place and do nothing". I'd really like to fix this bug so we can all have a better DAI experience. However, the bug occurs very randomly and it's extremely hard to pinpoint the cause of it.

This is why I require some aid from any player willing to see this issue gone. If you want to contribute, please do the following: When you encounter this bug in-game (even multiple times, report it as much as you can), can you provide me with the following information: Game difficulty, which trials you have on, character who got bugged, the character's tactic settings (follow/defend, who are they following/defending, which abilities are turned on for them). Screenshot of the frozen character could also help (can judge by the pose he/she is frozen in, when it happened).

You can report these things to me in any of the following places (whichever is most comfortable for you): - The original mod forum: - Under this post - Private message (here or nexus mods)

Thank you all for you contributions! Cheers! Tyragon1991 (talk) 17:43, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

Hello. I don't really know how to use this. Do you have a reddit? I have had this problem. In the middle of combat, sometimes units will just stand there. Even if I give them a command to do something. I have to actually take control of it, move it around using the normal wasd move keys or space to jump.

Also, I've seen some errors in this wiki. I can't figure out how to correct them. I noticed certain schematics for sale at black emporium. But on the schematics page, it doesn't list BE as place to acquire the schematic. I edited the spike longbow page to show it is for sale at BE. Since I paid far more for it in Valroy thinking it is only sold there. But I don't know how to edit on the actual schematics list. Likewise some other schematics I noticed for sale at BE, but not showing BE as a shop for it.

Something else I can't figure out is certain schems listed here that should be for sale at BE, I don't see in game. For example tier 3 split blade dagger. It isn't in the shop in game. I waited till I got to lvl8 to see if it shows up since it is higher tier, but it didn't show up. Everything in the BE schematics shop is exactly the same since the game start.