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Hay all, I installed the Demo twice and both times the installer said the file(d3dx9_43.dll) is missing. Any idea where the file went?  Help Please, Wanted49 2/23/11

Hi, first time poster here.Try this link for some good advise that helped me out.


Hi, it is a missing DirectX 9 dll. Most users of Vista/Windows 7 have to install the "old" directX dlls, which can be found at Microsoft. Here is the link, (not only for DA2 but for a lot of games!!) Have fun, Matt

Thank you! I can play the damm demo now! Yash7 (talk) 21:43, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

Guys, Thanks for the help with d3dx9_43.dll. Demo is up and running. And looking good too!  DirectX was the issue and so installed the updates and away the Demo went. Thanks again, Wanted49 2/23/11