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With all the mediocre critic reviews, the negative fan feedback, and my own disappointment with the demo, I am very hesitant of getting number 2. One thing that might sell me is knowing that the storyline and my decisions in Origins get resolved. For those of you who have finished or played a good amount of the game, could someone please tell me (as spoiler free as possible) what choices carry over? (I have not played Witch Hunt because I heard it didn't resolve the story) so I would also like to know if the Morrigan storyline is resolved.

Appreciate It!

hmmm well, you will see alot references in the game made to your progress from origins. things like, if you married queen anora and had the dark ritual, bonepit miners will cheer that 'the hero of fereldan married the queen, fancy a grey warden ruling fereldan' and also if you choose to kill zathrian and released the werewolves from the lycan curse, you will bump into one of the freed-werewolves along wounded coast who is hunted by a dalish elf, whose mum was killed by said werewolf. these are just subtle references. more obvious ones would be the quest Conspirators, where you are required to hunt down the conspirators who fled to kirkwall after their failed attempt to murder the warden commander. this would only come about if you choose to save vigil's keep and burn amaranthine city.yup. so you do feel that much of your choices are being reflected in the game.

for witch hunt, i do remember the last part, morrigan says something about flemeth is not dead, so to speak. which is right. you will see in DA2 how flemeth is 'revived' again. this part about flemeth's immortality reminds me of voldemort and the horcruxes. haha. about whats the end game for both morrigan and flemeth, not much is shed in DA2. which means there might be a DA3!

actually in DA2 the most disappointing fact to me is that the amount of description and detail given to armor and weapons is very little. theres no more fanciful backstory to how the staff of parlathan comes about. you dont even see all the neccessary stats, like damage modifier and how it links to the material. for awhile i was puzzled if red steel dealt more damage or onyx weaponry. Also, only hawke can don fanciful armor. all your companions have more or less fixed armor. so if you liked having your party dressed up and look awesomely formiddable, you might be a lil disappointed. haha. i do like isabela's outfit though, i cant make out if shes actually wear any shorts or pants at all.

anyway, i think dragon age 2 is a completely different game, and is quite an awesome one in its own right. you shouldnt keep having that idea that it is a 'sequel' to dragon age origins, and hoping to see all the oldies there in the new game. for one i think this time the whole game has alot more depth to it. more focus is given to the physical details. you can see it in buildings, clothing, people - in their accent, dressing- and it gives thedas a more realistic feel. also the focus of DA2 is more of the templar/mage war thingy, which is rather refreshing change than having to defeat the blight all over again. certainly i have wondered what people in thedas do when there is no blight? the whole 'kill the big bad monster-archdemon, to save the world from annihilation thingy' works well for breaking a new franchise into the industry, but its achetypical at best. so yeah, give the new game some justice! else there might not be DA3 in future! Foolie87 (talk) 05:39, March 10, 2011 (UTC) foolie87