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On the royal throne in Orzammar you find an inscription that gives the codex entry "Caged in Stone". It is filed under quest related. It talks about some beast caged away in stone. There probably is some way of releasing it, and it probably involves the throne and that funny pressure plate in the palace entrance hall. Has anyone figured out how this works?

There is a complete explanation on how it works and how to get it to work at this page Forum:Dwarf palace Athronos 21:58, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

Have your people HOLD POSITION, take control of one and place a ranged on the Big square switch outside throne room, then two other over on Left side (if faceing the throne) of throne room, there are two pressure plates beneath the golden lava flow in a "V" sorta shape. Have your main tank activate the Throne because the beast (a midget looking Dragon) drops down in center of the room and attacks.

From what I could tell the doors slam shut and you have to kill it to leave. The character outside throne room gets teleported just inside before the doors lock.

Don't forget to change your allies to "Move Freely" or they may all be out of range to help you. It was an orange named "Dragon", which drops two handed sword Ageless, amongst a few other things.

Good luck.

Dragos (the first and only true one) 20:45 Dec,20 2009