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I've heard a lot about the Arcane Warrior, and think it sounds like a fun type of character to try on my next playthrough. The general idea is to activate as many sustainable spells as possible, and to have a few offensive spells for aggro generation and a bit of contribution to party damage. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Race: Elf

Class: Mage

Specializations: Arcane Warrior (for warrior ability) and Blood Mage (for aggro-generating Blood Wound and more spellcasting ability)


  • Arcane Warrior: 4
  • Blood Mage: 4
  • Mage: 2 (up to Arcane Shield)
  • Rock: 1 (Rock Armor only)
  • Heal: 1 (Heal's always useful)
  • Mind Blast: 4
  • Weakness:3 (up to Miasma)
  • Suggestions for more?

Stats: (with racial, class, and Fade bonuses)

  • Str: 14
  • Dex: 14
  • Wil: 18 (how high should this go?)
  • Mag: MAX
  • Cun: 16
  • Con: 12 (how high should this go?)


  • Combat Training: 4
  • Coercion: 4 (I like being able to persuade people)


Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate set, Spellweaver, Fade Wall, other mana regen gear (to maintain Shimmering Shield as long as possible), Blood Ring

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions for more and/or different spells? What's the minimum Willpower needed to sustain my abilities (or should I just add Willpower as I need it as I go)? As I'll be casting from my HP pool, how high should I pump Constitution?

Thanks in advance!


I would put all attribute points into magic except 1 for coercion as with the fade bonus that will max that skill. You should get enough +willpower items that saves having to put any points into it. Lifegiver means you don't have to put anything into CON. Get the staff of the magister lord and have weapon quickswap hotkeyed so you can switch to the staff when casting for quick casting.

Spells I always go for are Fireball, glyph's up to repulsion & CoC, fireball is the best quick cast offensive AoE spell in the game, don't bother with blood control as its not that good.


What difficulty level are you planning to play on? If it is above "normal" then you're going to want some constitution as a buffer. There are mages (and templars) that will dispel your defenses and CC you very quickly as well as fights long enough that you probably won't be keeping shimmering shield up 100% of the time unless you gear specifically for regen.

As far as spells go:

-Fireball isn't a bad way to go for a "pulling spell". You cannot cast it with your weapon out, but it can be very useful at the very beginning of combat as a method of pulling aggro from a large group of enemies. Cone of Cold is a bit harder because you also cannot cast this with your weapon out, but the range really handicaps what you can do with it. Between fireball and blood wound you should have aggro well under control and the rest is just a matter of survival and tanking while the rest of your party takes them apart. For passives The three "automatic" ones you should choose are Arcane Shield, Rock Armor, and Combat Magic (total of 120 stamina reserve, 60% fatigue). After that it really depends on what the rest of your party makeup is. Telekenetic weapons (50 stamina reserve, 5% fatigue) is a pretty awesome passive and will improve your damage a fair amount, especially if you have a second melee character. Telekenetic weapons also gives you access to Force Field, which is a real lifesaver. Miasma (60 stamina reserve, 5% fatigue) gives the enemies -10 attack, -10 defense which can help but I find it just a touch underwhelming. Haste (60 stamina reserve, 10% fatigue, -1 regen) is one that you missed that I think is just an amazing ability; granting 30% movement speed, 25% attack speed, 20% aim speed at the cost of only -5 attack. Blood magic just costs you 5% fatigue to use, but be careful to only throw the two or so spells you need for threat before turning it off.

If you're trying to figure out exactly how much mana you're going to have at any given point: You start with 115, get 6 per level and 5 per willpower. You get +4 willpower for being a mage and +2 willpower for being an elf. So before any additional points are dumped into willpower and before gear you'll have:

Level 1: 145

Level 5: 169

Level 10: 199

Level 15: 229

Level 20: 259

For gearing that affects willpower you should certainly use the Key to the City (+2 all stats) and The Spellward (+5 will) as well as Eamon's shield (and then the spellward) which both give you 25 stamina. I see you're planning to use the dragonplate (for another 25 stamina). You will also get +4 willpower from the mage tower. All that added togeather is another 105 mana. From there it is a simple matter of picking out which spells you want and seeing how much their fatigue costs stacks up with your mana pool. Depending on which substained abilities you pick you probably shouldn't need to add any willpower (if you're casting your aggro spells from Blood Magic), but I would do the math for yourself to make sure you get what you want.

This frees up your stats a bit and allows you to focus on magic and con. As I said above, I highly suggest that you invest some in con. Your health is considerably lower than that of a warrior because of your talents, starting health, and the fact that you get less every level. Even with the lifeward you'll drop before your healer can force field you when things go wrong. I find that getting 2 magic, 1 con every level is sufficient to give you quite powerful spells as well as giving you enough stamina to keep you alive much more effectively. You could drop a couple points into willpower if you wanted to be able to cast a spell or two in the middle of combat, but that will come at the cost of your health or magic. You could also drop a couple points into dexterity, but again that would probably come at the cost of magic. Even going the 2 magic/1 stam route every level you should have over 50 magic (before items) by the time you're level 20.


Okay, revision time!

I counted (on my DPS mage) and you can have 30 spells by level 22 (with all Arcane Tomes used on main character). In my list above, I have 19. So I'll add the first 3 spells of the Fire line (up to Fireball), which leaves me an extra 8 spells to add. Should I add the Drain Life tree? Death Cloud would be a good spell to weaken enemies after they're frozen in place by Blood Wound, and with Shimmering Shield on, I could just waltz right into the center of it and destroy the rest of the enemies. I could also add the tree for Haste, giving me another good sustainable. I'm not too keen to do that, since it would cost me so many spells to get it, though. Alternatively, I could take the Glyph line, and get more utility out of the spells I take. Recommendation on which tree to take? Either way, that brings my total spells to 30.

I was also planning on playing on Hard, and soloing this time around. So I'd like to have enough mana regen gear to keep Shimmering Shield active all the time (I think that's possible). Also, I'll pump Constitution a little bit (up to 28, and then I'll get the Lifegiver for the +10 Constitution). With the +2 Constitution bonus from Blood Mage, that gives me 40 total. Is that too much? Finally, I'll put the rest of my points into Magic.

-Knight of Hope 18:21, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

This is My Guide on the Arcane Warrior and this is how I play My Character. Hollowness 18:35, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

You actually don't need to put any points in other stats. My level 12 Arcane Warrior can cast all the spells he needs to win a battle even though I put all of my level up points in Magic. Because of my high Spellpower score, my spells are more effective and I don't have to cast as many spells as before when I pumped Willpower. Joseph Silver 22:39, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

I really like to use Glyph of Paralyzes, Glyph of Warding and Heroic Defense. The extra def from heroic+warding is insane, and stunning an mage from range by dropping a glyph on their face is nice. - Niss