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Fools Rush In is an Act 1 secondary quest and the prerequisite for recruiting Isabela in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

After completing Tranquility, go to The Hanged Man tavern. There will be a cutscene where Lucky and his gang are demanding payment from Isabela. After they are beaten by her, you can talk to her. She will ask Hawke to provide backup for a duel she has set up with an old acquaintance, who she fears will not play fair.

Walkthrough Edit

You have to meet Isabela at Hightown at night, where you will be attacked by a few thugs.

After the ambush has been dealt with, Isabela instructs Hawke to check the bodies for information on the location of Hayder. When the note is found, his location is revealed to be in the Kirkwall Chantry.

Bug icon Bug! If you check the bodies before being instructed, the chantry doors won't open and you can't finish the quest or get Isabela.
Bug icon Bug! It is possible that when Isabela asks you to search the bodies, they disappear and you can not retrieve the note. This can usually be fixed by simply reloading your auto-save when you enter Hightown. pcIcon pcIt is also possible to fix the plot using console commands.

After making your way through more of Hayder's men, you confront him inside the chantry. He insistently questions Isabela about the location of the relic. When she claims that she lost it, a confrontation ensues, culminating in Hayder's death.

Notable items Edit

Belt silver DA2 Sailors' Rope BeltSailors' Rope Belt

+3% physical damage
+3 fortitude
, dropped by Hayder
Dagger silver DA2 The Bodice RipperThe Bodice Ripper
Requires: Dual Weapon
22 dexterity

Damage: 17 physical damage
(31 per second)
+3% critical chance
+7% critical damage
, dropped by Hayder

Rewards Edit

Isabela joins the party.

Result Edit

With Hayder's death, Isabela reveals that since Hayder cannot inform Castillon, their employer, about her lack of progress with the relic she will have to acquire it one way or another.

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