The Flint Company is a mercenary group operating out of Free Marches. They are encountered in the The Exiled Prince DLC.

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for Dragon Age II.

Flint company is hired by the Harimann family, specifically by Lady Johane Harimann. They are ordered to assassinate most of the ruling family of Starkhaven, the Vaels, as part of a larger plot for Lady Johane to seize control of Starkhaven.

The Flint Company is successful in their task, however another surviving member of the Vael family, Sebastian, seeks revenge by placing a bounty on their heads at the Chanter's Board outside the Kirkwall Chantry in Hightown.

If Hawke accepts the bounty: Hawke and their companions eliminate all 3 battalions of Flint Company mercenaries who are presently stationed in and around Kirkwall.

Flint Company is thus rendered completely defunct as a result since none of its members remain alive.

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Medium armor green DA2 Flint Company CuirassFlint Company Cuirass
Medium chestpiece
Requires: 20 dexterity
14 cunning

Armor: 106
+2 dexterity
+31 defense
+5% critical chance