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Flemeth's Key is a plot item and key in Dragon Age: Origins.


This key is acquired by defeating and looting Flemeth the Shapeshifter. Using this key on the locked chest in her hut allows you to obtain:

Plt ico flemeths grimoire Flemeth's GrimoireFlemeth's Grimoire
An old, but lovingly cared for book, bound in leather of questionable origins. The pages smell of herbs and wood smoke. Intricate stitching on the cover marks out a leafless tree, strangely ominous in its stark appearance.
Ico armor robe Robes of PossessionRobes of Possession
The original intent of these robes is clear: a "welcome home" present from Flemeth, designed to sap Morrigan's will and ease the ancient sorceress's possession of her daughter. With Flemeth dead, these robes no longer pose a danger to Morrigan--but Maker help those who get in her way.

+5 magic
+12 defense
+8% spell resistance

-1 willpower
+20% cold damage

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