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Flank Attack is a rogue ability from the Double Daggers tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Requires daggers
  • Number of hits: 2
  • Damage per hit: 200% weapon damage
  • Cooldown time: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 stamina

Upgrade Edit

Flank Attack Skirmisher
Requires: Flank Attack
Before your target turns to face your blow, you move to stealth, impossible to find.

Grants stealth immediately after attack
Flank Attack Bleeding Flanks
Requires: Trespasser
Your Flank Attack leaves targets of the blow still bleeding from the cuts your daggers find.

For Isabela only in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer:

Flank Attack Hard Astern
Requires: Flank Attack
Flank Attack now consumes any active Vendetta mark on the target and grants you two stacks of Elusive.

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