Five Pages, Four Mages is a side quest received in the Circle Tower.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is triggered upon finding the five torn pages of the Codex entry: Five Pages, Four Mages, which are located in the eastern chambers of the Great Hall of the Circle Tower. The pages reveal that four of the Circle Tower's enchanters had fallen victim to a con artist named Beyha Joam.

Whilst travelling via the World map, the party will encounter Beyha Joam along the Trade Route, where he will attack.

Rewards Edit

Ico helm cloth Cameo CowlCameo Cowl
Cloth helmet
Every so often, a bolt of inspiration hits an inventor that subsequently propels a society forward into a new era. This was not one of those inventions. A small, enchanted medallion set into the front of this headwear was supposed to bear an image of the person dearest to the wearer's heart. However, at some point, likely in a domestic disagreement sparked by some idle fancy, the cameo was damaged, leaving the cowl forever displaying the image of a stern-looking woman of elven descent who stares out from the wearer's head. Still, other enchantments redeem the hood's utility, and a note tucked into an interior seam suggests a further upgrade made by the last owner: "Fixed! Much better without the stutter!"

+2 cunning
+0.5/+1 health regeneration in combat
and a random item looted from Beyha Joam.

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