Firm Dagger Grip is a common grip weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • DAI-Unique-Dagger-icon2 Aurora's FreedomAurora's Freedom
    Unique dagger
    Aurora was a woman of Alamarri descent who lived in Minrathous at the height of the Imperium glory. She was born into slavery and bought by a powerful mage who became enchanted with her beauty and intelligence. The two eventually fell in love; the mage promised to free Aurora and marry her once he had earned a seat on the Magisterium. Aurora waited years for her mage, bowing to his every whim, but when he finally attained his coveted position, he broke his promise to Aurora and married a fellow altus magister. Aurora was given to the mage's bride as a gift, required to serve as her handmaid at the wedding. Heartbroken, Aurora resolved to take her life that night. The head of the mage's personal guard had watched their story unfold; her sympathies lay with Aurora, not the master she served. She convinced Aurora that it was the cruel, deceitful mage who deserved death and gave her a dagger that had been enchanted to addle the mind, making spellcasting impossible. Aurora killed the mage and his new wife as they slept, taking her revenge and her freedom in one night.
    Requires: Level 18

    Damage: 144-149
    +8 Dexterity
    +7% Flanking Damage Bonus
    +12% Stagger on Hit
    On Hit: Gain 3 Guard
  • Carta Claw Icon Carta ClawCarta Claw
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 99–102
    +8 Dexterity
  • DAI-daggericon5-common Carta FangCarta Fang
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 15

    Damage: 89–92
    +6% Sunder on Hit
  • DAICommonDaggerIcon3 Carta PunisherCarta Punisher
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 19

    Damage: 110-114
    +8% Bleed on Hit
  • DAICommonDaggerIcon3 Cutpurse SlicerCutpurse Slicer
    Common Dagger
    Requires: Level 14

    Damage: 84–87
    +9% Flanking Damage Bonus
  • DAIRareDaggerIcon4 Coiled StrikeCoiled Strike
    Rare Dagger
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 112–115
    +16 Electricity Damage
    +14% Armor Penetration
    +5% Critical Chance
  • Walking Death icon Walking DeathWalking Death
    Unique Dagger
    The well-worn hilt bears the marks of the Nevarran Mortalitasi. The order makes an art of mummification, and their tools are imbued with magicks that blur the moment between life and death, though death is no less certain.
    Requires: Level 17

    Damage: 124–128
    +21% Armor Penetration
    +4% Attack
    10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with detonation of 50% weapon damage
  • DAI-Unique-Dagger-icon2 Wyvern ToothWyvern Tooth
    Unique Dagger
    Named for a deadly beast, but this is no fang driven by muscle. A more elegant force, a want, pulls the tip toward the heart. The hilt is from Seheron, but the metal of the blade is not, nor is it found among its southern neighbors. It's hard to place the age of it since the edge never tarnishes.
    Requires: Level 15

    Damage: 111–115
    +25% Armor Penetration
    +3% Bleed on Hit