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Fires is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Bard wants a Quiet Word.

Description Edit

The Bard steps back. "My business can wait. It's less important than being on fire." Your horse awaits you in the courtyard.

The fire reduced a row of houses to a smoking black skeleton. Your city watch - and a fortuitous rain - have wrestled it under control.

Fire is an old foe. The town's houses are wooden and tightly-packed. They lean close across the narrow streets. Many blame cinders from the glasswork's chimneys, but at least as often it's the fault of a careless candle, a fallen lamp, or a poorly-tended hearth.

Available actions Edit


Enact laws to improve safety
Your watch-captain has a long list of suggestions.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: -10 Peril
Failure: -10 Peril, -10 Freedom


Rebuild the ruins
It won't be cheap.
Difficulty: Prosperity*2
Success: +2 Clues, +6 Freedom
Failure: -6 Prosperity, +3 Clues

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