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Find the Source of Darkspawn is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

After completing Assault on Griffon Wing Keep and asking Knight-Captain Rylen about the trouble with darkspawn, head north-east of Griffon Wing Keep to the operation marker and unlock it.

Operation text Edit

Commander Cullen,

We have scattered reports of darkspawn in the area, but it has been difficult to track down their point of origin. They're less hampered by the sulphur pits than we are and our guess is that they are coming from somewhere on the far side.

Our troops can bridge the pits, which should allow us to cross safely and find the location of the darkspawn, but we will need significant resources to ensure the safety of the men while construction is under way.

I await your orders, ser.

Lieutenant Tamsen

Advisor suggestions Edit

Connections Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Secrets Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Forces Edit

Building a bridge in that blasted area will be ugly work, but I can deploy enough troops to ensure it is done safely.

Results Edit

Forces Edit

Commander Cullen,

Thanks to the reinforcements you sent, we constructed the bridge safely with minimal losses and fortified it in the event that darkspawn tried to use it themselves.

The darkspawn are coming from ruins that appear to be Tevinter. Per your orders, I am restricting the troops to scouting and guard patrols until the ruins can be investigated.

Lieutenant Tamsen

Rewards Edit

Forces Edit

  • Clears out the sulphur fumes and opens up access to Coracavus as well as the north-easternmost part of the Western Approach.

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