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I have... dreams. There are voices in the dreams. They ask me to come, to give shape to the Void around them.


Arianni (Mother)
Vincento (Father)

Feynriel is an elf-blooded apostate living in Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Feynriel was born to Arianni, a Dalish elf, and a traveling Human Antivan merchant named Vincento. Feynriel's father abandoned him, forcing Arianni to abandon her clan and raise Feynriel alone in Kirkwall's Alienage.

As Feynriel aged, he began to display magical ability. At first he hid to avoid being sent to the Circle of Magi, but demons began whispering to him in his dreams. Fearing for her son's life, Arianni sought to bring Feynriel to the Circle so that he could receive aid, but Feynriel saw this as betrayal and fled to seek out the Dalish, who he believed could teach him to control his dreams and his magic. Feynriel was captured by slavers while on the run, only to be saved by Hawke.

Involvement Edit

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“There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever.” — Flemeth
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Hawke receives the quest Wayward Son from Feynriel's mother Arianni in the Lowtown alienage. Feynriel previously was able to hide from the templars, but when Feynriel starts having nightmares about demons, his mother contacts the Circle out of fear for his life. Feynriel runs away to remain free, and Hawke has to locate him.

Wayward Son

The Circle

Hawke can choose to send Feynriel to the Circle of Magi, which will go against his wishes. Feynriel will bitterly and reluctantly comply, telling Hawke that you should go and tell Arianni that "she has won." Hawke will be able to see him at the Gallows, where he will remark that it is just as he feared there, and that according to the templars, the only way to stop his dreams is to destroy his mind.

The Dalish

Feynriel at sundermount act 1

Feynriel and Marethari discuss the difficulties Feynriel faces living among the Dalish.

Alternatively, Hawke can do as Feynriel asks, and allow him to go to Marethari's clan, where he hopes to control his dreams and hone his skills as a mage.

Letting Feynriel choose what he thinks is best (which is to find the Dalish) can lead to Hawke telling him they are friends with the Keeper and can offer to negotiate with them to make sure he has a place with them.

Feynriel has additional dialogue if Hawke visits him at Sundermount after sending him to the Dalish. Feynriel admits that living among the Dalish is harder than he anticipated.

If Hawke goes to Sundermount before completing Night Terrors, Hawke may encounter a group of Dalish hunters and templars arguing over where Feynriel should go. Hawke can side with the Dalish to fight the templars, side with the templars against the Dalish, or leave the situation without taking sides.

Investigating both sides of the situation allows the option to "Let Feynriel be." Hawke argues that should Feynriel become an abomination, he will likely kill the Dalish and not the people of Kirkwall, which satisfies the templars and resolves the conflict.

Night Terrors

Feynriel returns in a quest in Act 2, Night Terrors, in which Hawke is asked to solve the problem of Feynriel's nightmares once and for all. Arianni calls Marethari to the alienage, where she tells Hawke that Feynriel is a "Somniari," or "Dreamer," an exceptional skill that makes him able to enter and change the Fade at will, even killing people within it. As a Dreamer, Feynriel would be extremely dangerous if he were to become an abomination. Hawke must enter the Fade and confront Feynriel.

Hawke's actions in the Fade when dealing with Feynriel have a direct effect on his state of mind. The ideal outcome is a stable, non-possessed Feynriel sent to Tevinter. Feynriel can also become a "Dreamstalker," which makes him "unstoppable" as Marethari fears. Feynriel can also be killed in the Fade, turning him tranquil.

Hawke can agree to kill Feynriel in the Fade if necessary or choose the reply "I can't do that".

Torpor the Sloth Demon

In the Fade, Hawke will encounter a Sloth demon, Torpor. The demon will ask Hawke to be allowed to possess Feynriel in return for a reward. Hawke can either accept the offer, or fight the demon. With encouragement in facing his demons and Hawke's refusal to kill him, Feynriel will intend to seek out mages in Tevinter for more knowledge on how to handle his abilities.

If Feynriel has become scared by the demons (which will occur if Hawke does not help him see through the illusions with rational arguments and reason), Torpor will attack Hawke and the rest of the party in a rage. Feynriel if scared by the demons, will beg Hawke to kill him in the Fade and make him Tranquil.


If Feynriel is possessed by Torpor, in Act 3 Hawke will encounter Grigor, a member of the city guard, in Lowtown at night cornered by Melson and two of his personal guards. Melson has gone crazy and killed several city guards, saying that Feynriel told him that they were thieves. Melson & his guards will attack and are killed by Hawke. After the fight, Grigor refers to Feynriel as "The Dreamstalker."


If Torpor is killed, Feynriel will ask Hawke to let him go to the Tevinter Imperium, where he can learn to control his nightmares and master his abilities. Feynriel will send Hawke a letter about his time in Tevinter at the beginning of Act 3. Arianni will be upset that she is unable to say farewell, but understands Feynriel's choice. This result unlocks the Who Needs Rescuing? quest where Orlanna reveals that Feynriel has been communicating with her in her dreams, and that he used his powers to prevent her from being violated by a group of bandits who had abducted her.


Tranquil Feynriel in the Gallows


As a third option Hawke can kill Feynriel in the Fade, which effectively makes him Tranquil in the real world. Arianni will be devastated by this news and later commits suicide.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact that elf-blooded humans are known to appear physically human, Feynriel has elven-like features.

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