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For the common sword in Dragon Age II, see Fereldan Longsword (Inquisition).

Fereldan Longsword is a unique longsword in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

See also Edit

Heavy armor red DA2 Fereldan Field ArmorFereldan Field Armor
Heavy chestpiece
Red Steel

Armor: 54

Heavy boots red DA2 Fereldan Field BootsFereldan Field Boots
Heavy boots
Red Steel

Armor: 19

Heavy gloves red DA2 Fereldan Field GlovesFereldan Field Gloves
Heavy gloves
Red Steel

Armor: 13

Greatsword red DA2 Fereldan GreatswordFereldan Greatsword
Red Steel
Requires: Two-Handed

Damage: 5 physical damage
(8 per second)

Shield red DA2 Reinforced ShieldReinforced Shield
Round shield
Red Steel
Requires: Weapon and Shield

Armor: 37

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