Fenris Night Terrors is an Act 2 companion quest for Fenris in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest will become available after completing Night Terrors if Fenris accompanied Hawke into the Fade and succumbed to the Pride Demon's temptation.

Walkthrough Edit

Fenris apologizes. Depending on Hawke's response, and current friendship/rivalry, there can be several different outcomes:

  • If you pick the aggressive option: Hawke will receive Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5). Note: choosing the aggressive option with Fenris above 80% friendship did not result in any rivalry points.
  • If you have above 80% rivalry with Fenris: He blames Hawke for bringing him into the Fade, and all subsequent dialogue options result in Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+5).
  • If you pick the diplomatic/humorous option: There is no change in Fenris' approval, either positive or negative.

Notes Edit

If Hawke accepted the Sloth Demon's offer, the conversation that occurs during this quest makes no sense. Fenris still mentions that Hawke wasn't corrupted by the demon, and he hopes that Feynriel will be fine, when he clearly won't be.

Trivia Edit

Fenris refers to the Pride demon as a she during one conversation option, suggesting Bioware may have originally planned for him to fall prey to the desire demon instead.

  • Though it is noteworthy that demons are genderless, beyond how they wish to present themselves.