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Felandaris as seen in "Prides End"
Crafting resource

Felandaris or "demon weed" is a crafting resource in Dragon Age II. It is used to craft poisons and bombs and only grows where the Veil is thin.

Uses Edit

Felandaris is one of the ingredients of Fell Grenade, which causes significant damage, and Fell Poison, which leeches health from its targets transferring it to the user.

Acquisition Edit

Background Edit

The name Felandaris is elven, meaning "demon weed", which is fitting for this rare plant because it grows only in places where the Veil is thin.

Felandaris is easily identified. It's a twisted, wicked-looking shrub with long, thorny shoots, and no leaves: a skeletal hand, reaching out from an unmarked grave. Many swear the plant radiates a palpable aura of malevolence, so it comes as no surprise that it unnerves many a junior herbalist.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium, by Ines Arancia, Botanist
—From Codex entry: Felandaris

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