Throughout Thedas, the great holiday of Satinalia is marked by sumptuous feasts, wild celebration, and naming the town fool as ruler for a day. Amid the feasting, it is customary for friends, lovers, and traveling companions to exchange gifts and pranks. ―Official description[1]

Feastday Gifts and Feastday Pranks are downloadable content packs for Dragon Age: Origins. The gifts and pranks are fun items which allow the player to "mess around" with the party approval system. The items can be purchased from Bodahn Feddic in the Party Camp. Each companion has a unique gift and prank. Many of the items are either usable or can be equipped and possess amusing effects. Most items are restricted to a specific companion. The gifts give Approves (+50) , while the pranks give Disapproves (-50) .

The DLC packs were fittingly released on April 1, 2010—in other words, on April Fools' Day. Each pack is currently available separately on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PC, and the PlayStation Store, and can also be purchased as a combined Gifts and Pranks pack.

Both "Feastday Gifts" and "Feastday Pranks" are listed as quests to be completed under the Downloadable Content category. In order to complete the "quests" one must buy at least one gift and one prank from Bodahn. This will complete the quest; the items don't actually need to be given and may be destroyed or sold.

Feastday Gifts pack Edit

All companion specific gifts give Approves (+50) .

Alistair Doll Alistair DollAlistair Doll
This little doll, fashioned from rags and stuck with pins, is eerily reminiscent of Alistair.
for Morrigan. It becomes an Alistair Doll that she can play with to inflict injuries on Alistair if present.
Amulet of Memories Amulet of MemoriesAmulet of Memories
The simple patterns along this locket's outer edge are worn smooth, and a dark patina clouds the glass.
for Wynne. It becomes an item, Amulet of Memories that summons characters known to her.
Ico flask of wine Beard FlaskBeard Flask
Fashioned from nug stomach, this fascinating dwarven device is like a loose-fitting muzzle that sits beneath the beard and keeps the drinker's alcohol accessible even after he loses feeling in his arms.
for Oghren. It becomes an item, Beard Flask, that gives him a small buff to strength (+2 strength).
Fat Lute Fat LuteFat Lute
A favorite of traveling bards, the fat-bodied lute is a sturdy instrument with rich tone and a melodious sound.
for Leliana. It becomes an instrument that she can play.
Grey Warden Hand Puppet Grey Warden Hand PuppetGrey Warden Hand Puppet
This tin-helmeted puppet is painted with the blue-and-grey heraldry of the Grey Wardens.
for Alistair. It becomes a toy that he can play with.
King Maric's Shield King Maric's ShieldKing Maric's Shield
Two dogs rampant mark this shield for the house of Theirin. It bears scars from many battles.
for the secret companion. It becomes a heavy shield, King Maric's Shield.
Pet Rock Pet RockPet Rock
Someone has painted a pair of eyes and a goofy smile on this rock.
for Shale. It becomes a Pet Rock that Shale can play with.
Qunari Prayers for the Dead Qunari Prayers for the DeadQunari Prayers for the Dead
The words are in a strange spidery script, but the fine etchings demonstrate a clear respect for the departed.
for Sten. He can read it and revive any fallen party members.
Rare Antivan Brandy Rare Antivan BrandyRare Antivan Brandy
Pulling the stopper from the bottle reveals hints of exotic passion fruit. The alcohol content is low by local standards--"just enough to keep the conversation flowing," as the Antivans say.
for Zevran. It becomes an item, Rare Antivan Brandy, that gives him a small buff to dexterity (+2 dexterity).
Stick StickStick
This sturdy stick is well-weighted for throwing.
for Dog. Anyone (except Shale) can throw the Stick for Dog to fetch.

The following gifts are not specific to anyone.

Plt ico found cake Sugar CakeSugar Cake
Dressed in strawberries and sugar-cream icing, this simple pound cake is a perfect pick-me-up at the end of a long day.
Approves (+5)
Plt ico painted box Thoughtful GiftThoughtful Gift
They say it's the thought that counts, and this gift is always sure to please.
Approves (+10)
Unlike the other gifts, Bodahn initially stocks 50 each of the Thoughtful Gift and Sugar Cake, so it can be gifted multiple times. However, there is a small fee for each item.

Feastday Pranks pack Edit

All companion specific pranks give Disapproves (-50) . Needless to say, it's advisable to save the game before giving any of these. That said, several of the items actually can be considered useful.

Protective Cone Protective ConeProtective Cone
A pearly-white cone of unknown material attached to a dog collar. It looks like it would be uncomfortable to wear.
for Dog. It replaces any equipped mabari collar with Protective Cone. If you give Dog the Cone, and then the Stick, Dog acquires Dexterity bonus companion skills for having +100 Approval.
Compleat Geneaology of the-Kyngs of Ferelden Compleat Geneaology of the Kyngs of FereldenCompleat Geneaology of the Kyngs of Ferelden
Chapter upon chapter and verse on verse, this dense tome enthusiastically details the countless branches of Ferelden's royal family. The final entry describes King Maric's ascent to the throne.
for Alistair.
The Chant of Light, Unabridged The Chant of Light, UnabridgedThe Chant of Light, Unabridged
A luridly illustrated copy of Chantry teachings, complete with a hundred-page concordance and an overly simplistic collection of daily affirmations about how the Chant can bring light into any life.
for Morrigan.
Butterfly Sword Butterfly SwordButterfly Sword
It's unclear whether this gaudy blade is meant as a weapon of war or simply a stage prop.
for Sten. It becomes a greatsword, Butterfly Sword.
Uncrushable Pigeon icon Uncrushable PigeonUncrushable Pigeon
This pigeon coos happily, apparently comfortable in the knowledge that no force could ever crush it.
for Shale. It becomes a large crystal, Uncrushable Pigeon.
Ugly Boots Ugly BootsUgly Boots
Many insects died to make these iridescent boots. What a waste.
for Leliana. It becomes a pair of light boots, Ugly Boots.
Chastity Belt Chastity BeltChastity Belt
This iron girdle looks distinctly uncomfortable. A sturdy lock keeps the loins secure.
for Zevran. It replaces any equipped belt with Chastity Belt. If you invite Zevran to your tent while the belt is equipped, the game will still cut to the love making scene.
Cat Lady's Hobble-Stick Cat Lady's Hobble-StickCat Lady's Hobble-Stick
This gnarled staff carries odors of cat urine and prune juice.
for Wynne. It becomes an item, Cat Lady's Hobble-Stick, that can summon a cat that can be used distract enemies during combat.
Scented Soap Scented SoapScented Soap
This bar of brightly colored soap smells of elfroot blossoms.
for Oghren. It becomes an item, Scented Soap, that can be used by anyone to remove blood spatter.
Orlesian Mask Orlesian MaskOrlesian Mask
Fashioned of lace and porcelain, this expensive mask is the height of fashion for Orlesian nobility.
for the secret companion.

The following pranks are not specific to anyone.

Rotten Onion Rotten OnionRotten Onion
It is unclear which smells worse--the onion or the rot.
Disapproves (-10)
Lump of Charcoal Lump of CharcoalLump of Charcoal
A chunk of firewood pulled from the remains of last night's campire. How sweet!
Disapproves (-5)
Unlike the other pranks, Bodahn initially stocks 50 each of the Rotten Onion and Lump of Coal, so it can be gifted multiple times. However, there is a small fee for each item.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Feastday Gifts - Credits
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Feastday Pranks - Credits

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Bugs Edit

  • ps3Icon ps3 Bodahn's store resets, losing any items you have sold to him previously. This appears to happen only once as later items sold to him remain available for repurchase.
  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 Upon storing the items within the party storage chest (Warden's Keep downloadable content) the gifts will reappear within Bodahn's store, and may be purchased and given to your companions again, for additional approval changes.
  • pcIcon pc Giving a Feastday gift to a companion when they are already at Friendly or Adore (and possibly Love) can lower that rating back to Warm. The rating does not lower numerically.
  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 Dialog options are sometimes not available once a companion's approval rating is at certain levels. If you wish to romance a character use feastday items with caution.

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