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And so many of them! Aren't we lucky? I'm sure absolutely none of them are spies. Or revolutionaries. Or maleficars. Anyway, it's certainly grown much more interesting around here. Many of the charming creatures haven't even heard my best stories yet. It's like having my very own buffet. ―The Wayward Bard

Fawners and Flatterers is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Bard wants a Quiet Word.

Description Edit

Your court seems filled with them. Listless sons and daughters of local nobility. Rambling scholars, puffed with wind. Visitors from other provinces who drink your wines, eat your bread and give back nothing but unwanted opinion.

Available actions Edit


Dismiss them
The ones who have proven themselves useful can stay. They rest can find someone else to leech off, and damn the laws of hospitality!
Difficulty: Cunning*6/5
Success: +10 Prosperity
Failure: +6 Prosperity, -6 Dignity


Tolerate them
Moths will flutter about a candle flame. It is their nature.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +4 Dignity, +3 Clues
Failure: +3 Clues, -6 Prosperity

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