Far Song is a unique longbow in Dragon Age: Origins. It costs
120DAO goldpiece trans 50DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans.

Acquisition Edit

Far Song can be purchased from Redcliffe Village's new Blacksmith, who only appears if the Warden either kills the blacksmith Owen as part of A Village Under Siege (killing Owen will not fail the quest), or brings him bad news regarding the quest Lost in the Castle (this can only be done after speaking with Connor). The former results in Owen being replaced by the new blacksmith the next time the Warden enters the village, while the latter results in the new blacksmith arriving immediately after the battle.

Notes Edit

  • Causing the blacksmith to be replaced will make certain other items that would appear in Owen's inventory after Lost in the Castle is completed unavailable.
  • The Rapid Aim property on Far Song reduces the aim animation by -0.3s.