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A fanged skeleton is a skeleton possessed by a hunger demon. They are dual weapon warriors, always fighting with two daggers. Fanged skeletons are probably the weakest skeleton type, their skills limited to Dual Striking. They are immune to flanking, nature and cold damage, and vulnerable to fire.

Fanged skeletons are superficially similar to skeletons, but the hunger demon that drives them is a deadlier and more powerful being, whose terrible will can slowly warp the bones of its new body, causing the corpses’ teeth to grow wickedly sharp. They retain more sentience than their lesser brethren and will arm themselves with a weapon if at all possible. If not, they have no aversion to using their teeth and claws, which they fashion by sharpening their finger bones to deadly points. Fanged skeletons will drink the blood of their victims, apparently somehow deriving sustenance from it by an arcane process the scholars of Ferelden do not understand.[1]

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